St. Louis Magazine, list of feature articles, 1983-2004

The following is a list of feature articles published in St. Louis Magazine, Jan. 1983 to Nov. 2004. The list is based on issues held by the History and Genealogy Department and is incomplete.

St. Louis Magazine is located in the History and Genealogy Department at call no. R 977.866 S1453 in closed stacks. Ask a librarian for assistance.


January 1983
The Invisible Barrier [Chouteau's Pond]
February 1983
The King of Ragtime [Scott Joplin]
March 1983
Striking Prose: The St. Louis Writers' Strike of 1936
Meet Harold Simmons [Texas investor]
Making It [St. Louisans who have made it big]
Mean Street [Washington Avenue garment district]
April 1983
The Lake Country [Lake of the Ozarks]
100 Years of Commuting [Rapid transit in St. Louis]
The Custom-made Cache [custom tailoring in St. Louis]
Dance Fever [St. Louis dance scene]
Hello, I'm Ramon Gallardo [St. Louis restaurateur]
The Boys in the Press Box [St. Louis sportswriters]
Dogs' Best Friends [Famous St. Louisans and their dogs]
May 1983
"Biddle Street, Biddle Street"
The Baroque Festival [at Washington University]
To Catch a Thief [burglary in St. Louis City and County]
Cheers: A Guide to the Best Happy Hours in Town
Umpire! [St. Louisan and professional umpire Dave Phillips]
Black-tie Bucks [fund-raising benefits]
June 1983
The Plow that Broke Their Plans [St. Louis and Chicago competition]
Designs at a Discount [St. Louis' bargain boutiques]
Heart of the City [City Hospital's Emergency Room]
January 1984
I Remember the Globe [Jake McCarthy and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat]
Back on Track [Light rail in St. Louis]
February 1984
Phillips and Wall [St. Louis radio personalities]
The Castle [White Castle restaurant]
National Teacher of the Year, Akehiko Takahashi
The Selling of a Nobody: [Gordon Ankney, candidate for attorney general]
March 1984
An American Dream [Tony Miller of American Prestige]
They Got Rich [Rich Grawer of St. Louis University]
Alone with His God [Sculptor and watercolorist Kent Addison]
The First Suburb [Kirkwood]
Gentleman Bruce [Bruce Kelkirk, auctioneer]
The Anatomy of Murder [Mary E. Schmidt Case, St. Louis Medical Examiner]
April 1984
Life on the Fast Lanes [St. Louis Bowling Hall of Fame]
Kevin Kitchens [St. Louis radio personality]
Tower of Power [Mike Oransky of the West Port Tower Club]
The Bucks Stopped Here: Life after the Lottery
Where Children are Cherished [Webster Groves daycare]
Waitin' on the Levee [Laclede's Landing]
Artist as Photographer [Michael Eastman of University City]
One in a Hundred [St. Louis writer, Susan Crain Bakos]
May 1984
The Sound of the City [Billy Peek and St. Louis Rock and Roll]
The Rag Trade [Mark and Annie Goldenhersh, vintage clothing dealers]
The Hollywood Connection: St. Louisans Who Took the Road West... to Success
The Clean-up Man [Richie Bry, baseball agent]
The Taming of the Zoo [Danger in working at the zoo]
Vince [Vincent Schoemehl]
Different Strokes [St. Louis artists Don Wiegand and Jim Dickinson]
Don Wiegand [St. Louis artist]
Grahamaphone [Colin Graham of Opera Theatre]
Radio's Leading Lady [Anne Keefe of KMOX]
June 1984
Show and Sell [Steve Rustman of Rustman Bus Co.]
