Meeting of the Board - Monday, March 12, 2012

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 3:30pm

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012
3:30 PM

The monthly meeting of the Board of the St Louis County Library District was held at Headquarters, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO  63131 on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. The agenda had been posted in all branches of the Library District at least 24 hours before the meeting.
Library Board Members:
Dr. Lynn Beckwith, President
Edith Cunnane, Vice President via telephone
Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary
Elena Kenyon, Treasurer
Administrators and Guests Attending:
Charles Pace, Director; Gary Holdefer, Associate Director & Comptroller; Barbara Turkington, Asst. Director, Advancement; Gib Van Cleve, Manager, ITS; Eric Button, Community Services Administrator; Lisa Stump, Counsel, Lashly & Baer; Carolyn Palmer, Eureka Project; and Julie Leicht, St. Louis County Government. 
SLCL Staff attending: 
Tracy Fletcher, Edith Isele, Trudy Williams, Kate Gerblick, Roz Kohen, Christina Pryor, Anna Schurk, Keir Haug,  Kathy Wiese, Laura Kasak, Nicole Clawson, Parkie Peck, Emily Althoff, Michael Cohen, Joyce Loving, Kate Grantham, Lori Boschert, Denise Keller, Larry Kornfeld, Jennifer Jung, Kathy Muller, Kimberly Clark, Anna Strackeljahn, Paul Bayless, Lorraine Budke, Natalia Catlett, Anne Arthur, Conrad Rader, Lynn Grimshaw, Julia Mangner, Robbin Oehler, Colleen Hall, Sarah Wood, Cheri Remington, Debbie Podgorski, Erin Chapman, Stephanie Nordmann, Ellen Meschke, Stacy Berger, Jennifer Alexander, Connie Dee, Jennifer McBride, Cindy Fehmel, Gina Becker, Aaron Eller, Ed Clark and Sandra Williams.
The Regular Minutes, dated January 23, 2012 were approved by the Board (Cunnane/Kenyon).
The Treasurer's Report, dated January 31, 2012 was approved subject to audit (Cunnane/Tai).   Mr. Holdefer reported that the Library's unassigned revenue (rainy day fund) stands at 15%.
Customer service issues
Mr. Pace reported that over the past couple of months the Library has had an increase in the number of complaints regarding noise levels at some of our branches.   Usually, though not always, these complaints are directed at some of the teen patrons by older customers. We continue to monitor these issues on a case by case basis. There was also had an altercation between two older gentlemen at the Tesson Ferry Branch which started in the parking lot and spilled over into the branch entryway. One of the gentlemen fell and claimed the other man had pushed him.  The police were called and took statements from both men. However, there were no witnesses.  Therefore, no further action was taken. 
Due to a server upgrade involving our library catalog vendor III (Innovative Interfaces, Inc.), there was a serious service disruption on Monday, February 19. As a result, we were unable to check books in at some locations and access to the system was slowed to a crawl. We were eventually able to work with the vendor to resolve the issue but it took most of the day. We had some very stern conversations with Innovative Interfaces (III) regarding these issues and they had to make some adjustments on their end to get things working properly. Mr. Pace thanked the staff for their cool under fire as they worked through this issue and especially the staff of the IT department who worked very hard to get it resolved as quickly as possible.
Mr. Pace said the credit card fine payment issue has now been resolved for customers.
Major Library events
Black History Month Kick-off
Mr. Pace reported that Actress Lynn Whitfield was the Kick-off speaker for Black History Month.  She spoke movingly about her life and struggles in the entertainment industry as well as her eventual success. We estimate about 250 people attended this program.
Mr. Pace said the Library hosted writer Amy Chua, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" on Thursday, February 9, in the Headquarters Main Reading Room with more than 400 attending.  There was a crowd of 480 people who attended the Cal Ripken event.
Community Activities/Branch Visits
Mr. Pace reported that during the January-February time period, he visited the following branches: Grand Glaize, Eureka Hills, Oak Bend, and Cliff Cave. He also attended the annual Arts and Education Gala at the Chase Plaza Hotel on January 22 and the annual fundraising gala for the Kemp Auto Museum on February 4. Mr. Pace hosted a thank you luncheon at his home for one of the Library's major library donors, Susan Nagarkatti. In addition to this, he had a meeting with representatives from the Moneta Group to talk about a possible donation for the Center for Family History. He also had a meeting with the executive director of the Bellefontaine Cemetery, Nancy Ylivisaker to talk about how they might be involved in the CFH as well. Finally, Mr. Pace had a meeting with Ann Fleming to discuss how the St. Louis Genealogical Society might partner with the Library in the new facility.
Mr. Pace said that the installation of the new PA system here at Headquarters is finally complete. This will allow the Library to announce programs, closing times, and also should expedite evacuation of the library's public spaces in the event of an emergency. There is still some finish up work to do the roof at Cliff Cave which should be completed shortly. We are also investigating the possibility of lighting upgrades for the area around the new circ desk and the Foundation book store in Headquarters. We encountered some problems with some of the exterior branch signs manufactured by Star Signs and are working with the vendor to make the necessary changes. We hope to move forward with the installation of new electronic door locks in the near future. Bids to finish installing security cameras at our remaining branches will be presented to the Board in the near future.
