Meeting of the Board - Monday, August 15, 2011

Mon, 08/15/2011 - 3:30pm

3:37 PM

The monthly meeting of the Board of the St Louis County Library District was held at Headquarters, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO  63131 on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. The agenda had been posted in all branches of the Library District at least 24 hours before the meeting.


Library Board Members:                      

Dr. Lynn Beckwith, President
Edith Cunnane, Vice President
Kenneth Stricker, Treasurer
Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary
Elena Kenyon, Member

Administrators and Guests Attending:

Charles Pace, Director; Gary Holdefer, Associate Director & Comptroller; Barbara Brain, Assistant Director, Adult Support Services; Kristen Sorth, Sr. Mgr. Human Resources, Marie Conlin, Library Planner; Jim Bogart, Manager, Foundation; Gib Van Cleve, Manager, ITS; Eric Button, Community Services Administrator; Lisa Stump, Counsel, Lashly & Baer; Julie Leicht, St. Louis County Government, Vicki Kay, resident.

SLCL Staff attending:

Darryl Wallace, Gib Van Cleve, Scott Holl, Stephanie Nordman, Tracy Fletcher, Ellen Meschke, Eric Button, Lisa Haddox, Brita Sauer, Anna Schurk, Barb Urban, Dottie Wobbe, Kathy Condon-Boettcher, Robbin Oehler, Conrad Rader, Connie Dee, Keir Haug, Jennifer McBride, Marie Conlin, Kathy Wiese, Ed Clark, Jenny Via, Dan Gibbons, Anna Strackeljahn, Laura Kasak, Christina Pryor, Kimberly Clark, Cindy A. Miller, Matt Lakin, Nicole Clawson, Pat Woodward, Marsha Ramey, Anne Arthur, Julie Mangner, Parkie Peck, Lee Spearman, Donna Spaulding, Emily Althoff, Michael Cohen, Jamar Rahming, Kate Grantham, Amy Hanaway, Kate Gerblick, Trudy Williams, Jennifer Jung, Paul Bayless, Larry Kornfeld,  Stacy Berger, Roz Kohen and Sandra Williams.



The Minutes, dated July 11, 2011 were approved by the Board (Cunnane/Kenyon).



Resident Vicki Kay Mayer addressed the Board concerning the posting of Library information.  She asked that we put more information concerning the Library on the web page.



The Treasurer's Reports, dated July 31, 2011 was approved subject to audit (Cunnane/Kenyon). Mr. Holdefer reported that all reciprocal payments have been received from the Municipal Library Consortium members.



Customer service issues

Mr. Pace reported that there were several incidents lately of customers failing to comply with staff requests and in some cases being very rude and even threatening. He said there were several incidents at the Florissant Valley Branch, most of which have involved teen agers getting into altercations with one another and Library staff, using foul language, and generally failing to respect the Customer Code of Conduct. He said the administration is currently in the process of adding an off duty police officer in the evenings at Florissant Valley.  He said we also had an issue here at Headquarters with the musical program presented by "Mr. Steve." Last year this program drew about 400 people but over twice as many showed up this time and many of them had to be turned away, resulting in some upset children and parents. We will continue to look at ways to improve our programming but unfortunately it is not always possible to estimate accurately how many will show up.

Mr. Pace said we have received a number of favorable comments regarding our new materials handling system from patrons who saw the article in the West County newspaper. Several of them expressed how much their children loved the new system. We have also received a number of favorable comments about our summer reading programs and events. I don't have final numbers yet but I do know that we experienced an increase in registrations over the already record number we had last year.

Mr. Pace said he was happy to report that Circulation had again increased.

Mr. Pace said there were a number of major author events recently including Jan Burke 's "Bone".  He said about 60 attended Ms. Burke's presentation.

The Library also hosted bestselling author of "The Princess Diaries" and "Queen of Babble," Meg Cabot.  An estimated 220 people turned out to hear Ms. Cabot speak.