Landing on Your Feet [Rick Wagner of the Midwest Academy of Gymnastics]
Brave New Business World [Women with MBAs from Washington University]
The Nuclear Café [the Callaway nuclear power plant in Fulton County]
From Kitchen to Gallery [Silvia Solochek Walters of UMSL]
Toussaint L'ouverture, the Unsung Hero of St. Louis History
July 1984
Joseph Weydemeyer: St. Louis' Marxist County Auditor
Fat Jack [entrepreneur Jack Delaney]
Under Sail at CBS [Allan Cohen of KMOX-TV]
The Comeback Decade, 1974-1984 [St. Louis' revival]
A Lighthouse in the Storm [Gene Lynn's Lounge]
August 1984
Back to Basics: The "German experiment" in St. Louis Schools
Mr. Baseball [Rick Hummel, sportswriter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
The First Generation [desegregation in St. Louis-area schools]
This is Hungate [William Hungate, judge in St. Louis desegregation]
September 1984
Luck of the Irish [Denny Huneke of Huneke Realty]
Early Retirement [Dan Dierdorf of the Cardinals football team]
Le Jazz Hot [Josephine Baker of St. Louis and Paris]
The $16 Million Scam [Thomas R. Brimberry, formerly of Stix and Co. brokerage]
Jazz in the Heartland
Growing Up Greek
October 1984
Birds of Another Feather [Bill Bidwill, owner of the St. Louis Cardinals]
Learning from St. Louis [author Theodore Dreiser]
Very Big in Belleville [Gary Whiteaker, PR firm owner, publisher and advertiser]
White, German and Catholic [St. Louis' South Side]
November 1984
Martha Rounds [fitness guru]
From Typewriter to TV [Tom Barnidge of KMOX-TV]
St. Louis' Summer Olympics
The Producer [Joan Richman CBS news producer]
December 1984
City Room Hell Raiser [Bill Feustel, St. Louis Globe-Democrat editor]
Hayuru Taima: Award-winning piano student at CASA
Dear Dad, If You Could See Me Now... Love, Kim Tucci [of Pasta House fame]
Labeled for Life [labels and St. Louis high schools]
January 1985
The Guitar Man [Mel Bay of the Mel Bay Music Center]
Just a couple of Guys from U. City Sitting Around Making a Million Dollars [Irv Zuckerman and Steve Schankman of Contemporary Productions, Inc.]
Growing Up with Bernie [Bernie Federko of the St. Louis Blues]
The Avid Collector [Missouri pottery]
In memory of Jack Carney [KMOX radio broadcaster]
February 1985
Starting Over [Dave Joyce of Spectrum Emergency Care]
My Dinner with Jerry [Jerry Berger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
Commander-in-Chief at Lambert [Leonard Griggs]
Follow the Sun [Artist Bill Kohn]
March 1985
Good Sports [Jim Otis and Missouri K. I. D. S. (Kare for Injured and Disabled Students)]
St. Louis Suffragette [Virginia Minor]
The Midwest: It's an Attitude
Vandalia, Illinois, 1950
The Most Important Thing on Earth: Newspapers [Bob White of the Mexico Ledger]
The Hubcap Hound Dog [Larry Rhynes of the Hubcap Store]
April 1985
Social Welfare [St. Louis mutual aid societies]
Taking on Ty Cobb [Baseball historian Paul MacFarlane]
Amen, Amen [St. Louis' storefront churches]
May 1985
Out of the Fire [inventor Charles Rabushka]
Voyagers Soccer, U.S.A. [Siegbert "Siggy" Muthofer, chef and soccer coach]
Thank God It's Monday! [Bob Sunnen of Sunnen Products]
If Dolly Parton Could See Me Now [twenty St. Louis companies]
The Man Who Wouldn't Be Freud [Eli Robins of Barnes Hospital]
June 1985
George the T-shirt Man [George Thornton]
