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St. Louis Sun obituary index, 1989-1990

The St. Louis Sun was published from Sept. 25, 1989 to April 25, 1990.

Photocopies of indexed obituaries may be requested by email from the Special Collections Department ( Limit of three searches per request. Please review the library's lookup policy.

Last name First name Date  Page Note(s)
Abdullah Lemay 13-Oct-1989 43  
Abdullah Lemay 14-Oct-1989 18  
Adams Blanche G 3-Oct-1989 25  
Adams Laverne S 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Adams Helen M 1-Feb-1990 35  
Adams James 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Adams  Laverne S 8-Dec-1989 43  
Adelmann Mildred M 13-Feb-1990 35 See Mayer
Agnew Nancy A 26-Dec-1989 35 See Oppelt
Aigler Margaret G 12-Jan-1990 35  
Alabash Luch 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Alabash Luch 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Albrecht Robert 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Albrecht Florence E 18-Jan-1990 35  
Alewel Olive C 23-Apr-1990 30  
Alewel Lovey 23-Apr-1990 30  
Alewel Olive C 24-Apr-1990 26  
Alewel Lovey 24-Apr-1990 26  
Allan William J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Allbritton Andrew 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Allen Florence A 26-Jan-1990 39  
Allen William A 26-Jan-1990 39  
Allen Ricky 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Almstedt Gertrude E 18-Oct-1989 39 See Gruber
Almstedt Gertrude E 19-Oct-1989 34 See Gruber
Almstedt Cornelia A 24-Apr-1990 26 See Fitzgerald
Amell Ruby F 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Amis Edwin A 23-Apr-1990 30  
Anderson Clarence E 10-Jan-1990 35  
Anderson Robert W 10-Apr-1990 26  
Anderson Mary Sharon 23-Apr-1990 30  
Andrews Catherine R 19-Jan-1990 39 See Heimbuecher
Angelbeck Charles J 30-Jan-1990 35  
Anier Theresa V 28-Dec-1989 35 See Scheine
April Lorraine M 5-Oct-1989 34  
Arena Shirley A 21-Mar-1990 31 See Knelange
Arkebauer Harry H 4-Oct-1989 34  
Armoneit Della E 17-Oct-1989 39  
Armour Norma P 9-Nov-1989 39 See Wendt
Arnold Elmer W 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Ashley Ruth L 14-Nov-1989 39  
Ashmore Melvin W 23-Apr-1990 30  
Atkins Terry D 13-Mar-1990 35 Article
Aubuchon Irma Marie Baugh 23-Apr-1990 30 See Kern
Austin James C 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Avery Martha 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Avison Edward S 7-Nov-1989 39  
Babor Patricia A 4-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
Babor Patricia A 5-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
Back Alice C 27-Oct-1989 39  
Badovinac John J 14-Oct-1989 18  
Bailey Alma E 3-Oct-1989 25  
Bailey Debbie Lynn 1-Feb-1990 35 See Ray
Bailey George F 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bailey George F 25-Apr-1990 26  
Baker Rosie 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Baker Florence M 18-Dec-1989 39 Article
Baker Rosie 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Baldwin Delores E 14-Oct-1989 18 See Smith
Ball David H 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Ball Ethel E 20-Mar-1990 35  
Ball  Agnes A 12-Oct-1989 39 See Jearlds
Ballmann Helen C 4-Oct-1989 34  
Baltz Arlyne Marie 5-Oct-1989 34 See Roche
Baltz Arlyne Marie 6-Oct-1989 38 See Roche
Bamvakais Robert  17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Bamvakais Robert P 19-Feb-1990 39  
Bangert-Troske Louise A 28-Dec-1989 35  
Barbagallo Antoinette 10-Apr-1990 26 See Kessler
Barisch Hortense R 29-Dec-1989 39  
Barisch Rae 29-Dec-1989 39  
Barklage Edmund C Jr 19-Feb-1990 39  
Barks Lora M 2-Oct-1989 30 See Weik
Barks Lora M 3-Oct-1989 25 See Weik
Barnes Hayden J 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Barrelmeyer Edna Kroemeke 28-Dec-1989 35 See Sieveking
Barrelmeyer Edna Kroemeke 29-Dec-1989 39 See Sieveking
Barrett Helen Louise 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Barrett Helen 1-Nov-1989 34  
Barrett Helen 2-Nov-1989 39  
Barrett Anna T 27-Nov-1989 36  
Barrett Anna T 28-Nov-1989 39  
Barrett Harry F 21-Feb-1990 28  
Bartels Roger E 15-Sep-1989 38  
Bartels Roger E 14-Jun-1989 31  
Bartholomew Harland 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Bartholomew Harland 8-Dec-1989 43  
Baseel Mamie T 3-Feb-1990 32  
Basta Sam 25-Apr-1990 26  
Bateiger Edward L 14-Oct-1989 18  
Batek Marie Y 25-Jan-1990 35 See Smith
Bates Dorothy 2-Oct-1989 30 See Lowrey
Bates June 2-Oct-1989 30 See Lowrey
Batteiger Edward L 15-Oct-1989 43  
Batteiger Ruth P 23-Apr-1990 30 See Hellwege
Bauer Kathleen J 7-Nov-1989 39  
Bauer Gilbert E 18-Mar-1990 35  
Baugh Bernice M 19-Feb-1990 39 See Holland
Baugh William J 13-Mar-1990 35  
Baum Paul L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Bauman Harvey L 19-Jan-1990 39  
Baumann Nancy P 9-Nov-1989 39  
Baumann Karl R 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Bauza M Fortunata 10-Apr-1990 26  
Beasley Johnny 23-Apr-1990 30 Article
Beatty Marie A 6-Dec-1989 35  
Becker Emma B 19-Oct-1989 34 See Monken
Becker Gertrude G 25-Oct-1989 39  
Becker Theodore H 14-Dec-1989 39  
Becker Ted  14-Dec-1989 39  
Becker Charles J 28-Dec-1989 35  
Becker Ruth M 17-Jan-1990 39  
Behle Ruth A 29-Sep-1989 14  
Behrens Margaret P 14-Dec-1989 39  
Behrens Helen M 1-Feb-1990 35 See Adams
Belaska Frank J Jr 23-Apr-1990 30  
Belaska Frank J Jr 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bell James J 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Bell Helen L 22-Mar-1990 35 See Gronemeyer
Bellm Leonard H 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Bellos Nora E 20-Dec-1989 39  
Bender Flora C 21-Mar-1990 31  
Bene Vincent L 17-Oct-1989 39  
Bene Florence W 13-Feb-1990 35 See Sullivan
Bennett Raymond H 19-Dec-1989 39  
Bentz Deloris M 27-Nov-1989 36  
Benz Edward J 16-Oct-1989 39  
Bergmann Ruth M 15-Oct-1989 43  
Bernsen Mary E 19-Oct-1989 34 See Kenny
Bernsen Betty 19-Oct-1989 34 See Kenny
Berryman Roseanne 21-Feb-1990 28 See Newcomb
Bertel Ralph A 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Berzinas Frank Jr 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Beseneker Margaret 30-Jan-1990 35 See Reno
Beynon Gladys Lee 24-Feb-1990 33  
Bibko John Michael 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Bibko John Michael 10-Nov-1989 39  
Bick Helen M 11-Oct-1989 34  
Bicklein Walter P 19-Mar-1990 39  
Biedermann Cornelia R 30-Oct-1989 39 See Watson
Bilger James L 26-Oct-1989 39  
Billington Edith 23-Nov-1989 43  
Billington Edith Y 24-Nov-1989 43  
Billups Elsa P 8-Dec-1989 43  
Binder Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35 See Heitz
Binder Irma L 12-Mar-1990 39  
Binder Irma L 13-Mar-1990 35  
Bippen Kenneth R 3-Feb-1990 32  
Bird Helen M 11-Oct-1989 34 See Bick
Biretello Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35 See Papa
Biretello Genevieve B 23-Mar-1990 13 See Papa
Birka Larry D 12-Nov-1989 32  
Birka Larry D 13-Nov-1989 39  
Birkla Larry D 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Bishop Ethel M 15-Jan-1990 35 See Vatterott
Bishop Ethel M 16-Jan-1990 31 See Vatterott
Bitting Esther Capen 15-Jan-1990 35  
Bitting Esther Capen 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Bitting Esther Capen 16-Jan-1990 31  
Blair Amanda Lois 13-Dec-1989 39  
Blair Amanda Lois 14-Dec-1989 39  
Blase  Louis F 12-Jan-1990 35  
Bletcher Martha M 14-Oct-1989 18  
Block Anthony A 4-Dec-1989 39  
Block Tony 4-Dec-1989 39  
Block Anthony A 5-Dec-1989 39  
Block Tony 5-Dec-1989 39  
Block Thomas W 10-Apr-1990 26  
Bloss Ruth E 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Blue Walter A 21-Apr-1990 32 Article
Bluemlein George L Jr 21-Dec-1989 39  
Blumenkamp Hazel S 11-Dec-1989 39  
