Not that "Fever," the other "Fever"

"Fever" by Mary Beth Keane


As I was browsing the books headed for library shelves, I noticed two books with the title "Fever." The books could not be more different.

Mary Beth Keane's "Fever" is a historical novel about the Irish immigrant Mary Mallon who became known as "Typhoid Mary." She was the first person to be diagnosed as a healthy carrier of typhoid fever, and was eventually imprisoned to keep her from spreading disease. Keane attempts to give depth to the infamous legend by recreating Mallon's world and exploring her possible motivations.

"Fever" by Maya Banks is the second book in the Breathless trilogy. This erotic romance features three wealthy and powerful men (Jace, Ash, and Gabe) who have been friends and business partners for years. Jealousy over a woman threatens the close friendship between Jace and Ash who are accustomed to sharing everything. These characters also appeared in "Rush," the first book in the trilogy.

Is it unfortunate to have these two books coming out at the same time? I imagine a reader hastily requesting the wrong book, expecting a steamy romance about millionaires and receiving instead a historical novel set in the unsanitary, crowded streets of early twentieth-century New York. My guess is that any confusion will be short-lived. These books join several other books already in the collection with the same title.

--Jennifer A., Headquarters


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