Rage [conservative politician Phyllis Schlafly]
Fighting the Big Guys [Ray Hartmann of the Riverfront Times]
July 1985
The New St. Louisans [67 Outstanding St. Louisans]
Thy Parents' House [Frank Lloyd Wright house near Highway 40]
August 1985
Kevin's Choice [Actor Kevin Kline]
St. Louis Vice [St. Louis City and County police officers on TV police shows]
The Good News Globe [the coming demise of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
October 1985
The Birth of Our Blues [W. C. Handy and the St. Louis Blues]
The Catholic Revolution [change in the Catholic Church]
In Love with Stanley Elkin [Washington University-based writer]
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Jeffrey Gluck [of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat]
Mary Had a Little Plan [St. Louis artist Mary Englebreit]
November 1985
Sharon [St. Louis TV reporter Sharon Stevens]
Sweet Land of Liberty?  [Hayti, the poorest town in Missouri]
Maybe Next Time [What some famous St. Louisans might have been if they could do it all over again]
The Turnverein in St. Louis [German-American gymnastic society and social club]
The Happiest General [Jim Hanifan, head coach of the St. Louis Football Cardinals]
December 1985
From Tums to Tina Turner: It's Exclusively St. Louis [Quintessential St. Louisans and St. Louis products]
The Turning Point [St. Louis Dancers Janet Jones and Leslie Stevens]
February 1986
Underdog on Ice [St. Louis Blues' coach Jacques Demers]
The Brothers Massa [Bill & Jack Massa, St. Louis restaurateurs]
Diversity City [Diversity in University City]
March 1986
Inventor of the Year [St. Louisan Victor Hermelin]
Starmakers [Opera Theatre of Saint Louis]
Coach [Successful St. Louis coaches]
Harriett Woods & the Gold ol' Boys [U. S. Senator]
The '85 World Champions [1885 St. Louis Browns]
April 1986
Family Album [Charles A. Shaw, mayor of Clayton, 1930-1942]
Go Johnnie, Go, Go, Go [St. Louis musician Johnnie Johnson]
The Power of Pollack [Joe Pollack, St. Louis Post-Dispatch entertainment critic]
June 1986
David & Richard Pearce [of the Pearce Corporation, an architectural firm]
Class of '66: Where Are They Now?
Life after Clamorgan's [John Clark, owner of Clamorgan's restaurant in Clayton]
Pleasure Cruises [Mississippi River cruise ships in St. Louis]
July 1986
The Allens [of Allen Foods]
Herbie Balaban [of Balaban's Restaurant]
The Doctors' Choice [Prominent St. Louis physicians]
Big Shots: Capturing the Beauty of St. Louis on Posters
Rolling on the River [Steamboat pilot & songwriter John Hartford]
January 1987
The Villas [St. Louis politicians]
Hot Talents [St. Louis artists Jerry Wilkerson, Peter Marcus, Jane Sauer, & Howard Jones
April 1987
Lee & Shister [Sharon Lee and Diane Shister of Celebrity Plus]
Mean Mrs. Grant [Michele Byrd Grant of Vashon High School]
First Families [of St. Louis]
Generations, The Game [Game inventor Richard Johnson of St. John's Hospital]
June 1987
Who's on First? [Bob Pastin St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports editor]
Local Heroes [James Hearon, Dan & Martha Davey, James Neisz, Janet Gilpin & John Arnold]
July 1987
The Inmans [Merle & Teddi]
Loreen Gephardt [mother of Richard "Dick" Gephardt]
The Peanut Man [Carl Zimmermann]
September 1987
Lambert Field: Is It Too Small?