Bocquillon Antoinette 8-Dec-1989 43 See King
Bodendeck Genevieve L 20-Dec-1989 39 See Eschenbrenner
Bodendeck Genevieve L 21-Dec-1989 39 See Eschenbrenner
Boeckmann Alphonse F 4-Dec-1989 39  
Boeckmann Alphonse F 5-Dec-1989 39  
Boeckstiegel May 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Boedeker Henry G 6-Oct-1989 38  
Boerner Dorothy L 17-Feb-1990 39  
Boettcher William H 4-Oct-1989 34  
Bohon Alice Lee 26-Dec-1989 35 See Walker
Bohringer Patricia A 4-Dec-1989 39  
Bohringer Patricia A 5-Dec-1989 39  
Bohstedt Stephen C 7-Dec-1989 39  
Bohstedt Stephen C 8-Dec-1989 43  
Bokerman Margaret W 26-Dec-1989 35 See Fries
Bollwerk Joseph A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Bommarito Rosalie 13-Oct-1989 43  
Bommarito Rosalie 14-Oct-1989 18  
Bommarito Rosalie 15-Oct-1989 43  
Bommarito Carl 11-Jan-1990 31  
Bonskowski Joseph H Jr 25-Oct-1989 39  
Bonskowski Joseph H 26-Oct-1989 39  
Bopp Oscar William 13-Dec-1989 39  
Borchelt Clarence A 23-Oct-1989 34  
Borengo Marcus 15-Sep-1989 38  
Borengo Marcus 14-Jun-1989 31  
Borgman Lillian M 29-Jan-1990 35  
Boston William S 22-Nov-1989 39  
Boston William S 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Boston William S 23-Nov-1989 43  
Boswell Lester S 18-Mar-1990 35 Article
Boutwell Catherine 19-Dec-1989 39 See McNicholas
Boutwell Catherine C 20-Dec-1989 39 See McNicholas
Bowen George A 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Box Callie 27-Oct-1989 39  
Boxx James L 21-Dec-1989 39  
Boyce Isabel Glynn 4-Dec-1989 39  
Boyer Jo Louise 21-Dec-1989 39  
Boyle Wilma M 21-Mar-1990 31  
Brackney Hilda A 12-Oct-1989 39  
Bracy Webb Brennan 7-Nov-1989 39  
Bracy Webb Brennan 8-Nov-1989 34  
Braihland Irene S 28-Nov-1989 39  
Brannan William 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Braucksieker Barbara J 13-Dec-1989 39  
Bray Richard L Sr 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
Bredenkamp Rena L 29-Nov-1989 39 See Otten
Bredenkamp Roger 10-Apr-1990 26 Article
Brennell Gerald G 30-Oct-1989 39  
Brennell Gerald G 31-Oct-1989 12 Article
Bretthauer Henry 4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Brock Mary M 3-Nov-1989 44 See Windsor
Brockhan Bert J 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Brooks McAllister B 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Brooks McAllister B 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Brown Erwin H (Red) 7-Oct-1989 42  
Brown Earnest R Jr 11-Dec-1989 39  
Brown Wendell W 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Brownlee Martha B 24-Feb-1990 33 See Howell
Bruton Albert A 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Buchmueller Elsie B 21-Dec-1989 39 See Faerber
Budrovich Samuel L 14-Mar-1990 31  
Budrovich Samuel L 15-Mar-1990 39 Article
Buehler Louis H Sr 2-Oct-1989 30  
Buehrig Lorraine M 5-Oct-1989 34 See April
Buehrle Eugene C 24-Apr-1990 26  
Bueltmann Evelyn J 29-Nov-1989 39 See Massman
Buenemann Everett F 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Buesking Clara C 30-Oct-1989 39  
Buesking Clara C 31-Oct-1989 12  
Buhr Aurelia A 19-Feb-1990 39  
Bundeschuh Marie L 17-Jan-1990 39  
Bundschuh Helen C 17-Jan-1990 39 See Hoey
Bundschuh Marie L 18-Jan-1990 35  
Bunten Alice C 27-Oct-1989 39 See Back
Burgert James Barry 25-Apr-1990 26  
Burke Elizabeth A 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Burke Elizabeth A 3-Nov-1989 44  
Burke Bettie 3-Nov-1989 44  
Burke Ruth K 21-Mar-1990 31  
Burke Ruth K 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Burke Ruth K 22-Mar-1990 35  
Burke Clara A 10-Apr-1990 26  
Burkhardt Ella L 13-Nov-1989 39 See Rolla
Burkhardt Ella L 15-Nov-1989 39 See Roth
Burnett Ollie Max 27-Nov-1989 36 Article
Burnett Kenneth Blake 16-Mar-1990 39  
Burns Dorothy U 20-Dec-1989 39 See Johnston
Burns Elizabeth Nolker 12-Jan-1990 35  
Busch August A Jr 30-Sep-1989 18  
Busch Gussie 30-Sep-1989 18  
Busch August A Jr 2-Oct-1989 30  
Busch Gussie 2-Oct-1989 30  
Busch Gussie 3-Oct-1989 25  
Busch  August A Jr 3-Oct-1989 25  
Busciglio Stefano 20-Mar-1990 35  
Busken Marcella A 20-Dec-1989 39  
Bussmann Mary Jane 19-Jan-1990 39 See Eldridge
Butts Flavel 19-Mar-1990 39 Article
Byrnes Francis M 19-Mar-1990 39  
Byrnes Francis M 20-Mar-1990 35 Article
Cabello Margarita L 14-Mar-1990 31  
Cabello Margarita L 16-Mar-1990 39  
Cabeloo Margarita L 15-Mar-1990 39  
Cadice Jasper 9-Oct-1989 39  
Cadice Gaspere Cavaligere 9-Oct-1989 39  
Cadice Jasper 10-Oct-1989 39 Article
Cadice Gaspere Cavaligere 10-Oct-1989 39  
Callahan Patrick R 21-Dec-1989 39  
Callahan Paul D 21-Apr-1990 32  
Calton Jerry J 3-Oct-1989 25  
Cambron John L 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Campana Judie E 2-Feb-1990 35  
Canavan James M 14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Cancienne Georgia W 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Carl Hazel 15-Sep-1989 38  
Carl Hazel 14-Jun-1989 31  
Carlson Isabella S 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Carlton Conrad B 30-Nov-1989 39  
Carlton Conrad B 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Carmack Mary E 11-Oct-1989 34 See Soffner
Carmichael Nell C 10-Oct-1989 39 See Gillham
Carmichael Nell C 11-Oct-1989 34 See Gillham
Carnathan Louise Bernice 9-Oct-1989 39 See Nehring
Carney Elva L 11-Dec-1989 39  
Carolan Leo P 26-Oct-1989 39  
Carpentier Eugenia M 15-Mar-1990 39 See Klarsch
Carrel Sarah E 14-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sallie 14-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sarah E 15-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrel Sallie 15-Nov-1989 39 See Drews
Carrigan Charles 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Carroll Marie   28-Dec-1989 35  
Carroll Marie 29-Dec-1989 39  
Carter Katherine 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Carter Gladys 27-Sep-1989 28 Article
Carter Katherine 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Case Bobbie J 9-Oct-1989 39  
Casey Julia Lillian 7-Oct-1989 42 See Soraghan
Caskanett Thomas J Sr 26-Sep-1989 30  
Caspari Dorothea 24-Nov-1989 43  
Catanzaro Catherine 21-Dec-1989 39 See Vaccaro
Catanzaro Francis C 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Catanzaro Francis C 16-Mar-1990 39  
Cella Francis J 12-Dec-1989 39  
Cella Francis J 13-Dec-1989 39  
Chaber Blanche M 23-Mar-1990 13 See Drago
Chamblin Robert J 13-Mar-1990 35  
Chassaing Brooks 18-Jan-1990 35  
Chassaing Brooks 19-Jan-1990 39 Article
Chassaing Brooks 19-Jan-1990 39  
Chitwood Inetha M 26-Jan-1990 39 Article
Chocholousek Roger A 27-Oct-1989 39  
Chorn Theodora T 11-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Teddy 11-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Theodora T 12-Dec-1989 39  
Chorn Teddy 12-Dec-1989 39  
Chouteau Auguste X 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Chrostowski Mary J 24-Apr-1990 26 See Sawicki
Chrostowski Mary J 25-Apr-1990 26 See Sawicki
Chytla Joseph J 19-Oct-1989 34  
Clark Harrel D 1-Feb-1990 35  
Clark Ann Catherine 24-Feb-1990 33  
Clarkson Sue 15-Sep-1989 38  
Clarkson Sue 14-Jun-1989 31  
Cleveland Alice M 5-Dec-1989 39  
Cochran Della E 2-Oct-1989 30 See Costello
Cochran Melinda K 14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Coffing William S 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Cohn Bert H 26-Jan-1990 39  
Combs H Mildred 10-Jan-1990 35  
Comerio Louis Paul 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Conard Goldie F 19-Mar-1990 39 See Porter
Connaghan John D 23-Apr-1990 30  
Connaghan John 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Connaghan John D 24-Apr-1990 26  
Contini Henry E 7-Dec-1989 39  
Contini Chick 7-Dec-1989 39  
Cook William J 24-Oct-1989 39  
Cook Thelma 24-Oct-1989 39 See Greco
Cook Wanda 24-Oct-1989 39 See Greco
