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The Other F Word


The documentary "The Other F Word" takes an inside look at parenting by punk and hardcore musicians. Bands known for their raucous, anti-establishment stance find themselves family men with play dates and school outings alongside world tours and endless partying.

The DVD focuses on Jim Lindberg from Pennywise, a father of three daughters, but there are plenty of other musicians with cameos. Lindberg gets a tattoo for his youngest during the filming, because he already has a tattoo for the older daughters. Lindberg is definitely feeling torn by the responsibilities to band and family. A few minutes on skype while on tour can't replace the moments he's missing of their childhood.

There is humor. Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 admits he had to get the clean version of their CD so his kids could listen to his music. A laugh out loud moment is when a daughter's dance class was frightened by the creepy guy in the hall and she has to admit it was just her dad. There is also poignancy. Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers tears up talking about his daughter and Ron Reyes from Black Flag admits he had to give up the band for his family. This is a revealing glimpse of what goes on at home instead of backstage. One punk rocker makes toast for his little girl, while Tim McIlrath from Rise Against, driving a minivan (what!?), gets into a bit of a power struggle with his daughter. One hopes there is a follow up when the kids reach their teens. An inordinate amount of the children are girls. It would be great to see what kind of grilling prospective boyfriends get from these fathers.

--Cindy. F., Headquarters


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