Meeting of the Board - Monday, November 21, 2011

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 3:30pm

3:30 PM

The monthly meeting of the Board of the St Louis County Library District was held at Headquarters, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO  63131 on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. The agenda had been posted in all branches of the Library District at least 24 hours before the meeting.


            Library Board Members:                      

                        Dr. Lynn Beckwith, President

                        Kenneth Stricker, Treasurer

                        Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary

                        Elena Kenyon, Member

Dr. Beckwith requested that Edith Cunnane, Vice President and Charles Pace, Director have an excused absence.  The motion was moved by Mr. Stricker and seconded by Mrs. Kenyon.

            Administrators and Guests Attending:

Gary Holdefer, Associate Director & Comptroller; Barbara Brain, Assistant Director, Adult and Support Services; Kristen Sorth, Sr. Mgr., Human Resources, Marie Conlin, Library Planner; Gib Van Cleve, Manager, ITS; Lisa Stump, Counsel, Lashly & Baer; and Julie Leicht, St. Louis County Government.

            SLCL Staff attending:

Stephanie Nordmann, Cindy Miller, Anna Schurk, Keir Haug, Jennifer McBride, Kathy Wiese, Ed Clark, Anna Strackeljahn, Conrad Rader,  Laura Kasak, Matthew Lakin, Kimberly Clark, Nicole Clawson, Robbin Oehler, Julie Mangner, Parkie Peck, Donna Spaulding, Emily Althoff, Michael Cohen, Joyce Loving, Jamar Rahming, Kate Grantham, Scott Holl, Lori Boschert, Colleen Hall, Erin Chapman, Sarah Wood, Denise Keller, Mary Arnhart, Larry Kornfeld,  Jennifer Jung, Marsha Ramey, Kathy Condon Boettcher, Stacy Berger, and Sandra Williams.



The Regular Minutes, dated October 17, 2011 were approved by the Board (Stricker/Kenyon).






The Treasurer's Report, dated October 31, 2011 was approved subject to audit (Stricker/Kenyon).  Mr. Holdefer reported that the old Eureka Hills Branch would close on Wednesday, Nov. 23.  The new facility is scheduled to open in early December.

Dr. Tai joined the meeting.



Mr. Gary Holdefer delivered Mr. Pace's report in his absence.

Customer service issues

Mr. Holdefer reported that the Library had a variety of customer service issues over the past month. One incident involved a customer at the Mid-County Branch who had a habit of returning materials late and in a damaged condition. Mr. Holdefer said the customer was informed  that he would be held responsible for these items and charged the full replacement costs. He said we have not heard anything further regarding this situation. He also reported that the Library has also had a rash of incidents at the Weber Road Branch immediately after school. Due to parking lot reconstruction and the cancellation of bus service, students often end up waiting at the library for their parents to pick them up. Unfortunately, a minority of these students take advantage of the situation to be loud and disruptive and interfere with the ability of other customers to use the library freely. He said the Library has increased our off duty police officer presence at Weber Road and are attempting to clamp down on this sort of misbehavior.

He reported that other issues that we have dealt with have included a couple of bicycle thefts and a variety of other instances of patron misconduct.

He announced that circulation for the month of October was up by three and a half percent compared to October of 2010 in spite of the fact that we were closed for a day for staff in-service and that the Cardinals were in the playoffs thus lowering our attendance in the evenings.

Major Library events

Tuesday, November 15-7p.m.

The world of Oz comes full circle in Gregory Maguire's stunning conclusion to his smash New York Times bestselling "Wicked" series. "Out of Oz" opens with the Emerald City mounting an invasion of Munchkinland, Glinda held under house-arrest, and the Cowardly Lion on the run from the law. Amidst the chaos, Elphaba's granddaughter, Rain, comes of age to take up her broom in an Oz wracked by war.    This event had about 300 people attending.


Work is proceeding at a good pace on the new Eureka Hills Branch.  Most of the interior work,  furniture and shelving installations have been completed. We will also have an exciting roller coaster theme in the children's area which should be something fun and enjoyable for area children. Internet connectivity has been established and the technology department is working hard to get all the new computers installed and configured prior to opening day. Currently we are anticipating December 1 will be the soft opening for the new facility.  We will have a grand opening celebration later in the month of December. In other facilities news:

  • Security camera installations have been completed at the Grand Glaize and Daniel Boone branches.
  • Work on the Grand Glaize Teen Center is nearing completion.
  • Work is underway to repair the crumbling plaza area at Mid-County.
  • Exterior sign replacements are in the fabrication process.
  • We are having issues with deteriorated sprinkler pipe here at Headquarters.   It may be necessary to go out to bid for a wholesale replacement of the defective 6"pipe at some point.