Corless Mildred L 13-Mar-1990 35 See St Onge
Cornwell Tabitha 15-Sep-1989 38  
Cornwell Tabitha 14-Jun-1989 31  
Coshow Edwin A 25-Apr-1990 26  
Costello Della E 2-Oct-1989 30  
Costello Anne C 10-Apr-1990 26 See Dependahl
Cox Robert E 19-Dec-1989 39 Article
Cox Robert E 19-Dec-1989 39  
Cox Oliver F 21-Feb-1990 28  
Crabtree John M 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Crabtree John M 8-Dec-1989 43  
Cracchiola Samuel L 21-Mar-1990 31  
Cracchiola Samuel L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Craden Aurelia A 19-Feb-1990 39 See Buhr
Crain Margueritte A 13-Dec-1989 39  
Crawford David 6-Nov-1989 39 Article
Crawford Joyce A 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Crider Bernard R Jr 4-Dec-1989 39  
Cronin Joseph M 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Croosich Edward A 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Croosich Edward A 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Crowe Thomas P 2-Oct-1989 30  
Crowe John R 21-Mar-1990 31  
Crowley Marie G 17-Oct-1989 39 See Hartnett
Curdt Harry J 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Curtis Stella 14-Nov-1989 39 See Portuondo
Czarnik Stella 20-Feb-1990 35 See Novak
Dalberg Mary Dorothy 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Dallavalle Theodore J 2-Nov-1989 39  
Dallavalle Theodore J 3-Nov-1989 44  
Daly Mary E 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Daly Julia M 12-Mar-1990 39  
Dames Marguerite T 19-Dec-1989 39  
Damico Rosalie 13-Oct-1989 43 See Bommarito
Damico Rosalie 14-Oct-1989 18 See Bommarito
Damico Rosalie 15-Oct-1989 43 See Bommarito
Darrough Dolores Ann 24-Jan-1990 39  
Darrough Dolores Ann 25-Jan-1990 35  
Darrough Marie H 2-Feb-1990 35  
Daues Fred C Sr 18-Dec-1989 39  
Daues Fred C Sr 19-Dec-1989 39  
Davidson Arley Maud 29-Dec-1989 39 See Nisbet
Davies Marie 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Davis Rosalie D 17-Oct-1989 39 See Pritch
Davis Ruth M 21-Nov-1989 39 See Essman
Davis Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Davis Frederick C 23-Mar-1990 13 Article
Dawes Alice G 11-Dec-1989 39 See Verde
Dawes Alice G 12-Dec-1989 39 See Verde
Dawes Virginia M 2-Feb-1990 35  
Dawson Bailey 4-Oct-1989 34  
D'Dea Rosalie 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
DeBlase Frances Margaret 20-Oct-1989 43 See Longo
DeBlaze Joseph 14-Nov-1989 39  
DeBlaze  Joseph 13-Nov-1989 39  
DeCecco Louise 24-Apr-1990 26 See Vansaghi
Delunas Frank R 26-Jan-1990 39  
Dempster Lois A 14-Oct-1989 18 See Froesel
Denham Elmer C 30-Oct-1989 39  
Denner Kurt A 19-Jan-1990 39  
Dependahl Ann C 10-Apr-1990 26  
Dependahl Pearl A 10-Apr-1990 26  
DeSchane Luie Louise 11-Oct-1989 34  
Detmer Leonard Fred 26-Dec-1989 35  
Deukmejian Mary A 24-Nov-1989 43 Article
Deuser Louise A 8-Dec-1989 43 See Wind 
Devine Edward C 6-Oct-1989 38  
Devine Corine A 13-Dec-1989 39  
Dewille Joseph Jr 3-Feb-1990 32  
Diana Nora E 20-Dec-1989 39 See Bellos
Dickie Roy Alexander 23-Apr-1990 30 Article
Dickie Roy A 23-Apr-1990 30  
Dieckhaus Mae A 20-Mar-1990 35  
Diekemper Kathleen J 7-Nov-1989 39 See Bauer
Dietz Ruth H 12-Mar-1990 39  
Dille Josephine 23-Mar-1990 13  
Dinslage Elsie D 23-Apr-1990 30 See Plache
Dix Shirley I 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dodd George L 11-Jan-1990 31  
Dodge Lee A 17-Mar-1990 14  
Dohrn-Weisman Renate 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Donley William J Jr 15-Jan-1990 35  
Donley William J Jr 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Donley William J Jr 16-Jan-1990 31  
Donley John J 21-Feb-1990 28  
Donzelot Donald N 20-Oct-1989 43  
Dooley Gertrude B 9-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Daisy 9-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Gertrude B 10-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dooley Daisy 10-Oct-1989 39 See Kuelker
Dormuth Michael F 5-Oct-1989 34  
Dormuth Michael F 6-Oct-1989 38  
Dornfeld A G 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Doss Roland P 2-Oct-1989 30  
Doumouras Andrew 23-Dec-1989 42 Article
Dowd Norma Rose 13-Feb-1990 35 See Dowd
Dowdy Ethel M 4-Dec-1989 39 See LeSieur
Drago Blanche M 23-Mar-1990 13  
Draper Sally Jo 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Draper Lewis W 12-Mar-1990 39  
Draper Sally Jo 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Dreste William K 2-Nov-1989 39  
Dreste William K 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Dreste Frances M 6-Dec-1989 35  
Dreste Sally 6-Dec-1989 35  
Drews Sarah E 14-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sallie 14-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sarah E 15-Nov-1989 39  
Drews Sallie 15-Nov-1989 39  
Drobena John W Jr 23-Oct-1989 34  
Duessel Earline H 30-Sep-1989 18 See Keeven
Duessel Earline H 2-Oct-1989 30 See Keeven
DuFrenne Thomas Sr 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Duhme Warren L 10-Jan-1990 35 Article
Duhme Warren Leggat 12-Jan-1990 35  
Dunavant Dorothy F 28-Dec-1989 35  
Duncan Cora Athlyn 3-Nov-1989 44  
Dupre Carl 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Dupre Red 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Durnil Mary F 16-Jan-1990 31  
Durnil Mary 17-Jan-1990 39  
Dvorak Wenceslaus 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dvorak Vince 20-Feb-1990 35  
Dvorak Wenceslaus 21-Feb-1990 28  
Dvorak Vince 21-Feb-1990 28  
Dvorak Freda P 19-Mar-1990 39  
Dwyer Ralph Jeremiah 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Dwyer Ralph Jeremiah 20-Dec-1989 39  
Early Martha Rae 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Early Martha Rae 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Easinsky Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35 See Davis
Easley Barbara J 18-Mar-1990 35 See Simon
Easley Barbara J 19-Mar-1990 39 See Simon
Eckert Marillyn 3-Oct-1989 25 See Jenner
Eckholdt paul A 27-Nov-1989 36  
Edlin Michael H 29-Jan-1990 35  
Edom Frank E. 19-Feb-1990 39  
Edom Frank E 20-Feb-1990 35  
Egan Nancy 9-Nov-1989 39 See Baumann
Eggert Marcella A 20-Dec-1989 39 See Busken
Ehmler Minnie 20-Mar-1990 35  
Eidmann Olivette 24-Apr-1990 26  
Eldridge Mary Jane 19-Jan-1990 39  
Ellers Marie 3-Feb-1990 32 See Fussner
Elmore Ray M Sr 28-Dec-1989 35  
Emde Violet Elizabeth 1-Feb-1990 35  
Emmeneger-Bender Sybil 12-Jan-1990 35  
Emmenegger-Bender Sybil 11-Jan-1990 31  
Endress Harry O 15-Nov-1989 39  
Engelmann George M 23-Apr-1990 30  
Engleman Frances J 23-Jan-1990 35  
Englemann George 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Englemann George M 24-Apr-1990 26  
Englert Charles A 16-Mar-1990 39  
English Donald K 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
English Donald K 23-Jan-1990 35  
Eschenbrenner Genevieve 20-Dec-1989 39  
Eschenbrenner Genevieve 21-Dec-1989 39  
Eschenbrenner Pearl E 29-Jan-1990 35  
Eseldon Bill 15-Sep-1989 38  
Eseldon Bill 14-Jun-1989 31  
Essman Ruth M 21-Nov-1989 39  
Evans William G Sr 25-Apr-1990 26  
Everhardt Melba L 21-Nov-1989 39 See Taylor
Ewing Lucille 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Faerber Elise 23-Dec-1989 42 Article
Fairgrieve George William 19-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fairgrieve George William 19-Dec-1989 39  
Fairweiser Edwin C 2-Feb-1990 35  
Farkas Irene M 19-Oct-1989 34  
Farrell Neal J 10-Jan-1990 35 Article
Faust John J 10-Apr-1990 26  
Feager Josephine O 10-Apr-1990 26  
Feick Ruth M 15-Oct-1989 43 See Bergmann
Feisel Howard T 23-Apr-1990 30  
Feisel Howard T 24-Apr-1990 26  
Feldkamp Hazel B 2-Nov-1989 39 See Reuther
Fellhauer Erna L 30-Sep-1989 18 See Peter
Fenton Isabel F 13-Oct-1989 43 See Stinson
Fenton Isabel F 14-Oct-1989 18 See Stinson
Ferber Charles W 13-Nov-1989 39  