Stock in Trade: Where St. Louis Investment Pros Park Their Own Savings
Mayor of the Bleachers [Cardinals' fan John Wilkerson]
October 1987
Dennis Riggs: The Reporter Tells What's Wrong with TV News
Voices of the New Age [Ruth Hanna, Jerry Rabushka, & Michael Matthews]
How Tom Zych Was Born... Again
Sink or Swim [Laurie McLean, swimmer]
November 1987
Bob Wallace [Football Cardinals' chief negotiator]
The King of Washington University [William Danforth]
Falling Star [Marshall Rogers, former NBA player]
Tom Prokawski [St. Louis Ford salesman]
December 1987
Phamily [Joseph & Catherine Pham]
The Boxer [Joey Mason, local Golden Gloves champion]
January 1988
Jerome Jones, Superintendent under Siege [St. Louis City Schools' superintendent]
Robin's Family [Robin Smith, St. Louis newscaster]
Sex, Hope & Fear [Steve Puckett, local advertiser]

February 1988
King of Kings [Robert J. "Bus" King, Missouri State Representative]
Jason's Story [Jason Robertson, 7 year-old carrier of the AIDS virus]
March 1988
Archbishop John May
The Trouble with the Reverend Rice [Larry Rice of the Lew Life Evangelistic Center]
April 1988
Eric Mink [St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV critic]
The Rise and Fall of Denny Long [former president of Anheuser-Busch]
The Making of a Murderer [Missouri State Penitentiary inmate Steve Parkus]
May 1988
The Man from Guatemala: How He Fled Death & Came to St. Louis
The Chaotic World of Carl Officer [East St. Louis Mayor]
Mr. Entertainment [Pete Parisi, would-be television producer]
The Sportswriter [Neal Russo of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
June 1988
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Masters & Johnson [William Masters & Virginia Johnson, sex researchers]
Genius or Bum?  [Andy Fingerhut, 19-year old with three college degrees]
Saving Tower Grove [John Karel, Director of Tower Grove Park]
Elegant Enclaves [Private streets in St. Louis]
Memoirs of a G-Man [Ex-mayor of Clayton, Jim Laflin]
July 1988
Tragedy Haunts a Surgeon [Everett Lerwick of Missouri Baptist Hospital]
August 1988
Allen Fishman [St. Louis businessman]
Toomey's Tales [St. Louis Cardinals' Director of Public Relations]
September 1988
The Man Who Would Be Kingpin [Donald C. Anton, politician]
Soap Opera Shrink [Therapist Gloria Epstein, graduate of University City High School]
October 1988
Jonathan Franzen [Author of book about St. Louis: the Twenty-seventh City]
Prologue [MS patient Matthew Chandler]
The Legend of Hall Street [Bob Kottman, roofer and street racer]
Nom-pe-wa-theh [Carter Revard of the Indian Resource Center]
November 1988
Dick Gephardt [U. S. Congressman]
Children of Pruitt-Igoe [government housing project]
When Excedrin Won't Do [Ryan Headache Center at Mercy Doctors Building]
December 1988
Bruce Bradley [KMOX radio talk-show host]
The Man Who Represents the Mob [Irl Baris]
After 'Nam [Vietnam War survivors James Warren, Gordon Ankney, Paul Whelan, Bill McClellan, Steve Leonard, Karl Wilson and Virvus Jones]
Long Shots [Rich Weidert, lawyer and basketball coach]
January 1989
Ron Caron [St. Louis Blues' General Manager]
Paradise Lost [St. Louis parks in need of repair]
March 1989
23rd Street Impresario [Ron Himes of the Black Repertory Company]
Let It Be [Hal Schuchmann, ex-mayor of Town and Country]
Behind the Headlines of the Post-Dispatch
Beethoven on a Budget [community orchestras in the St. Louis area]
The Golden Brett [Brett Hull of the St. Louis Blues]
April 1989
The Leaders' Leader [Carolyn Losos of Leadership St. Louis]
Clearing the Jungle [Board of Freeholders' plan to re-organize St. Louis County]
The man behind the Mike [Mike Shannon, former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player]
Anchors Away!  [Problems at St. Louis' ABC Channel 2]