The Library also featured St. Louis novelist John Dalton who was awarded the Barnes & Noble Discover Award for his debut novel "Heaven Lake." His highly-anticipated second novel is "The Inverted Forest". There were about 140 people who attended this program.


Branch visits

Mr. Pace said he visited the Eureka Hills and Jamestown Bluffs branches. The staff at Eureka let him know that customers in that community are very excited about the move to the renovated Blockbuster facility. The branch also had a story time which basically filled it to capacity.   He says he saw firsthand that the larger space is much needed. He said Jamestown Bluffs was also very busy when he was there so it is easy to see why the Library is experiencing record usage.



Mr. Pace reported that due to the excessive summer heat, there have been mobile cooling units deployed at the Tesson Ferry Branch in an effort to respond to customer and staff complaints. However, the only long term solution is likely to be a new building as the HVAC system is just not able to keep up with the demands. He said Building Systems will continue to monitor the situation in order to ensure the safety of the staff and customers. At our new Eureka Hills location, the landlord is in the process of replacing air conditioning units in order to get the building ready for occupancy. We currently have bids out for some construction work, furniture, and shelving which will be presented to the Board later in the meeting.

Mr. Paces said there was a concern regarding roof leaks which the landlord is in the process of addressing.

In other facilities news, the new backup generator at Daniel Boone has been installed and will provide power for the materials handling unit as well as potential future disaster recovery capability for our IT department. Tuck pointing work here at Headquarters has been completed and we are currently working on the installation of a new sound system for our Headquarters meeting rooms as well as a PA system for the building as a whole. New security cameras have been ordered for our Daniel Boone and Oak Bend branches.

Mr. Pace said he wanted to compliment the facilities staff for continuing to work diligently to keep our buildings comfortable for the public and for our staff.


Messaging Campaign

Mr. Pace said the meetings with AdSavants continue to go well as we have developed the initial Creative Brief for the campaign and they are now working on the actual campaign concepts using as a basis the research that Joyce Aboussie did for the Library last year.  He said we are paying her using the unrestricted Abigail Harris fund; no tax dollars are being used.


Upcoming Library Events

Mr. Pace announced that the Library Foundation will be hosting its 2nd annual gala and auction, Saturday, September 24 at 6 pm. The proceeds of this year's event will go toward an enhanced children's area at our Headquarters facility. Pulitzer Prize winning author Rick Bragg will be the headline speaker for the evening and Channel 4's Vicki Newton will be the Master of Ceremonies. As of this writing, this event is almost sold out and we are expecting a wonderful evening of food and entertainment as we raise money to support the operations of the St. Louis County Library.









Nominations were held for the Board Officers.  Director Charles Pace called for nominations of the president.  Edith Cunnane nominated Lynn Beckwith and Ken Stricker seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Dr. Beckwith called for nominations for the vice president's office.  Ken Stricker nominated Edith Cunnane and Chingling Tai seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.   Elena Cunnane nominated Ken Stricker for treasurer.  Chingling Tai seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved. Edith Cunnane nominated Chingling Tai for secretary.  Elena Kenyon seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved. Board members retained their previous positions.



The Board approved meeting dates for 2012 prior to the meeting room lottery held at Headquarters.  The dates are:  January 23, No February meeting, march 12, April 16 @ Eureka Hills, May 21, June 18 @ rock Road, July 16 @ Oak Bend, August  20, September 17 @ Weber Road, October 15, November 19 and December 17 (Stricker/Cunnane).



Reference Manager Christine Pryor and Communications Manager Jennifer McBride presented the new website design and showcased the new features.  The new website is scheduled to go live on October 31, 2011.



The Board approved patching, sealing and striping of seven parking lots.  Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Restoration were the low bidders with a total cost of $30,113 (Sticker/Kenyon).



The Board approved John Noll Construction for the renovation of the former Blockbuster in Eureka at a cost of $16,396; and Peterson Group to provide new shelving at a cost of $16,604 (Cunnane/Tai).



Mr. Stricker moved that the meeting adjourn.  Mrs. Cunnane seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



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