Ferber Charles W 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Ferber Charles W 14-Nov-1989 39  
Ferbet Lena   28-Dec-1989 35  
Feuerstein Richard 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Feuerstein Dick 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fey Paul E Jr 26-Dec-1989 35 Article
Fey Paul E Jr 26-Dec-1989 35  
Fields Steven   12-Oct-1989 39 Article
Fields Steven 13-Oct-1989 43 Article
Fields Judie E 2-Feb-1990 35 See Campana
Finocchiaro Roy Sr 23-Nov-1989 43  
Finot Judy Lombardo 15-Jan-1990 35  
Fischer Selma 15-Nov-1989 39 See Jerger
Fischer Arthur H 13-Mar-1990 35 Article
Fischer Arthur H 14-Mar-1990 31  
Fischer Arthur H 15-Mar-1990 39  
Fitzgerald Joseph Bernard 21-Sep-1989 22  
Fitzgerald Evelyn L 20-Feb-1990 35 See Paglusch
Fitzgerald Evelyn L 21-Feb-1990 28 See Paglusch
Fitzpatrick Cornelia A 24-Apr-1990 26  
Flagg Earl E 24-Jan-1990 39  
Flaugher Howard   5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Fletcher Martha M 15-Oct-1989 43  
Flood Marie 28-Dec-1989 35 See Caroll
Flood Marie 29-Dec-1989 39 See Carroll
Fodor Robert G 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Foehner Ralph W 7-Oct-1989 42  
Foerst Madlyn M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Forester Dorothy L 17-Feb-1990 39 See Boerner
Forman John S 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Formhals T Lester 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Forrester Ida Lester 1-Nov-1989 34  
Foster Josephine O 10-Apr-1990 26 See Feager
Foster  Ruth G 25-Oct-1989 39  
Fox Pearl E 29-Jan-1990 35 See Eschenbrenner
Frank William C 5-Oct-1989 34  
Frank Earl G 17-Feb-1990 39  
Franklin Geneva 14-Jun-1989 31 See Samuels
Frederickson Dale H 21-Sep-1989 22  
Freedman Melvin 28-Dec-1989 35 Article
Freeman Mary 24-Apr-1990 26  
Frein Elmer F 10-Apr-1990 26  
Fridley Florence E 13-Feb-1990 35  
Friend Lillian F 19-Dec-1989 39 See Renshaw
Fries Margaret W 26-Dec-1989 35  
Fritsch Stella M 20-Feb-1990 35  
Froehly Theodore  4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Froehly Theodore E   5-Dec-1989 39  
Froehly Theodore E 6-Dec-1989 35  
Froesel Lois A 14-Oct-1989 18  
Fuller Viola A 17-Feb-1990 39  
Fulton Sarah R 18-Jan-1990 35 See Stuckey
Funke Nellie M 28-Dec-1989 35 See Tournour
Fussner Marie 3-Feb-1990 32  
Gabel Margaret P 14-Dec-1989 39 See Behrens
Ganail Glennon L 17-Feb-1990 39  
Garcia Charlie 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Gay Rena S 19-Mar-1990 39  
Gay Rena S 20-Mar-1990 35  
Gebert Deloris 27-Nov-1989 36 See Bentz
Gebhardt Meta 3-Feb-1990 32 See Schwendinger
Geiben Christine C 21-Feb-1990 28 See Zahn
Gerber Wilbert G 13-Mar-1990 35  
Gernhardt Kathryn Loretta 21-Mar-1990 31  
Geyer Nettie 24-Oct-1989 39  
Giamenta John C 14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Gibbs Loyal 2-Oct-1989 30  
Gibson Nellie B 15-Jan-1990 35 See Mertz
Giesler Bernice A 10-Apr-1990 26  
Gilley Sam 15-Sep-1989 38 Article
Gillham Nell C 10-Oct-1989 39  
Gillham Nell C 11-Oct-1989 34  
Gillman Lena M 6-Dec-1989 35 See Naive 
Goff John Edward 21-Mar-1990 31  
Goggins Agnes 20-Feb-1990 35 See Saunders
Goltschman Paul J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Goltschman Paul J 11-Jan-1990 31  
Gooden George G Sr 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Gooden George Sr 23-Jan-1990 35  
Gooden George Sr 24-Jan-1990 39  
Goodloe Allen McDowell 18-Oct-1989 39  
Goodloe Allen McDowell 19-Oct-1989 34  
Goodloe Allan McDowell 20-Oct-1989 43  
Goodloe Mary Frances 20-Mar-1990 35  
Goodloe Mary Frances 21-Mar-1990 31  
Gordon Lucille 10-Jan-1990 35  
Gore Reon 14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Gosebrink Louise A 23-Mar-1990 13 See Sciaroni
Gotthardt Rose M 13-Dec-1989 39 See Kulage
Gottselig Ida M 24-Jan-1990 39 See Wilson
Gottselig Ida M 25-Jan-1990 35 See Wilson
Gough James T 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Graeff Gladys E 10-Nov-1989 39 See Schreiner
Graf Mary Jane 10-Oct-1989 39  
Graham Eileen G 24-Oct-1989 39 See Mathews
Gramann Agnes E 12-Nov-1989 32 See Stoffel
Gramann Agnes E 13-Nov-1989 39 See Stoffel
Granville June 1-Nov-1989 34  
Graue Fred W 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Graue Fred W 15-Jan-1990 35  
Grauer Florence E 13-Feb-1990 35 See Fridley
Gray Burton C 31-Oct-1989 12  
Gray John N 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Grayson Ethel E 20-Mar-1990 35 See Ball
Greco Thelma 24-Oct-1989 39  
Greco Wanda 24-Oct-1989 39  
Gregg Marian King 18-Oct-1989 39 See Tichvinsky
Gregg Marian King 19-Oct-1989 34 See Tichvinsky
Griese Norbert L 27-Nov-1989 36  
Grieveson Mary Martha 15-Sep-1989 38  
Grieveson Mary Martha 14-Jun-1989 31  
Griffin Marcella 14-Mar-1990 31  
Grimm Fred J 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Gronemeyer Helen L 22-Mar-1990 35  
Gross Thomas G 23-Jan-1990 35  
Gruber Ann 13-Oct-1989 43 Article
Gruber Gertrude E 18-Oct-1989 39  
Gruber Gertrude E 19-Oct-1989 34  
Guelbert Marilyn B 16-Mar-1990 39 See Swantner
Guempel Norma A 9-Oct-1989 39  
Guinee Hanorah E 13-Oct-1989 43  
Gulbrandsen Victor Norman 25-Apr-1990 26  
Gulley Oliver 30-Jan-1990 35  
Gulley Doc 30-Jan-1990 35  
Haas Oliver 20-Dec-1989 39  
Habel Rose P 15-Mar-1990 39  
Habel Rose P 16-Mar-1990 39  
Haberberger John M 14-Mar-1990 31  
Haberberger John M 15-Mar-1990 39 Article
Haberberger John M 15-Mar-1990 39  
Hackett Allen 26-Oct-1989 39 Article
Hackney Josephine 15-Sep-1989 38  
Hackney Josephine 14-Jun-1989 31  
Haefner Esther L 19-Jan-1990 39  
Haerber Elsie B 21-Dec-1989 39  
Hagemeyer Jesse F 16-Jan-1990 31  
Hagnauer Elizabeth 7-Oct-1989 42  
Hagnauer Elizabeth Peters 7-Oct-1989 42  
Hahn Elnor W 29-Sep-1989 14  
Haintl Velma M 16-Jan-1990 31  
Hainz Clara A 10-Apr-1990 26 See Burke
Hakes Clifford H 13-Oct-1989 43  
Hall Arthur M 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Hall Patricia A 21-Dec-1989 39  
Hall Caroline 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Hall Lena 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Hall Arthur M 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Haller Frank J 16-Jan-1990 31  
Haller Frank J 17-Jan-1990 39  
Haller Frank J 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hampton Marie 28-Dec-1989 35  
Hanlon James Bernard 19-Feb-1990 39  
Hanna Thomas L 10-Apr-1990 26 Article
Hanneke Carl I Sr 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hannigan Mary Rose 27-Nov-1989 36 See O'Brien
Hansen Howard H 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Hanss Edward H 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Hardwig Lurlean 30-Oct-1989 39 See Klaas
Harig Elmer A 29-Sep-1989 14  
Harms Marvin E 14-Nov-1989 39  
Harms Beverly Jean 25-Apr-1990 26 See Johnson
Harper Claudene 20-Dec-1989 39 See O'Malley
Harris Irwin R 24-Oct-1989 39  
Harris Flora Mae 12-Dec-1989 39  
Harris Flora Mae 13-Dec-1989 39  
Harris Arlo O Jr 24-Feb-1990 33  
Harrison Wilma 15-Sep-1989 38  
Harrison Leo D 21-Dec-1989 39  
Harrison Wilma M 14-Jun-1989 31  
Hartmann Edgar C Sr 10-Oct-1989 39  
Hartmann Edgar C Sr 11-Oct-1989 34  
Hartnett Marie G 17-Oct-1989 39  
Hartog Helen M 13-Oct-1989 43  
Hartsock Emil G 14-Nov-1989 39  
Harvey Charles C 5-Dec-1989 39  
Harvey Doc 5-Dec-1989 39  
Harvey Michael J 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hassett Jeanette 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hassett Jeanette Kehoe 29-Dec-1989 39  
Hatton Walter R 14-Oct-1989 18  
Hauck Adele 24-Oct-1989 39  
Hauck Adele 25-Oct-1989 39  
Hawthorne Robert N 19-Dec-1989 39  
Hayden F M 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hayden Francis M 12-Dec-1989 39  
Hayes James R 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hayes James R 18-Mar-1990 35  
Hayes James R 19-Mar-1990 39  