May 1989
Confessions of an Ad Man [Charlie Claggett of D'Arcy, Masius, Benton & Bowles]
The Bully of the Mob [Jesse Stoneking]
House of High Tech [new exhibits at the St. Louis Zoo]
June 1989
The Moving man [Charlie Dahlheimer, corporate relocation consultant]
Tee Time [Tee Baur of Baur Properties]
A Fine Dream [Development of South St. Louis County]
Music Medicine [Lisa Morgan, Director of Music Therapy at St. Mary's Health Center]
July 1989
Minor League Mover [Ed Watkins, founder of the Minor League Football System]
Big Winner/Sore Loser [George Peach, St. Louis Circuit Attorney]
Cook's Books [Glen Cook, author and factory worker]
September 1989
The Local Face of AIDS [Elisabeth Price, Director of St. Louis Effort for AIDS]
The Fire in the Sun [Ralph Ingersoll of the St. Louis Sun]
The Woman Who Sold UMSL [Marguerite Ross Barnett]
Universal Language [Charles Guenther, poetry translator]
October 1989
Perennial Progress [Peter Raven of the Missouri Botanical Garden]
The Columnist No One Knows [Kevin Horrigan of the St. Louis Sun]
The Forgotten Artist [minority artists in St. Louis]
November 1989
Top Drawer [Tom Engelhardt, editorial cartoonist]
December 1989
Harry James Cargas [Professor of Literature, Language and Religion at Webster University]
Why?  [Paula Sims, accused of murdering her children]
Slap Happy [Brentwood Hockey League]
January 1990
A Loud Voice (sometimes screaming) for Democracy [Betty Tannenbaum of Richmond Heights]
St. Louis Sun Report Card [Top journalists grade the new St. Louis newspaper]
February 1990
The Toughest Cop in Town [Charles L. Alphin]
Missouri Roots [Missouri-grown ginseng]
March 1990
Reading, Writing and "Racial Integrity" [Against forced busing in St. Louis schools]
Karen Foss in Focus [Karen Foss of St. Louis NBC Channel 5]
April 1990
Cruel & unusual [Death Row inmate Steve Parkus]
The Good Doctor?  [Psychiatrist Felix Larocca]
Back to the Future [Missouri plants & Dr. Julian A. Steyermark]
May 1990
Silent Guns [Rare gun collection held by St. Louis City Police Department]
Matters of Life & Death [Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts and dangerous doctors]
The Weed Within [the purple loosestrife]
June 1990
Scoops & Sorrows [Jerry Berger, gossip columnist]
Between a Rock and a Heart Place: Why A Writer Settles for (and in) St. Louis
July 1990
Neighborhoods [Ferguson, Florissant, Lafayette Square, University City, Kirkwood, Webster Groves]
Hysterical Preservation Soulard Style
Behind the Red Glasses [Sally Jessy Raphael]
The Toughest Nine Holes in Town [St. Louis golf courses]
August 1990
The Delight of Dirty Work [St. Louis children spend time on the farm]
September 1990
What Makes Vince Run?  [Vince Schoemehl, mayor of St. Louis]
A Profound Isolation [the Vietnamese community in St. Louis]
October 1990
Ray Hartmann: The Man, the Mensch, the Mouth
November 1990
The Slumlord Philanthropist [Tom Green]
December 1990
Murder of a Holy Man [Father Mario Ross]
February 1991
The Private Pain of a Middle-aged Revolutionary [St. Louis radio personality Richard "Onion" Horton]
March 1991
Revenge of the Boy Wonder [St. Louis TV executive Barry Baker]
April 1991
King of the Hill, Leader of the House, Prince of the City?  [Tony Ribaudo, candidate for mayor of St. Louis]
Behind Locked Doors: My 27 Days at Malcolm Bliss [mental hospital]
May 1991
Queen of the Charity Ball [Donna Wilkinson]
Requiem for a Homeless Man [Victor Castellano]
June 1991
Tony Sansone & the American Dream [St. Louis real estate developer]
July 1991
Unreasonable Doubt [St. Louis criminal lawyer Donald Wolff]
August 1991
Why Single Women Hate St. Louis
The Wrong Man [accused killer Steve Ferndo]
September 1991
Race and Education in the Ladue School District
Can Richard Gaddes Save Grand Center?
