Modern Fables

Fairy tales for older teens and adults. Urban fantasy. Metafiction. Fables can be a hard series to categorize, but once started, it is even harder to put down. Created and written by Bill Willingham, Fables is an ongoing comic published by DC Comics' Vertigo since 2002. The overarching storyline stars reinterpreted characters from legends and folklore escaping from "The Adversary" and traveling to Earth, forming communities in New York City and upstate New York.  Within each graphic novel, readers will be introduced to characters such as Snow White, who is divorcing Prince Charming because of his infidelity, or the Big Bad Wolf, who is their community's sheriff. Crisp and witty dialogue matches the beautiful artwork, which changes depending on the mood of a particular storyline. This amazing series won several Eisner Awards and may have influenced the new ABC television show "Once Upon a Time." Now that the comics are compiled into collections, a good place to start the series would be "Fables: legends in exile."

--Aaron E., Headquarters
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