Haymer Johnny 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Haynsworth Clement F Jr 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Hazel Venie M 21-Feb-1990 28 See Melton
Hecht Harold L 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Hecht Harold L 24-Jan-1990 39  
Hecht Harold L 25-Jan-1990 35  
Heckenberg Elsie S 20-Feb-1990 35 See Temme
Hedenkamp Dietrich Jr 24-Jan-1990 39  
Hedenkamp Dietrich Jr 25-Jan-1990 35  
Heflin Raymond E 24-Oct-1989 39  
Heideman Helen J 5-Oct-1989 34  
Heim Florence W 3-Nov-1989 44 Article
Heim Florence W 3-Nov-1989 44  
Heimbuecher Catherine R 19-Jan-1990 39  
Heimos Clinton Sr 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Heimos Clinton G 24-Feb-1990 33  
Heinecke Otto G 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Heitz Helen M 12-Jan-1990 35  
Held Estelle M 10-Apr-1990 26  
Helfrich Loretta P 22-Mar-1990 35 See Strickler
Hellmann Pearl A 10-Apr-1990 26 See Dependahl
Hellwege Ruth P 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hellyer Marguerite H 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hellyer Marge 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hemleben Richard 11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Hemminghaus Edna C 11-Dec-1989 39 See Huehnerhoff
Hennemann Raymond G 11-Jan-1990 31  
Hennemann Raymond G 12-Jan-1990 35 Article
Henry Julia M 12-Mar-1990 39 See Daly
Herbig Paul R Jr 10-Apr-1990 26  
Herbst Margaret Bussmann 11-Jan-1990 31  
Herbst Margaret Bussmann 12-Jan-1990 35  
Herchert Hedwig Rose 30-Sep-1989 18 See Mueller
Herrmann Steven William 15-Sep-1989 38  
Herrmann Steven William 14-Jun-1989 31  
Hertlein Norma A 9-Oct-1989 39  
Hertlein Bobbie J 9-Oct-1989 39 See Case
Heuvelman Katherine A 23-Dec-1989 42 See Major
Higgins Elizabeth A 19-Mar-1990 39 See Schoelch
Higgins Elizabeth A 20-Mar-1990 35 See Schoelch
High Ida Lester 1-Nov-1989 34 See Forrester
Hilbert Arthur G 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hill Viola R 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hines Walter William 9-Oct-1989 39  
Hinton Frieda E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Hochstetter Virginia 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hochstetter Virginia 24-Apr-1990 26 Article
Hoef John A Sr 4-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehl Esther L 12-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehl Esther L 13-Dec-1989 39  
Hoehn William R 23-Apr-1990 30  
Hoepffner Lilyan M 26-Jan-1990 39  
Hoflich James E 13-Feb-1990 35  
Hoh Lillian M 29-Jan-1990 35 See Borgman
Holland Bernice 19-Feb-1990 39  
Holman Barbara L 2-Feb-1990 35  
Holmes David W 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Holtmann Lucille G 13-Nov-1989 39  
Holtmann Lucille G 14-Nov-1989 39  
Holy  Helen C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Homan Lela 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Honkey Arnold J 18-Mar-1990 35  
Hook V Wesley 4-Oct-1989 34  
Hooper Jeffrey 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hoormann August C 17-Mar-1990 14  
Hoover Christine S 2-Feb-1990 35  
Horenkamp Agnes A 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Horstmann Carl H 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Horton Lynn 30-Jan-1990 35 See Langehennig
Hotfelder Eugene A 23-Jan-1990 35 Article
Hotmer Mae A 20-Mar-1990 35 See Dieckhaus
Howard Harry A Sr 15-Sep-1989 38  
Howard Bess E 26-Dec-1989 35  
Howard Theola M 15-Mar-1990 39 See Tobin
Howard Theola M 16-Mar-1990 39 See Tobin
Howard Harry A Sr 14-Jun-1989 31  
Howell Martha B 24-Feb-1990 33  
Hrebec Ulrich 16-Oct-1989 39  
Hruza Audrene 2-Nov-1989 39 Article
Huber Jacqueline M 26-Sep-1989 30  
Huber Lydia C 19-Mar-1990 39  
Huchingson Robert E III 12-Nov-1989 32 Article
Huchingson Robert E III 12-Nov-1989 32  
Huchingson Robert E III 13-Nov-1989 39  
Huehnerhoff Edna C 11-Dec-1989 39  
Hufendick Myrtle 5-Oct-1989 34  
Huff Henrietta 6-Nov-1989 39 See Lopinot
Huff Henrietta 7-Nov-1989 39 See Lopinot
Hummel Catherine 23-Jan-1990 35  
Hunt Esther L 19-Jan-1990 39 See Haefner
Huppert Arthur W 15-Oct-1989 43  
Huskey Ruth B 21-Feb-1990 28 See Pierce
Hynes Grace C 21-Nov-1989 39 See Kopecky
Ifland Rose L 25-Oct-1989 39 Schneider
Ilg Anton 28-Dec-1989 35  
Inglis Frances Densmore 11-Dec-1989 39  
Inglis Frances D 12-Dec-1989 39  
Ives Geraldine B 20-Oct-1989 43 See Parker
Jablonski Judith Ann 22-Nov-1989 39  
Jablonski Judith Ann 23-Nov-1989 43  
Jackes Stanley F 24-Nov-1989 43 Article
Jackes Stanley F 24-Nov-1989 43  
Jacobsmeyer Adolph C 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Jacobsmeyer Jake 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
James Margaret E 1-Dec-1989 43 See Wolfram
Jameson Carter A 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Jameson Carter A 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Jameson Carter A III 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Jarrett George E 14-Mar-1990 31  
Jarrett George E 15-Mar-1990 39  
Jaworoski Frances M 6-Dec-1989 35 See Dreste
Jaworoski Sally 6-Dec-1989 35 See Dreste
Jearlds Agnes A 12-Oct-1989 39  
Jefferson Edward Lee 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Jefferson Eddie Lee 6-Dec-1989 35  
Jefferson Eddie Lee 7-Dec-1989 39  
Jeffress Hugh L 12-Oct-1989 39  
Jenner Marillyn 3-Oct-1989 25  
Jennings Daniel C 19-Feb-1990 39  
Jensen Eric W 22-Mar-1990 35  
Jerger Selma C 15-Nov-1989 39  
Jetziger Marian 2-Oct-1989 30 See Kirchoff
Jetziger Marian 3-Oct-1989 25 See Kirchoff
Johnson Wayne D 15-Sep-1989 38  
Johnson Anna F 12-Nov-1989 32  
Johnson Anna F 14-Nov-1989 39  
Johnson Anna F 15-Nov-1989 39  
Johnson Jennie S 16-Mar-1990 39  
Johnson Jennie S 17-Mar-1990 14  
Johnson Beverly Jean 25-Apr-1990 26  
Johnson Wayne D 14-Jun-1989 31  
Johnson  Orville E 27-Oct-1989 39  
Johnston Dorothy U 20-Dec-1989 39  
Jones Joseph A 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Jones Cora Athlyn 3-Nov-1989 44 See Duncan
Jones Eugene J Sr 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Jones Allie B Savage 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Jones Allie B 15-Jan-1990 35  
Jones Joseph A 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Jost C Gary 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Jost C Gary 1-Nov-1989 34  
Jost C Gary 2-Nov-1989 39  
Jost Anthony J 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Juergensen Donald L 31-Oct-1989 12 Article
Kaiser Marcel E 27-Nov-1989 36  
Kaiser Mark 27-Nov-1989 36  
Kaiser Marcel E 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Kaiser Mel 19-Mar-1990 39  
Kallial Joseph P 27-Nov-1989 36  
Kappen Anna M 23-Nov-1989 43 See Willie
Kappen Anna M 24-Nov-1989 43 See Willie
Kaskin Doris Hufted 11-Dec-1989 39  
Kassing Donald S 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Kaufman Ralph E 26-Jan-1990 39 Article
Kaufman Darlene J 12-Mar-1990 39 See Summers
Kaufmann Irene 30-Oct-1989 39  
Kaufmann Peter 6-Nov-1989 39  
Kaye Josephine 23-Mar-1990 13 See Dille
Kayser Gus J 1-Nov-1989 34  
Keeven Earline H 30-Sep-1989 18  
Keeven Earline H 2-Oct-1989 30  
Kendall David H 9-Nov-1989 39  
Kendall David Hugh 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Kenny Mary E 19-Oct-1989 34  
Kenny Betty 19-Oct-1989 34  
Ker Luella M 13-Feb-1990 35  
Kern Irma marie 23-Apr-1990 30  
Kessler Antoinette 10-Apr-1990 26  
Kettler Hedwig L 22-Nov-1989 39 See Woltemath
Kettler Hedwig L 23-Nov-1989 43 See Woltemath
Keyes Edward 13-Feb-1990 35 Article
Keyes Edward Lawrence 17-Feb-1990 39  
Keyes Edward Lawrence 19-Feb-1990 39  
Kidd Ruby F   17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Kiely Erna F 2-Oct-1989 30 See Messmore
Kiely Erna F 3-Oct-1989 25 See Messmore
Kiersch Mildred F 10-Jan-1990 35 See Morris
