Fans of Charles Frazier will be pleased to know his latest novel, Nightwoods, contains many of the features that made his previous bestseller, Cold Mountain, such a hit: epic landscapes, a perilous journey and, of course, a love story.

Frazier returns to the mountains of North Carolina for his third novel, which unlike Cold Mountain or Thirteen Moons, is set in more contemporary times. The book follows Luce, a loner who lives on the outskirts of town, caring for a dilapidated lodge, enjoying her life of solitude. After her sister Lily is killed, Luce is left to care for her traumatized niece and nephew, the only witnesses to their mother's murder. The story that unfolds will keep readers enthralled, as Lily's murderous husband comes to town to track down the children, and Luce fights to keep them safe. Along the way readers are treated to some of Frazier's iconic depictions of landscapes and nature.

Coming in at under 300 pages, Nightwoods is a quick and satisfying read, one that will get your heart-racing and your mind wondering what's around the next bend. 

--Jennifer M., Headquarters

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