Meeting of the Board - Monday, September 26, 2011

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 3:30pm

3:30 PM

The monthly meeting of the Board of the St Louis County Library District was held at Headquarters, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO  63131 on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. The agenda had been posted in all branches of the Library District at least 24 hours before the meeting.



Library Board Members:                       

Dr. Lynn Beckwith, President
Edith Cunnane, Vice President
Kenneth Stricker, Treasurer
Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary
Elena Kenyon, Member

Administrators and Guests Attending:

Charles Pace, Director; Gary Holdefer, Associate Director & Comptroller; Barbara Brain, Assistant Director, Adult Support Services; Kristen Sorth, Sr. Mgr., Human Resources, Marie Conlin, Library Planner; Jim Bogart, Manager, Foundation; Gib Van Cleve, Manager, ITS; Eric Button, Community Services Administrator; Melissa Vighi, Counsel, Lashly & Baer; Julie Leicht, St. Louis County Government.

SLCL Staff attending:

Stephanie Nordmann, Tracy Fletcher, Ellen Meschke, Lisa Haddox, Anna Schurk, Barb Urban, Keir Haug, Jennifer McBride, Kathy Wiese, Ed Clark, Jenny Via, Anna Strackeljahn, Laura Kasak, Kimberly Clark, Nicole Clawson, Pat Woodward, Marsha Ramey, Anne Arthur, Julie Mangner, Parkie Peck, Lee Spearman, Donna Spaulding, Emily Althoff, Michael Cohen, Jamar Rahming, Kate Grantham, Kate Gerblick, Trudy Williams, Jennifer Jung, Lori Boschert, Natalia Catlett, Colleen Hall, Kathy Muller, Lorraine Budke, Erin Chapman, Lynn Grimshaw, Sarah Wood, Denise Keller, Heather Pehrson, Cindy Fehmel, Larry Kornfeld,  Stacy Berger, Roz Kohen and Sandra Williams.



The Tax Hearing Minutes, dated August 15, 2011 were approved by the Board (Cunnane/Stricker).

The Regular Minutes, dated August 15, 2011 were approved by the Board (Cunnane/Kenyon).






The Treasurer's Report, dated August 31, 2011 was approved subject to audit (Cunnane/Tai).  Mr. Holdefer reported that $96,000 in TIF money has been received from the City of Hazelwood.



Customer Service Issues

Mr. Pace reported that two unrelated complaints regarding ADA compliance issues which we will be discussing with the Board in more detail during closed session. He said the Library regularly receives many positive comments as well.   He said one was included in their packets.  Mr. Pace also announced that the Library set a new circulation record for the month of August with more than 1.1 million items checked out, an increase of almost 12% over August of 2010.


Major Library Events

Mr. Pace reported that the Library hosted its annual suspense night program featuring seven outstanding writers of mystery and suspense from across the country. This year the writers we hosted included Reed Farrel Coleman, Megan Abbot, S.J. Rozan, Steve Hamilton, Christa Faust, Peter Spiegelman, and Lisa Lutz. He said suspense night has become a popular event here at the library over the last few years and continues to draw large crowds to hear the top mystery writers talk about their craft. Suspense night was held this year on September 14 and drew a crowd estimated at 200.  This coincided with the annual Bouchercon Convention which chose us to be their charity this year.  Jim Bogart will discuss this in more detail later in this meeting

Mr. Pace also reported that the second annual Library Foundation Gala was an overwhelming success and thanked the Board members for attending.


Branch Visits

Mr. Pace said he had worked at the Lewis and Clark and Mid-County Branches during the month of August and was very pleased to see how well both branches are being used and the bustle of activity.  He said that Lewis and Clark in particular has seen dramatic increases in usage over the past year or so as we have removed clutter and reorganized the collection to better display the materials we have on hand. One thing that has become very clear is that each library branch is used by its community in a different way. Some of the branches seem to be used more for their traditional library functions, others operate more as computer training facilities and still others are used primarily as a community center. These differences in usage will be important to keep in mind as we plan to renovate and replace many of our existing buildings.



Mr. Pace said that work is currently underway to get the new Eureka Hills facility ready for occupancy over the next couple of months.   He said County Code requires that the new restrooms have more toilet fixtures.  Quotes will be presented at the next meeting. 

Meramec Valley is the last remaining branch to receive the new Express Lane self checks and we expect that to happen within the next few weeks. We are also anticipating that work will begin soon on replacing the various branch exterior signs which the Board approved earlier this year.

In other facilities news:

·    Work on the reconfiguration and repair of the plaza at Prairie Commons should get under way this week.

·    New speakers and wiring in the Headquarters Auditorium is almost complete. This should make the set up and take down process for library programs much simpler.

·    Installation of new security cameras should be getting under way at Daniel Boone in the next couple of weeks.


DOLL Meeting

Mr. Pace said he attended the Director's of Large Libraries meeting On Friday, September 16, at the North Independence Branch of the Mid-Continent Library System. He said one of the interesting things about their branch is that it has a full service café as well as various displays relating to the economic history of the Independence community.  Mr. Pace said he did come away with a few ideas that we may want to incorporate into future library renovation projects. The meeting itself was also productive and he said he has some ideas that he wishes to explore that may possibly save the Library money and lead to further efficiency gains. One idea that some systems are moving to, is replacing paper board packets with electronic only options and to assign each of their Board members a laptop for the purpose of Board meetings. Information on this idea will be presented to you all at a future meeting.

Mr. Pace announced that recruiting coordinator Lee Spearman will be resigning to become director of the Belleville Public Library.  He said he wished him well in this new endeavor.








Gary Holdefer recommended approval of the 2011 budget revision.  He said the Library has received additional funds of $560,000 while expenses after adjustments have remained the same.  The Board approved the 2011 Revised Cash Budget (Cunnane/Kenyon).



The Board approved the 2011 tax rates to provide revenue for operation in 2012 (Cunnane/Tai).  The residential rate is 16.3 cents; agricultural is 20 cents; commercial rate is 19 cents; and personal property tax is 15 cents. 



The Board approved the Administration's recommendation to purchase from BayScan Technologies a year's supply of RFID tags at a cost of $0.169 per tag. The annual cost will be $67,600 (Cunnane/Kenyon).



Jim Bogart requested the Board's approval of the Foundation Board's request for an early closing of the Headquarters Branch on Tuesday November 15, 2011 at 5 p.m. to accommodate the author event featuring Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked.  The Board approved the request (Stricker/Kenyon).

Mr. Bogart reported that the Foundation's Gala had 270 attendees with 300 tickets sold.  The profit was about $60,000 and will be used for renovating the children's space at Headquarters.  He also announced that Becky Kueker and Don Musick, announced at the Gala that the Center for Family History has received $13 million in pledges and commitments. He reported that the Sidney Johnson award was a highlight at the event along with the remarks given by Board President Lynn Beckwith.

Dr. Beckwith said the event was a wonderful affair.  Mrs. Kenyon said it was extraordinary and Mrs. Cunnane said the event surpassed the wonderful job it had done the first year.

Mr. Bogart reported that thanks to the Bouchercon selecting the Foundation as its 2011 charity, the Foundation received $29,000.



Mr. Stricker moved that the meeting adjourn for Closed Session.  Mrs. Cunnane seconded.  All voice votes were for approval.  The meeting adjourned at 4:01 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


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     Dr. Chingling Tai, Secretary                                                          Date

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