Legislative Advocacy Day
Legislative Advocacy Day was a success.  Eleven staff members traveled to Jefferson City to meet with our elected officials and raise awareness of library related issues. Most of the meetings were very positive and the legislators spoke of their desire to be of service to the library in any way they could. A number of our staff members attended a reception for us that was hosted by Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a staunch library advocate. I had the opportunity to be introduced on the floor of the House by my own representative, Rick Stream. I do think that Legislative Day is an important opportunity for us to bring concerns to our legislators.
Facilities Plan Update
The draft of the Facilities Master Plan was emailed to all board members on March 1.  Alex Cohen will be giving a presentation regarding the plan later in the Board meeting.
14 in 12
In order to build teamwork in the library and to encourage the best quality customer service, Mr. Pace said he has announced a new program called "14 in 12". The goal of this program is to increase the library's circulation to 14 million items by the end of the year. We plan on having staff wear buttons with the "14 in 12" logo during the month of April to encourage customers to ask us about this effort. Branches will have the opportunity to compete in three areas:          1. Greatest numerical increase in circulation   2.   Greatest percentage increase in circulation and  3. Most creative promotion of the library's collections. Winners will be the recipients of a holiday party at their branch. M y hope is that this program will encourage creativity and out of the box thinking.   At the same time it boosts overall usage of the library.
PLA Conference
Mr. Pace announced that he would be attending the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia from March 13-17. 
Dr. Beckwith stated that the Library will no longer hold legislative breakfast meetings for the state senators and representatives.
Dr. Beckwith requested the Board approve switching the location of the April meeting to Headquarters and the May meeting to Eureka Hills.
The Board approved the change (Cunnane/Kenyon).  Dr. Tai interjected that she will attend the May meeting, but due to the distance from her workplace, she will be late.  Mrs. Cunnane said she won't be physically present for the April meeting but will attend via telephone.
Dr. Beckwith thanked Sandy Williams, Cherise Taylor and the entire committee for their efforts in bringing about a successful Black History Month Celebration.
Richard Gratza of Kerber, Eck & Braeckel (KEB) presented the audit.  The auditors issued an unqualified opinion.  The fund balances at year end (page 7 &11) include the unassigned fund with $5,652,278, excluding memorial funds this amount is 15% of 2012 operational expenses and $2,271,401 in the capital improvements fund. The 2011 audit includes the operation of the Library Foundation.
The Board approved the acceptance of the independent audit (Cunnane/Kenyon).
Aaron Cohen presented a Powerpoint report to the Board updating the previous Facilities Master Plan which was prepared in 2008.  The proposed projects described total $108.46 million including a 10% contingency.  The Board approved the conceptual framework of the Plan (Cunnane/Kenyon).  The Plan will be posted to the Library's website.
The 2011 Pension Plan Actuarial Report prepared by Milliman was presented to the Board.  The Recommended actuarial contribution due March 31 is $1,403,653. The funded ratio of the Pension Plan is 89.33% . The amount of this expense budgeted in 2012 is $1,375,000.  The Pension Board requested the actuarial recommendation.  The Board approved the request (Cunnane/Tai). 
Arthur J. Gallaher Risk Management services (AJG) has received and reviewed the insurance quotes from Firemen's Fund (National Surety Corp), Travelers Property & Casualty Company of America, Endurance Specialty Insurance and Illinois Union Insurance, the Library's incumbent insurance carriers.  AJG recommended renewing the Library's insurance coverage with the current carriers at a total cost of $396,410.   The Board approved the recommendation (Cunnane/Kenyon).
Mr. Pace requested the Board approve the following language drafted by Legal Counsel.
"Motion to authorize and direct the Director (i) to present for consideration by the Board, no later than the August 2012 regular Board meeting, ballot language for an increase in the Library tax levy to be submitted to the voters at the November 2012 election; and (ii) to take any steps necessary and desirable to prepare for the submission of the ballot issue including the engagement of investment banking services, bond counsel services, and such other professional services as may be required, all in accordance with the policies of the St. Louis County Library District."
The Board approved the motion for a tax levy increase on the November ballot (Cunnane/Tai).
Dr. Tai moved that the meeting adjourn.  Mrs. Kenyon seconded. All voted in approval. The meeting adjourned at 4:36 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
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