Kiesling Catherine 23-Jan-1990 35 See Hummel
Killoren Dorothy C 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Kimberling Asta L 16-Oct-1989 39 See Wilson
Kimberling Pat 16-Oct-1989 39 See Wilson
Kinderman James 10-Apr-1990 26  
King George Michael 3-Oct-1989 25  
King Mike 3-Oct-1989 25  
King L Jeff 17-Oct-1989 39 Article
King Antoinette   8-Dec-1989 43  
Kinker Wilbur E 19-Dec-1989 39  
Kinker Bud 19-Dec-1989 39  
Kinker Wilbur E 20-Dec-1989 39  
Kinker Bud 20-Dec-1989 39  
Kinzel Frieda E 1-Feb-1990 35 See Hinton
Kirby Brandon M 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Kirby Brandon M 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Kirchhoefer Phillip Jr 21-Apr-1990 32  
Kirchoff Marian 2-Oct-1989 30  
Kirchoff Marian 3-Oct-1989 25  
Kirk John R 4-Oct-1989 34 Article
Kirk John R III 4-Oct-1989 34  
Kittel Mary Jane 10-Oct-1989 39 See Graf
Klaas Lurlean 30-Oct-1989 39  
Klarsch Eugenia M 15-Mar-1990 39  
Klarsch Geno 15-Mar-1990 39  
Klauke Charles F Jr 23-Jan-1990 35  
Klauke Charles F Jr 24-Jan-1990 39  
Klaus Claire A 30-Sep-1989 18  
Klaus Edna 16-Jan-1990 31  
Klein Madlyn M 12-Jan-1990 35 See Foerst
Klevorn Alfred J Sr 28-Dec-1989 35  
Klie Kermit C Sr 14-Mar-1990 31  
Klie Kermit C Sr 15-Mar-1990 39  
Klippel Alleen P 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Klump Viola R 17-Mar-1990 14 See Hill
Knelange Shirley A 21-Mar-1990 31  
Knoedelseder Mary Frances 21-Apr-1990 32 See Reid
Knoernschild Ema 16-Mar-1990 39  
Knowles Annabelle 13-Dec-1989 39 See Mosblech
Knowles Cornelia Sasse 23-Apr-1990 30  
Knupp William Beda 14-Nov-1989 39  
Knupp William Beda 15-Nov-1989 39  
Koblenz Virginia E 3-Nov-1989 44  
Koboldt Mabel C 23-Nov-1989 43  
Koboldt Mabel C 24-Nov-1989 43  
Koch Barbara E 30-Jan-1990 35 See Tiefenbrunn
Koelling Paul L 23-Mar-1990 13  
Koetting Godfrey J 1-Dec-1989 43  
Kohm Evelyn F 19-Jan-1990 39  
Kohrs Nancy Hedges 20-Feb-1990 35 Article
Kohrs Nancy Hedges 20-Feb-1990 35  
Kolb Donald A 7-Oct-1989 42  
Kolb Esther C 10-Jan-1990 35  
Koleman Olinda 26-Sep-1989 30  
Konersman Bernard 15-Oct-1989 43  
Kopecky Grace C 21-Nov-1989 39  
Koronis George P 21-Dec-1989 39 Article
Kostedt Vernon L 15-Jan-1990 35  
Kostyshock Alice A 3-Feb-1990 32 See Wilbur
Kottmeyer William 12-Oct-1989 39 Article
Kottmeyer William A 13-Oct-1989 43  
Kottmeyer William A 14-Oct-1989 18  
Kottmeyer William A 15-Oct-1989 43  
Koweing Corine A 13-Dec-1989 39 See Devine
Kraettli Lesley A 20-Feb-1990 35 Article
Krallman Phillip J 21-Feb-1990 28  
Kramer Samantha M 15-Sep-1989 38  
Kramer Wilbern C 15-Mar-1990 39  
Kramer Samantha M 14-Jun-1989 31  
Kranz Marie H 2-Feb-1990 35 See Darrough
Krayer Martha M 14-Oct-1989 18 See Fletcher
Krayer Martha M 15-Oct-1989 43 See Fletcher
Kretzer Olive M 29-Dec-1989 39 See Wall
Krieger Ruth A 29-Sep-1989 14 See Behle
Kriemelman Arnold E Sr 5-Oct-1989 34  
Kriemelman Arnold E Sr 6-Oct-1989 38  
Kriss Albert 15-Oct-1989 43  
Kronable Sylvester H 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Krupp Katherine J 12-Jan-1990 35  
Kuba Celia 12-Nov-1989 32  
Kuehnel Norma M 6-Nov-1989 39  
Kuelker Gertrude B 9-Oct-1989 39  
Kuelker Daisy 9-Oct-1989 39  
Kuelker Gertrude B 10-Oct-1989 39  
Kuelker Daisy 10-Oct-1989 39  
Kuhlengel Norma J 29-Dec-1989 39 See Wald
Kujawa Eddie 18-Jan-1990 35  
Kulage Rose M 13-Dec-1989 39  
Kuntz Clarence H 12-Jan-1990 35  
Kurka Adeline H 23-Nov-1989 43 See Nicholson
Kurtz Marie Bauer 13-Nov-1989 39  
Kwitzky Irene 30-Oct-1989 39 See Kaurmann
LaBrayere Raymond 11-Oct-1989 34 Article
LaBrayere Raymond 12-Oct-1989 39 Article
Lagermann Robert J Sr 1-Nov-1989 34  
Lambing Paul C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Lampert Genevieve 25-Oct-1989 39  
Lamzik Michael 18-Oct-1989 39 Article
Lamzik Michael E 18-Oct-1989 39  
Lamzik Michael E 19-Oct-1989 34  
Landon Flora Mae 12-Dec-1989 39 See Harris
Landon Flora Mae 13-Dec-1989 39 See Harris
Laney Edward M 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Lang Bonnie S 13-Oct-1989 43  
Lang Bonnie S 14-Oct-1989 18  
Lang Irene M 19-Oct-1989 34 See Farkas
Langehennig Lynn 30-Jan-1990 35  
Langeneckert Leonard C 27-Nov-1989 36  
Langeneckert Hazel B 20-Feb-1990 35  
Langston Alvin 29-Nov-1989 39 Article
Lauruk Anna 19-Feb-1990 39 See Smentkowski
Laws Jack J 1-Feb-1990 35  
Leach John D Jr 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Leavitt E Ada 20-Dec-1989 39  
Ledbetter Ruth Irene 14-Dec-1989 39  
Lee Madonna Liberty 18-Dec-1989 39  
Lee Madonna Liberty 19-Dec-1989 39 Article
Lee Madonna Liberty 19-Dec-1989 39  
Leer Rose 22-Mar-1990 35 See Pehr
Leer Rose 23-Mar-1990 13 See Pehr
LeMond Hazel A 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Leonard Harold A 29-Sep-1989 14  
Leonard Red 29-Sep-1989 14  
Leong Lee 9-Oct-1989 39  
Leong Lee 10-Oct-1989 39  
Lesh William 2-Oct-1989 30  
LeSieur Ethel M 4-Dec-1989 39  
Letts Mary C 26-Dec-1989 35  
Levandowski John 17-Jan-1990 39  
Levandowski Spikes 17-Jan-1990 39  
Levandowski John J 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Levandowski Spikes 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Levy Robert E 18-Jan-1990 35  
Levy Robert E 19-Jan-1990 39  
Lewandowski Edmund W Sr 19-Mar-1990 39  
Lewandowski Edmund W  20-Mar-1990 35 Article
Lewandowski Edmund W Sr 20-Mar-1990 35  
Lewis William E 2-Nov-1989 39 Article
Lewis Bud 2-Nov-1989 39 Article
Lewis Bud 2-Nov-1989 39  
Lewis Donald R 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Lewis Donald R 30-Nov-1989 39  
Lewis  William E 2-Nov-1989 39  
Lickenbrock Eugene B 27-Nov-1989 36  
Lickenbrock Eugene 28-Nov-1989 39  
Lickfield Richard B 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
Lindsay Patsy J 30-Oct-1989 39  
Linton Theodore E 10-Oct-1989 39  
Linton Ted 10-Oct-1989 39  
Liston Hugh H 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Livingston Laura R 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Livingston Jewel P 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Livingston Jewel P 30-Nov-1989 39  
Livingston Laura R 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Lockwood Porter M 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Lockwood Porter M 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Lodes Robert J 14-Mar-1990 31  
Logel William R 13-Feb-1990 35  
Lonati Richard M 18-Dec-1989 39 Article
Lonati Richard M 18-Dec-1989 39  
Lonati Rico 18-Dec-1989 39  
Long Carl S 14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Longenecker Harold R 14-Dec-1989 39  
Longenecker Buzz 14-Dec-1989 39  
Longo Frances Margaret 20-Oct-1989 43  
Longo Anthony 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Longo Tony 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Lopinot Henrietta 6-Nov-1989 39  
Lopinot Henrietta 7-Nov-1989 39  
Lorenz Hazel B 20-Feb-1990 35 See Langeneckert
Lorenz William E 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Lorenzon Elva L 11-Dec-1989 39 See Carney
Lotte Marvin R 23-Jan-1990 35  
Lowery Anna M 23-Nov-1989 43  
Lowery Anna M 24-Nov-1989 43  
Lowrey Dorothy 2-Oct-1989 30  
Lowrey June 2-Oct-1989 30  
Luczak Anthony 16-Oct-1989 39  
Lumaghi Louis Francis Jr 18-Mar-1990 35 Article
Lydon Margaret H 12-Dec-1989 39  
Lynn Juanita I 5-Dec-1989 39 See Ploch
Lyon Fred 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Lyons Hanorah E 13-Oct-1989 43 See Guinee
Lytton Mary Frances Harris Butler Averill 18-Jan-1990 35  
Lytton Mary Frances 19-Jan-1990 39 Article
Lytton  Mary Frances Harris Butler Averill 19-Jan-1990 39  
Maassen Harold A   30-Sep-1989 18  
Mabry Elise Datz 30-Oct-1989 39  
Mabry Elise Datz 31-Oct-1989 12  
Maddux Margie M 28-Dec-1989 35  
Madsen Doris F 24-Jan-1990 39  
Maguire Lucile 15-Sep-1989 38  
Maguire Peter 27-Oct-1989 39 Article
