Renewing a title in OverDrive

Starting today, you will be able to "renew" a borrowed title if no other customers are on hold for that title. The Renew option will become available on your Bookshelf three days before the title is scheduled to expire. Click Renew to reserve a copy of the title, that you can immediately borrow again after your first checkout expires. Basically, as long as there are no holds, this will put you first in line in the hold queue. As soon as the title expires, you'll receive an email, at the email address used when you renewed the title. You will then need to navigate to your holds to Borrow and download the title again. If there are holds on the title, the Renew option will be grayed out; however, you can still place a hold on the title to borrow it again using the Renew option. You can renew each title one time. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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