Silken Prey

"Silken Prey" by John Sandford

"Silken Prey" by John Sandford enters the world of dirty politics. The book opens with an investigation into the disappearance of a political fixer. There are lots of questions about the disappearance but no real clues.

Meanwhile, Porter Smalls has a comfortable lead in his bid for reelection to the US Senate. His campaign is derailed when child pornography is found on his office computer. When he convinces the Governor that he is a victim of political sabotage, Lucas Davenport is put on the case. The investigation is one of the most convoluted one of Davenport's career.  A wealthy and beautiful opponent, murder, politics, and a rapidly approaching deadline adds to the suspense.
John Sandford is a master at building suspense. He is a master at both crafting dialogue and generating intense plot driven action.  However, parts of this book seemed a bit predictable and muddled to me. Despite its flaws, "Silken Prey" was an enjoyable read. It would be a fun summer time read. You may find it on the Bestseller display at your local branch or request it here

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch


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