Maguire Lucille 14-Jun-1989 31  
Maher Willella B 26-Jan-1990 39 Article
Maierhoffer James S II 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Mainieri Robert J 13-Dec-1989 39  
Mainieri Robert J 14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Major Katherine A 23-Dec-1989 42  
Manche Melvin G 18-Jan-1990 35  
Mangrum Marie O 14-Mar-1990 31 See Zack
Manzo Anthony 5-Oct-1989 34  
Manzo Tony 5-Oct-1989 34  
Marcon Stephan J 21-Dec-1989 39  
Marcon Bito 21-Dec-1989 39  
Markword Herbert 28-Dec-1989 35  
Markwort Herbert 28-Dec-1989 35 Article
Markwort Herbert 29-Dec-1989 39  
Marske Maude B 10-Apr-1990 26 See Wesling
Martin Genevieve M 25-Oct-1989 39 See Lampert
Martin Mary 12-Dec-1989 39 See Spinner
Martin Frank J 19-Dec-1989 39  
Martin Frank J 20-Dec-1989 39  
Martin Robert W 20-Feb-1990 35 Article
Martin Adeline M 21-Apr-1990 32  
Mason Wilma M 21-Mar-1990 31  
Massman Evelyn J 29-Nov-1989 39  
Mataya Steven Harry 23-Jan-1990 35  
Mathews Eileen G 24-Oct-1989 39  
Mathis Marian F 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Matthews Mary   15-Sep-1989 38  
Matthews Mary 14-Jun-1989 31  
Mattlage Mildred M 7-Dec-1989 39 See Nickel
Mauck Alfred E 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Maupin Laverne A 26-Dec-1989 35 See Wakefield
Maxiton Willard 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Maxiton Willard 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
May Professor Frederick E 13-Dec-1989 39  
May Professor Frederick E 14-Dec-1989 39  
May  Mary Agnes Charles 9-Oct-1989 39  
Mayer Athlynde G 18-Dec-1989 39 Article
Mayer Mildred M 13-Feb-1990 35  
Mayse Grace L 3-Oct-1989 25 See Tenge
McAuliffe M Michaeline 21-Apr-1990 32 Article
McBryan Paige Lynn 3-Oct-1989 25  
McCallister Robert A 15-Sep-1989 38  
McCallister Robert A 14-Jun-1989 31  
McCartney Francis H 2-Nov-1989 39  
McCartney  Francis H 1-Nov-1989 34  
McCluer Ida Belle 12-Oct-1989 39 Article
McClure Louise M 10-Nov-1989 39  
McDaniels Myrtle 5-Oct-1989 34 See Hufendick
McDevitt Patricia A 4-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
McDevitt Patricia A 5-Dec-1989 39 See Bohringer
McFall Margaret Donnelly 30-Nov-1989 39  
McHenry Lena 13-Oct-1989 43  
McKelvey Edith 21-Dec-1989 39  
McKelvey Edith 23-Dec-1989 42  
McKenna Helen M 13-Oct-1989 43 See Hartog
McKenzie Daniel W Sr 19-Feb-1990 39  
McLear Anna R 12-Mar-1990 39 See Mettner
McMahon Helen 1-Nov-1989 34 See Barrett
McMahon Helen 2-Nov-1989 39 See Barrett
McNab Dorothy 12-Mar-1990 39 See Young
McNamara James P 26-Sep-1989 30  
McNicholas Catherine 19-Dec-1989 39  
McNicholas Catherine 20-Dec-1989 39  
McNulty Jacqueline M 26-Sep-1989 30 See Huber
McNulty Joy E 28-Dec-1989 35  
Means Robin Ann 14-Nov-1989 39  
Means Robin Ann 15-Nov-1989 39  
Meckfessel Herbert R 3-Feb-1990 32  
Meder Madeline 17-Feb-1990 39  
Melton Venie M 21-Feb-1990 28  
Merritt Clifford P 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Merritt Agnes Mae 29-Sep-1989 14  
Merritt Agnes Mae 29-Sep-1989 14  
Merritt Clifford P 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Mertz Nellie B 15-Jan-1990 35  
Messerly Christine S 2-Feb-1990 35 See Hoover
Messmer William J 21-Apr-1990 32 Article
Messmore Erna F 2-Oct-1989 30  
Messmore Erna F 3-Oct-1989 25  
Metcalf Gerald R 13-Oct-1989 43  
Mettner Anna R 12-Mar-1990 39  
Metz Loretta M 10-Jan-1990 35  
Metz Wilbur H 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Metz Bud 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Meyer Nettie 24-Oct-1989 39 See Geyer
Meyer Robert E 3-Nov-1989 44  
Meyer Barbara M 29-Nov-1989 39 Article
Meyer Leander H 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Meyer Lee 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Meyer Harry R 15-Mar-1990 39  
Meyer Red 15-Mar-1990 39  
Meyers Frank R 16-Mar-1990 39 Article
Michaels Mary Louise 12-Mar-1990 39  
Michaels Lou   12-Mar-1990 39  
Miles Joseph H 16-Jan-1990 31  
Miller I C 11-Dec-1989 39  
Miller Charles A Jr 26-Dec-1989 35  
Miller J L 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
Miller James L Sr 29-Dec-1989 39  
Miller Thomas Sr 16-Jan-1990 31  
Miller Les 16-Jan-1990 31  
Miller John R 2-Feb-1990 35  
Mills Joseph J 24-Nov-1989 43 Article
Mills Joseph J 24-Nov-1989 43  
Minor Irene B 25-Jan-1990 35 Article
Minshall Edith Y 23-Nov-1989 43 See Billington
Minshall Edith Y 24-Nov-1989 43 See Billington
Misplay William G 12-Mar-1990 39 Article
Misplay William G 13-Mar-1990 35  
Misplay  William G 12-Mar-1990 39  
Mock Dorothy T 5-Oct-1989 34  
Mock Dorothy T 6-Oct-1989 38  
Mohr Bertram 17-Jan-1990 39  
Molaski Walter J 19-Oct-1989 34  
Molinari Harry A Sr 15-Sep-1989 38  
Molinari Harry 14-Jun-1989 31  
Monken Emma B 19-Oct-1989 34  
Moon Beulah M 3-Oct-1989 25 See Sleeper
Moore Esther L 11-Jan-1990 31 See Steele
Moore Dell 11-Jan-1990 31 See Steele
Moore Violet F 24-Feb-1990 33  
Moran William Ray 21-Dec-1989 39  
Morgan Al 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Morris Mildred F 10-Jan-1990 35  
Morrison E Ada 20-Dec-1989 39 See Leavitt
Morrison Freda P 19-Mar-1990 39 See Dvorak
Mosblech Annabelle 13-Dec-1989 39  
Muchow Gilbert P 25-Sep-1989 52 Article
Mudd Elizabeth A 3-Nov-1989 44 See Burke
Mudd Bettie 3-Nov-1989 44 See Burke
Mudd Joseph Gerald 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Mudd Joseph Gerard 17-Mar-1990 14  
Mudd Joseph Gerard 18-Mar-1990 35  
Muehlenbrock Albert 30-Sep-1989 18  
Muehling Grace 16-Oct-1989 39  
Muelhauser Dee Benenia 14-Nov-1989 39 See Murphy
Muelhauser Dee Benenia 15-Nov-1989 39 See Murphy
Mueller Hedwig Rose 30-Sep-1989 18  
Mueller Talitha H 22-Mar-1990 35  
Muffler-DeBlaze Loretta Josephine 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
Muhm Meta L 21-Sep-1989 22  
Muich Anna F 12-Nov-1989 32 See Johnson
Muich Anna F 14-Nov-1989 39 See Johnson
Muich Anna F 15-Nov-1989 39 See Johnson
Mullahy John M 15-Oct-1989 43  
Mullen Alice M 5-Dec-1989 39 See Cleveland
Murphy Dee Benenia 14-Nov-1989 39  
Murphy Dee Benenia 15-Nov-1989 39 Article
Murphy Dee Benenia 15-Nov-1989 39  
Murphy Zelda S 28-Dec-1989 35  
Murphy Zelda S 29-Dec-1989 39  
Murphy Mary Sharon 23-Apr-1990 30 See Anderson
Murrill Rachel M 1-Dec-1989 43 See Renz
Nahm Lawrence M 13-Feb-1990 35  
Naive  Lena M 6-Dec-1989 35  
Nania Judy 18-Dec-1989 39  
Nania Judy 19-Dec-1989 39  
Nast Fredic W 21-Sep-1989 22  
Naugless James  15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Naugless James Jr 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Naumann Claire M 6-Nov-1989 39  
Neal Claire A 30-Sep-1989 18 See Klaus
Neal A Minfie 16-Mar-1990 39  
Nehring Louise Bernice 9-Oct-1989 39  
Neill Alverda 25-Jan-1990 35  
Nelson Giles 21-Nov-1989 39  
Nelson Edward J 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Nelson Leroy C 2-Feb-1990 35  
Nettleton Michael 21-Feb-1990 28 Article
Neumann Flora Irene 11-Jan-1990 31  
Neumann Flora Irene 12-Jan-1990 35  
Newcomb Roseanne 21-Feb-1990 28  
Newman Rose L 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Newton James M 13-Dec-1989 39  
Newton James M 14-Dec-1989 39  
Nguyen Paulette 23-Apr-1990 30  
Nicholson Adeline H 23-Nov-1989 43  
Nickel Mildred M 7-Dec-1989 39  
Nickel Eleanor W 18-Dec-1989 39  
Nickles Magdalene 19-Dec-1989 39  
Niebling Ethel M 10-Jan-1990 35  
Niederbremer Doris 23-Jan-1990 35  
Niederbremer Doris 24-Jan-1990 39  
Niederluecke Wilma W 13-Dec-1989 39 See Rothe
Nisbet Arley Maud 29-Dec-1989 39  
Nolan Charles C  18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Noonan Marcella M 14-Mar-1990 31 See Griffin
Noonan Dorothy M 17-Mar-1990 14  
Norris Meta L 21-Sep-1989 22  
Northrop Cynthia E 8-Nov-1989 34  
Novak Stella 20-Feb-1990 35  
Oberkrom John 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