ULC Conference

Mr. Holdefer reported that Mr. Pace had the opportunity to attend the Urban Libraries Council Partners Conference in Miami from November 2-4.   It was a great opportunity to network with and exchange ideas with friends and colleagues from around the country. The focus of the conference was on the idea of using libraries as agents of civic engagement and that our role should go beyond that of merely providing Library service, to helping to actively mold and shape good citizens

Messaging Campaign

The library's messaging campaign is underway. Billboards have gone up around town advertising our many programs and services and radio commercials are also running on selected stations. The theme of the campaign is "You're Overdue" which focuses on all the great things you can do at the library that perhaps you were not aware of. We are hoping for a very positive reaction.

New Website

The library's new website went up on October 31 as planned. Unfortunately, the speed of the MoreNet hosting service was not what we had hoped so we have since relocated the website to a private, commercial hosting service in an effort to improve speed and reliability. Mr. Holdefer encourages everyone to take a look at the new website ( and let us know what you think. We will continue to tweak and tinker with it for the next few months in order to get the performance optimized.


Upcoming Library Events

Thursday, December 1, 7:00 p.m.
Kim Edwards, "The Lake of Dreams"
The author of the #1 New York Times bestselling novel and book club favorite "The Memory Keeper's Daughter," Kim Edwards presents the story of a woman's homecoming, a secret, and the old house that holds the key to the true legacy of a family.

Wednesday, December 7, 7:00 p.m. 
Charlene Bry and Todd Abrams, "Ladue Found"
This presentation and panel discussion will explore the exciting history of St. Louis County.  Featuring Charlene Bry, author of "Ladue Found," which surveys the first 100 years of Ladue's history and its transformation from a rural to a regale locale. It also features Todd Abrams, publisher of the reprinted "The History of St. Louis County," first written by William Lyman Thomas in 1911 and covering the first settlers in the region, through the Civil War, and the first decade of the 20th Century.


Professional Development Day Request

Dr. Beckwith asked that the Professional Development Day results be included in the Director's Report, due to the closing of the Library system.








The Board reviewed the 2012 Budget.  Dr. Beckwith questioned the placing of security under the Human Resources department.    Discussion ensued.  Dr. Beckwith requested more detailed information on the organization charts.

The amount of money contributed by staff for medical insurance was discussed.  Kristen Sorth reported that full time staff pays $15 per month.  Dr. Beckwith requested a proactive plan be developed just in case the budget needed more money for operation.  Staff could be required to pay more money towards this benefit.

Dr. Beckwith also interjected that the Board may need to consider raising the unassigned fund balance from 15% to a higher amount.  The Board approved the 2012 Budget (Stricker/Kenyon).



The Board approved the purchase of locks from H & G Sales for $87,726.  The 2011 Budget included funds for this change.  This allows staff to change the locks from remote locations as well as track the time staff enters (Stricker/Tai).



The Library's current Facilities Master Plan was completed in 2008 by Robert Rohlf Associates.  Staff believes that changes in service models and the economy warrant an update to the Plan. The board procedures for professional services were followed.   The lowest bid was submitted by a previous consultant but staff felt a different perspective would benefit the Library.  Staff recommends Aaron Cohen Associates as the best consultant with the lowest price. The 2012 professional services budget includes $50,000 for this project.  The Board approved the recommendation (Tai/Kenyon).



The Library presently has several companies provide lawn mowing, fertilizing and snow removal while staff is responsible for other grounds maintenance.  Our current approach is challenging and inefficient because we are dealing with multiple companies.  A request was issued for a proposal for the outsourcing of complete grounds maintenance and snow removal to address concerns with our current process.  After checking references and reviewing customer satisfaction, staff recommends Loyet as lowest and best proposal.  Mr. Holdefer explained why the lowest proposal received was not the best.  Loyet has a large staff, 30 trucks and excellent references.  They will do mowing and all grounds maintenance for $87,904.  This will save the Library over $70,000 annually.  The Board approved the recommendation (Stricker/Tai).



Gib Van Cleve reported that staff has budgeted to replace the server that runs our Millennium Integrated Library System (ILS).  The current server is seven years old.  Staff recommends the purchase of a Dell server ($55,995) from a cooperative purchasing agreement. The migration services ($33,250) are a single source from Innovative Interfaces Inc. (III). The total project cost is $89,245.  This is below the $105,000 budgeted amount.  The Board approved the recommendation (Stricker/Kenyon).


Happy Thanksgiving

Dr. Beckwith wished the staff a Happy Thanksgiving.




Mr. Stricker moved that the meeting adjourn for Closed Session.  Dr. Tai seconded.  All voice votes were for approval.  The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



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     Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary                                                          Date



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