Roger Ebert: "The Great Movies"

The Great Movies


Roger Ebert, known for his trademark "Two Thumbs Up" movie reviews, was the first person ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for film criticism. The esteemed film critic, who writes regularly for the "Chicago Sun Times," may be best known, not for his writings, but for his long running television show "Siskel & Ebert" (1986-2006). Movie buffs who only know Ebert from his television series may enjoy his cinematic essays, entitled, "The Great Movies."

The book series (volume I, volume II, and volume III) contains short, two-to-three page, essays on what many have hailed as the greatest films of all time. In those few pages, Ebert articulately and poignantly captures the spirit of each film. While he never tells us what to think, he explains what sparks his passion about each film, including commentary, background history, symbolism, biographical information, and the occasional quirky anecdote.

Those looking for reviews of the so called chick-flicks and Hollywood Blockbuster movies with huge explosions won't find them in "The Great Movie" series. However, Ebert's "Your Movie Sucks" might be more your taste. Are the movies reviewed in "Your Movie Sucks" Razzie Award worthy? You can be the judge of that.  Check out Ebert's writings from the St. Louis County Library today!

--Connie D., Rock Road Branch 

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