The Rise and Fall of Popkin & Stern [law firm]
October 1991
It's Murder on Business [crime on Cherokee Street]
The P. R. Prez [Lawrence Biondi, president of St. Louis University]
November 1991
Dirtier Than Watergate [Bill and Nancy Hamilton vs. the U. S. Government]
I'm a Bitch, but I'm a Good Bitch [Patty Wente, general manager of radio station KWMU]
Confessions of a Broadcast Broad [Karen Koman, KSDK newscaster]
December 1991
Washington University's Hidden Treasure [Olin School of Business]
Why Single Men Hate It Here: One Guy's Lament
Blood Will Tell [accused killer Patricia Stallings]
January 1992
The Pawnbroker [Stan Bleiweiss]
Our Town's Identity Crisis
Dangerous Moves [William Moushey and Robert F. Sutter, Jr., chess tournament sponsors]
February 1992
This Old House [Tappmeyer House in Creve Coeur]
Why Rich Grawer Can't Win [St. Louis Billikens coach]
Jimmy Forrest [St. Louis saxophonist]
March 1992
Washington University's Stand-up Capitalist [Russ Roberts]
Burke's Law [St. Louis Art Museum Director, James D. Burke]
Vol. 24, No. 4, April 1992
How Much Is Your House Worth?
Here Comes the Son [Julian Winfield]
Uncle Bill's Pancake House
May 1992
Bill McClellan: Rumpled Observer with a Bull's-eye Wit
Keeping TB at Bay [Dr. Linda A. Fisher, Joseph Lopez, Dr. William C. Banton II]
James "Cool Papa" Bell
June 1992
Redbird Reconstructionist [Dal Maxvill, general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals]
Life in the Lock-up [St. Louis City Workhouse]
A Plant Man for All Seasons [horticulturist Ken Miller]
June 30, 1992
If Huck Finn Could See Us Now [Special issue: St. Louis city guide]
July 1992
On Deck [Don Baylor, St. Louis Cardinals' hitting instructor]
The Man Behind the Candidate [St. Louisan Dick Gephardt, presidential candidate]
Gold Spigots, Melba Toast & Dick the Bruiser: An Ode to the Park Plaza [Hotel]
October 1992
Bob Plager Finally Scores Big [former St. Louis Blues hockey player]
Grave Consequences [ghost hunting in St. Louis]
Trail Mix [the Katy Trail]
November 1992
Culinary Diversity [International grocery stores in St. Louis]
Geri's Bid [Geri Rothman-Serot's run for the U. S. Senate]
Reading, Writing and Religion [Church-run schools in St. Louis]
September/October 1995
The Hanging Judge [gallery owner Elliot Smith]
Naughton Ventured, Naughton Gained [newscaster Randy Naughton]
For the Defense [former Cardinals' shortstop Ozzie Smith]
Signing Off [retired KMOX news director John Angelides]
November/December 1995
Grand Designer [Kiku Obata, graphics-communications businesswoman]
Liberal Seasoning [Lizz Brown, talk show host]
Words' Worth [writer T. M. McNally]
January/February 1996
Swimming with Sharks [Karen Carroll, general manager of KSD and KYKY]
State of the Union [marriage in St. Louis]
March/April 1996
Building a Good Rep [Steven Woolf, artistic director of the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis]
Life Support [Lee Judy of Life Crisis Services]
May/June 1996
Top Docs [370 outstanding St. Louis physicians]
July/August 1996
Making Change [St. Louisans who have changed careers]
Encore! [the dancers of A Chorus Line]
Role Model [Sharon Lee Tucci of Talent Plus]
September/October 1996
Braving a New World [Majana Burazovic, Bosnian refugee]
Mix Master [marketing executive Lori Sale]
Harmonic Convergence [Hans Vonk, conductor of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra]
