Meeting of the Board - Monday, March 14, 2011

Mon, 03/14/2011 - 3:40pm

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
3:40 PM

The monthly meeting of the Board of the St. Louis County Library District was held at the Mid County Branch, 7821 Maryland Avenue, Clayton, MO  63105, on Monday, March 14th at 3:40 p.m.  The agenda had been posted in all branches of the Library District at least 24 hours before the meeting.


Library Board Members:

Dr. Lynn Beckwith, President
Edith Cunnane, Vice President (via telephone)
Kenneth Stricker, Treasurer
Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary
Elena Kenyon, Member

Administrators and Guests Attending:

Charles Pace, Director; Gary Holdefer, Associate Director and Comptroller; Tim Wadham, Assistant Director, Youth and Community Services; Barbara Brain, Assistant Director, Adult and Support Services; Kristen Sorth, Senior Manager, Human Resources; Marie Conlin, Library Planner; Gib Van Cleve, Manager, ITS; Eric Button, Community Services Administrator; Lisa Stump, Counsel, Lashly and Baer; and Julie Leicht, St. Louis County Government.

SLCL staff attending:

Denise Keller, Mary Arnhart, Connie Dee, Heather Pehrson, Kathy Condon-Boettcher, Leander Spearman, Joe Taiber, Lowery Consulting, Josh Richardson, McMahon Berger, Rick Gratza, Kerber, Eck & Braeckel auditing firm and Sandra Williams.


The MINUTES, dated Monday, January 24, 2011 were approved by the Board (Cunnane/Stricker).






The Treasurer's Report dated January 31, 2011 and February 28, 2011 were approved subject to audit (Stricker/Kenyon).  Mr. Holdefer reported that to date 84.4% of tax revenue had been received.  He said he expected to receive the 2011 assessment from St. Louis County by March 15.  Mr. Stricker requested that prior year balance sheet information be included in the monthly report.



Customer service issues

Mr. Pace reported that he had received a letter from one patron who was appealing the ban that had been issued to him.  He also reported that the past six weeks have witnessed somewhat of an upsurge in problematic customer behavior. Two young men who have been a source of disruption at the Florissant Valley Branch were banned due to their ongoing refusal to abide by Library rules and/or accept correction from Library staff when they were in violation.. In addition to this, he said he received several comment forms regarding the reconstruction of the service desk and circulation areas here at Headquarters. People expressed displeasure with various aspects of the disruption involved and with the new configuration. We did have one complaint about the presence of customer addresses on the hold tails placed in books.  The person in question expressed concern that this was a violation of her privacy. After looking into this issue we were able to determine that we could suppress the street name leaving only an address with no street information. This change went into effect on March 1.


Major Library event

Mr. Pace said the Ron Reagan and Joyce Carol Oates lectures were great events.

Mr. Pace also reported that we are in the quiet phase of fundraising for the Center for Family History. The members of the fundraising committee are out in the community and talking to a variety of individuals to gather their support. We hope to be able to make some major announcements within the next month or two.



Mr. Pace announced that work is completed on the Bridgeton Trails and Sachs branches teen centers and we are planning dedication events for them both. Work is also nearing completion here at Headquarters on the reconstruction of the circulation area. The new desk has been installed; the new book return, self checkout stations and self pickup of holds are all in operation. The Foundation Store has moved into its new home. The Daniel Boone Branch work is also under way to prepare for the implementation of the new Automated Materials Handler. We expect this project to be finished by the end of April.


Legislative Advocacy Day

Mr. Pace said he led a group of Library staff on legislative visits February 8 to Jefferson City. He said they were able to visit with the majority of our local legislative delegation and to talk to them about issues of interest to libraries. We received a great deal of positive feedback and also a couple of legislators expressed an interest in possibly coming to one of our branches to do a story time. Overall, he said it was a good "awareness raising" event for our legislators.


Upcoming Library Events

Mr. Pace said April 15, author Lois Lowry will discuss her new book "The Giver." It's a book by about a futuristic utopian society that received the Newbery Medal and has influenced generations of young readers.

There will be a dinner for special guests and board members.  Invitations will go out this week.

Books for signing will be available for purchase from Pudd'nHead Books.

Following Mr. Pace's directors report, Mid County Branch Manager Heather Pehrson gave an overview of the branch.  She included information that the branch is bordered by Richmond Heights and University City.  Since it's in the heart of the city, she says the Big Read and the Art Show are held in close proximity.  The branch officially serves the Clayton School District.








An independent audit was conducted by Kerber, Eck & Braecker (KEB) with Rick Gratza presenting to the Board.  The audit includes the operation of the Library Foundation.  An unqualified opinion was rendered. There were no disagreements with management on internal control practices. The Board approved the recommendation of staff to accept the independent audit (Cunnane/Tai).  The audit will be posted on the Library's website.



The Board approved the request of the Pension Board staff to contribute the full actuarial recommendation ($1,150,067) to the Pension Plan before March 31st (Stricker/Kenyon).  The new GASB rule of calculating the actuarial liability has taken the Plan from 102% funded to 92% funded or about 3 million dollars short of being fully funded. Dr. Beckwith stated that staff may need to make a contribution of their salaries toward the fund in the future.



The Library Board approved the recommendation of Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services to renew coverage with Firemen's Fund and St. Paul/Travelers at a total cost of $394,481 (Stricker/Tai).



The Information Technology department (IT) plans to set up an offsite computer disaster recover system.  The initial phase of the multi-phase project is the installation of a 35 kilowatt electrical generator powered by natural gas.  The Daniel Boone Branch was chosen because of the space available in the unfinished part of the basement. The Board approved the staff recommendation of Hanenkamp Electric, the low bidder for $34,511 (Stricker/Cunnane).



Legal counsel drafted new Naming and Gift Policies for the Board's review.  The Board approved the two new policies and the deletion of the existing Gift and Donation policy.  The Board decided to delete the option of having a living person with a building named in their honor (Stricker/Kenyon).




Mr. Stricker moved that the open meeting adjourn. Ms. Tai seconded. All approved by individual voice vote.


The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


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