RedDevil 4

The new mystery "RedDevil 4" was written by local neurosurgeon Eric C. Leuthardt. Leuthardt researches brain-computer interfaces and is a leader in the field of neuroprosthetics. His expertise is evident in this compelling page-turner.

"RedDevil 4" is set in St. Louis in 2053. Most of the population relies on neuroprosthetics for communication and information retrieval. People communicate directly from brain to brain without speaking and are able to retrieve and review data without equipment. Not everything has changed, however. St. Louis still has separate city and county police departments, and dog walkers still carry small plastic bags to clean up after their pets.

Two detectives investigate a series of murders that appear to be without motive and unconnected. One detective is older and resistant to technology; the other is a technophile former Navy SEAL advisor. They join forces with Dr. Hagan Maerici, a neurosurgeon who has implanted thousands of neuroprosthetics and is working on advancing artificial intelligence. As the three work to puzzle out the meaning of these murders, they uncover a grave threat that extends far beyond St. Louis.

This unsettling and entertaining story offers lots of blood and gore, highly technical detail, and a few jokes.

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