November/December 1996
Strauss Work [Mary Strauss, historic preservationist and president of the board of the St. Louis Film Festival]
Homemaking [Chris Krehmeyer, executive director of the Ecumenical Housing Production Corporation]
Voices & Visions [Philip Barnes, musical director of the St. Louis Chamber Chorus]
January/February 1997
Radio Days [Tim Dorsey, president and general manager of WIBV and KSD-       AM]
March/April 1997
The Real Thing [Pat Schuchard, St. Louis artist]
May/June 1997
Acting Out [John Goodman, actor from Affton]
September/October 1997
Brains and Beauty [Linda Wells, editor of Allure magazine]
Crash in the Fast Lane [Phyllis Lieberman]
November 1997
Power Surge '97 [St. Louis movers and shakers]
Global Bounty [St. Louis' ethnic markets]
Full Cup of Carney [John Carney, son of St. Louis radio personality, Jack   Carney]
December 1997
Homicide: Riding the Streets with St. Louis' Toughest Cops
Bill McClellan, A Reluctant Celebrity
March 1998
The Chase Was the Place: A Grand Hotel's Reopening Inspires Fond Memories
Rocco Landesman: Gambling on Broadway [Native St. Louisan Rocco Landesman working in the New York theater business]
Grace Under Pressure [KDNL-TV newscaster Leslie Lyles
April 1998
Nice Guys Finish First [St. Louis Cardinals player Mark McGwire]
Feeding the Stars: St. Louis Native Jim Gregory Has Made It Big as a Hollywood Caterer
May 1998
Miss America and the American Dream [Debbye Turner]
Bringing Jaede Home [international adoption]
June 1998
Sister Act [the Houk sisters]
From Ecstasy to Agony [therapists William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson]
July 1998
Going for It [St. Louis Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee]
September 1998
Phyllis the Sequel [Phyllis Leigh Lieberman]
Healing Art [musicians, dancers and physical injuries]
October 1998
What Makes Lanny Run?  [Former St. Louisan and vice-president of strategic planning at Time, Inc., Landon Jones]
November 1998
The Second Life of Donna Bolley [survivor of arsenic poisoning]
December 1998
A Dream Deferred [Bob Shannon, Alton High School football coach]
January 1999
The Enforcers: Twist and Chase, Our Boys in Blue [Tony Twist and Kelly Chase of the St. Louis Blues]
February 1999
Harmonic Convergence [musicians Ralph and Jessica Butler]
The Widow Maker [Glennon Engleman, St. Louis serial killer]
March 1999
Urban Tennis: The Heman Park Hustle
April 1999
Son of a Buck [Jack Buck's son, Joe]
En Pointe [Sally Bliss, executive director of Dance St. Louis]
May 1999
The Unsolved Murders of Glennon Engleman
The Diva Next Door [opera soprano Christine Brewer]
June 1999
Charlie Spoonhour's Grand Getaway [Charlie Spoonhour of the St. Louis Billikens]
Secrets of the Veiled Prophet
July 1999
Vital Signs [revitalization of St. Louis]
Sleeping Places: Bellefontaine and Calvary Cemeteries
September 1999
The Quarterback Next Door [Trent Green of the St. Louis Rams]
Harry Weber's Men of Bronze [statues of Cardinal baseball players]
The Bears vs. the Billikens - No Contest?  [Washington University and St. Louis University sports teams]
October 1999
The Diary of Delcia D. [Delcia Devon of the St. Louis International Film   Festival]
Tall in the Saddle [St. Louis' mounted police]
Vince Bommarito [St. Louis restaurateur]
November 1999
Clayton: Edge City or New Downtown?
