Nothing is Private

A friend of a friend--that is, a complete stranger--posted a comment on my Facebook wall. In French. I never studied French and can't even fake it. Nonetheless, my curiosity was piqued. I highlighted the phrase and held down Ctrl then typed C on my keyboard. From the SLCL homepage, I clicked on the link to Research and then clicked on the link to Language & Multinational databases. The Mango Languages database, I recalled, has a translation tool. It pops up as a tab after Start Learning is clicked. With Mango, users can choose from 42 "source" languages for a translation into one of 54 "target" languages. I chose French from a dropdown menu as the source language. I then chose English as the translated target language. That done, it was a simple matter of holding down Ctrl then typing the V key to paste the French phrase in the source language box, click translate and read in English this new friend's message and respond, "J'ai apprécié la lecture de votre note."

Of course, I also follow SLCL on Facebook to be informed of happenings throughout this 20-location library system.

--Bob S., Rock Road Branch


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