Movie Review: "Rubber"



"I think you might want to watch this movie," a co-worker told me.

"What's it about?"

"Well, it is about a tire that comes to life and goes on a killing spree."

(Insert chirping noises representing the crickets in my head as I stare dumbfounded at said co-worker.) "OK...a tire. That comes to life. And kills people."

A week later I bring home my DVD copy of "Rubber" and the above conversation repeats itself between my husband and myself, both of whom have been known to lament the lack of new and creative thinking in the movies today. Well, a killer tire certainly challenges that belief - let "Rubber" begin.

And here is the weirdest thing of all; "Rubber" is actually very entertaining. The film sets itself up as a meta-cinema experiment where the audience at home is watching a group of spectators on the screen who have gone to the desert to watch a movie. So, it's all a joke - the killer tire, the exploding heads, the squished scorpions. Or is it? 

--Sara S., Tesson Ferry Branch

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