They Done Her Wrong [Frankie Baker and Allen "Johnnie" Britt of "Frankie and Johnny" fame]
January 2000
Bill Bradley Comes Home [New Jersey senator from Crystal City, MO]
Monster Science [the human genome project at Washington University]
February 2000
Body Slam [the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Emergency Room]
March 2000
Lens Craftsmen [KSDK's Mike Owens and KMOV's Jamie Allman]
April 2000
The Natural [sportscaster Bob Costas]
May 2000
Jefferson City to Our City [Gubernatorial candidates Bob Holden and Jim Talent]
June 2000
The Needle and the Damage Done [accused criminal Brian Stewart]
Circular Logic [John Cleves Symmes, businessman, trader and theoretician]
July 2000
Vanishing Act [St. Louis' disappearing past]
August 2000
Cover Band [well-known St. Louis musicians]
Hot Times in the Old Town [Political conventions held in St. Louis between          1876 and 1916]
September 2000
Making Static [KMOX journalist Charles Jaco]
October 2000
The Beat Goes On [writer William Burroughs]
February 2001
Mulling over Missouri Wines
Saving Face [Brenda Jewell Watson, victim of domestic violence]
March 2001
The Verdict [Attorney James Wright, Jr. re case involving removal of Steven          Becker's feeding tube]
April 2001
Miles Ahead [Miles Davis 75th anniversary]
June 2001
Reaching for New Heights [Richmond Heights]
July 2001
Urban Legend [Rap singer Nelly]
August 2001
Honor Roll [St. Louis' private schools]
Class Act [Barbara Fraser, candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives]
September 2001
A Map of Life [the Human Genome Project at Washington University]
Breaking News [Tim Ezell of Fox 2 news]
October 2001
Murder at 6900 [Marcellus Williams, murderer of Lisha Gayle]
November 2001
The Diva Next Door [R & B singer Toya]
January 2003
Rare Breed [Jeffrey Bonner, president of the St. Louis Zoo]
Gone, But Not Forgotten [lost St. Louis landmarks]
February 2003
Back of the Class [St. Louis City Schools]
Past Lives [St. Louis in the 1930 census]
March 2003
The Changing Face of St. Louis [immigration's impact on St. Louis]
The Truth is Out There [paranormal experiences in St. Louis]
April 2003
On Deck [Wayne Hagin, Cardinals' announcer]
May 2003
A Master in Our Midst [Colin Graham of the Opera Theatre of St. Louis]
June 2003
The Queen of St. Louis Radio [Beth Davis, manager of KMOX, KEZK and          Y98]
The Gangster Chronicles [St. Louis gangsters]
Remember the Billikens
July 2003
Secondhand News [problems at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
The Lioness in Winter [Phyllis Schlafly]
August 2003
Medical Breakthroughs in St. Louis
Sentries of Stone [gargoyles on St. Louis buildings]
Mr. Shaw's Garden [Missouri Botanical Garden]
Restoring a Jewel [the Statler Hotel]
September 2003
The Two Faces of Kyle Turley [St. Louis Rams' offensive tackle]
The Ghost of High Schools Past [closed St. Louis area high schools]
October 2003
A Judicial Affair [Judge John Daniel Hasler and Jean Poole Shelby]
Staging a Comeback [new arts venues in St. Louis]
November 2003
What Happened to Harvey Henderson?  [East St. Louis City Manager Harvey Henderson]
December 2003
The History of St. Louis Magazine [40 years]
Paper Trail [Joseph Charless and the Missouri Gazette]
January 2004
Neighborhood Politics [Jeffrey Boyd, 22nd ward alderman]
February 2004
Super Ego [Defense attorney Scott Rosenblum]
March 2004
Remembering Gaslight Square
April 2004
So Close [the St. Louis Browns baseball team]
May 2004
oWalking in the Boots of Lewis and Clark
June 2004
Abandoned Beach [Times Beach, MO]
July 2004
Survivor City [disasters in St. Louis]
August 2004
A Cure in Mind [St. Louis Alzheimer's researchers]
Going for the Gold [St. Louis Olympians]
Gentle Heretic [Stephen Patterson of Eden Seminary]
September 2004
The Crossing [monument erected commemorating slave freedom crossing from MO to IL in 1855]
October 2004
No Tell Hotel [problems at the Mansion House]
November 2004
The Political Pit [historical politics in St. Louis]
Chasing the Dream [Bill Haas of the St. Louis City School Board]
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