O'Brien Philip J 16-Oct-1989 39  
O'Brien Mary R Hannigan 27-Nov-1989 36 Article
O'Brien Mary Rose 27-Nov-1989 36  
O'Dell Walden H 20-Dec-1989 39  
Odendorph Milton J 23-Oct-1989 34  
O'Donnell Robert J   4-Dec-1989 39 Article
Oesterreicher Ben 16-Jan-1990 31  
O'Fallon Mary U 29-Sep-1989 14  
O'Gorman Daniel 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Ohnimus Kenneth W 11-Jan-1990 31  
Ohnimus Kenneth W 12-Jan-1990 35  
Oldham Mary F. 16-Jan-1990 31 See Durnil   
Oldham Mary 17-Jan-1990 39 See Durnil
Olson Marvin G 29-Dec-1989 39 Article
O'Malley Claudene 20-Dec-1989 39  
Oppelt Nancy A 26-Dec-1989 35  
O'Toole Joseph Edward Jr 5-Oct-1989 34  
O'Toole Joseph Edward Jr 6-Oct-1989 38  
Otten Rena L 29-Nov-1989 39  
Otting June 1-Nov-1989 34 See Granville
Otzenberger Joseph 2-Oct-1989 30  
Pace Joe E 19-Feb-1990 39  
Paglusch Evelyn L 20-Feb-1990 35  
Paglusch Evelyn L 21-Feb-1990 28  
Palmeri Henry J 11-Oct-1989 34  
Papa Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Papa Genevieve B 22-Mar-1990 35  
Papa Genevieve B 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pape Bernard J 14-Mar-1990 31  
Papin Grace Ashley 15-Sep-1989 38 Article
Papin Virginia E 3-Nov-1989 44 See Koblenz
Parker Geraldine B 20-Oct-1989 43  
Parker Fanita Griesedieck 30-Nov-1989 39  
Parker Ulis H 13-Feb-1990 35  
Parmeley Melvin H 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Parran James T 15-Oct-1989 43  
Parran James 16-Oct-1989 39  
Parrish Janice L 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Parsons Hank D 15-Sep-1989 38  
Parsons Esther C 10-Jan-1990 35 See Kolb
Parsons Hank D 14-Jun-1989 31  
Patrylo Michael J 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Patterson Donald G 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Paul Michael S 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Paul Michael S 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Payne Alfonso 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Payne Flip 14-Nov-1989 39 Article
Pazdernik Rudolph A 6-Nov-1989 39  
Peake Catherine R 26-Dec-1989 35  
Peeler Luie Louise 11-Oct-1989 34 See DeSchane
Pehr Rose 22-Mar-1990 35  
Pehr Rose 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pence Barbara L 2-Feb-1990 35 See Holman
Pendergrass Robert N 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Perhat John 19-Mar-1990 39 Article
Perkins Robert Lee 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Peter Erna L 30-Sep-1989 18  
Peter Orville A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Petri Katherine J 12-Jan-1990 35 See Krupp
Petruso Joseph 25-Oct-1989 39  
Petry Helen L 9-Oct-1989 39  
Petry Helen L 10-Oct-1989 39  
Pfeiffer Ruth C 12-Jan-1990 35 See Weisehan
Pfitzinger Walter 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Phillips Martha S 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Phillips R Richard 23-Mar-1990 13  
Phillips Dick 23-Mar-1990 13  
Pierce Walter 15-Oct-1989 43  
Pierce Walter 16-Oct-1989 39  
Pierce Ruth B 21-Feb-1990 28  
Pisk Paul Amadeus 17-Mar-1990 14 Article
Plache Elsie D 23-Apr-1990 30  
Platz Norma M 6-Nov-1989 39 See Kushnel
Plesch Virginia I 30-Jan-1990 35  
Ploch Juanita I 5-Dec-1989 39  
Plowman Barry 15-Sep-1989 38  
Plowman Barry 14-Jun-1989 31  
Poetz Paul H 2-Feb-1990 35  
Pogue Lehman B 11-Oct-1989 34  
Pohrer Joy E 28-Dec-1989 35 See McNulty
Polk Jewel P 30-Nov-1989 39 See Livingston
Pollard Rose P 15-Mar-1990 39 See Habel
Pollard Rose P 16-Mar-1990 39 See Habel
Porteous Ruth Harris 24-Feb-1990 33  
Porter Mary Ellen 5-Oct-1989 34  
Porter Mary Ellen 6-Oct-1989 38  
Porter Emma I 25-Jan-1990 35 Article
Porter Emma 25-Jan-1990 35  
Porter Goldie F 19-Mar-1990 39  
Portuondo Stella 14-Nov-1989 39  
Potrzeboski James   1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Powell Bonnie S 13-Oct-1989 43 See Lang
Powell Bonnie S 14-Oct-1989 18 See Lang
Prante Paula 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Prante Paula 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Prasse Brett K 26-Dec-1989 35  
Pratt Henry H 20-Oct-1989 43 Article
Prendergast Marian 17-Oct-1989 39  
Press Helen D 12-Mar-1990 39  
Price Stan  8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Priesmeyer Marie Ann 13-Nov-1989 39  
Priesmeyer Marie Ann 14-Nov-1989 39  
Pritch Rosalie D 17-Oct-1989 39  
Pritchett Josephine S 12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Promnitz Frank O 29-Nov-1989 39 Article
Proot Harold H 9-Oct-1989 39  
Prugger Henry G 14-Mar-1990 31  
Puckett Douglas W 13-Mar-1990 35  
Puckett Douglas W 14-Mar-1990 31  
Puent George J 21-Feb-1990 28  
Pupillo Tony 1-Feb-1990 35  
Purcelli Charles 18-Jan-1990 35 Article
Purcelli Charles 18-Jan-1990 35  
Purcelli Charles 19-Jan-1990 39  
Queen Reba Lee 20-Mar-1990 35 See White
Quernheim Gertrude Anna 7-Oct-1989 42  
Radcliff Carl E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Ramming Clara Anna 18-Dec-1989 39 See Warmann
Rand Eloise Stephens 10-Apr-1990 26  
Ranney Robert C 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Rataj George J 25-Oct-1989 39  
Rauch Theodosia 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Ravarino Ernest John 24-Oct-1989 39  
Ravarino Ernest John 25-Oct-1989 39 Article
Ravarino Ernest John 25-Oct-1989 39  
Ray Debbie Lynn 1-Feb-1990 35  
Reckard Charles E 1-Feb-1990 35  
Reckard Charles E 2-Feb-1990 35 Article
Reckard Charles E 2-Feb-1990 35  
Reece Edith E 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Reed Carthel 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Reed Katherine 10-Jan-1990 35  
Reed Paulette 23-Apr-1990 30 See Nguyen
Reed  Katherine 11-Jan-1990 31  
Reeder Madeline 17-Feb-1990 39 See Meder
Reichert Michael S 24-Jan-1990 39 Article
Reid Frank   21-Sep-1989 22 Article
Reid Mary Frances 21-Apr-1990 32  
Reising Fred L 15-Nov-1989 39  
Reiteritsh Ella R 11-Jan-1990 31  
Reiteritsh Ella R 12-Jan-1990 35  
Reither Mildred M 23-Apr-1990 30  
Remmler Adolph G 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Renick Sybil 11-Jan-1990 31 See Emmeneger-Bender
Renick Sybil 12-Jan-1990 35 See Emmenegger-Bender
Renner Donald W 17-Feb-1990 39  
Reno Margaret 30-Jan-1990 35  
Renshaw Lillian F 19-Dec-1989 39  
Renshaw Lillian F 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Renshaw Lillian 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Renz Richard B Jr 10-Oct-1989 39  
Renz Richie 10-Oct-1989 39  
Renz Rachel M 1-Dec-1989 43  
Reuter Mary Ellen 5-Oct-1989 34 See Porter
Reuter Mary Ellen 6-Oct-1989 38 See Porter
Reuther  Hazel B 2-Nov-1989 39  
Reville Eugene 21-Mar-1990 31 Article
Rhoades Patricia A 21-Dec-1989 39 See Hall
Rich Floyd 6-Nov-1989 39 Article
Richard James M Jr 12-Oct-1989 39  
Richards George C 13-Feb-1990 35  
Riedlinger Frances T 23-Jan-1990 35 See Turner
Riley Mary L 20-Feb-1990 35  
Riley Charles H 21-Feb-1990 28  
Ringkamp Henry 1-Nov-1989 34 Article
Ritterhaus Joseph D 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Ritterhaus Joseph D 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Rives Norma Rose 13-Feb-1990 35  
Rixman Kenneth A 8-Dec-1989 43 Article
Robb Doris V 23-Jan-1990 35 See Niederbremer
Robb Doris V 24-Jan-1990 39 See Niederbremer
Roberts Gertrude Crockett 5-Dec-1989 39  
Roberts Vista G 7-Dec-1989 39 Article
Robertson Mary Florence 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Robinson Sam 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Robinson Mary 15-Sep-1989 38  
Robinson Sam 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Robinson Mary 14-Jun-1989 31  
Roche Arlyne Marie 5-Oct-1989 34  
Roche Anthony G 6-Oct-1989 38  
Roche Arlyne Marie 6-Oct-1989 38  
Rodier Catherine R 26-Dec-1989 35 See Peake
Roellchen Robert E 11-Oct-1989 34  
Roesch Clara A 3-Feb-1990 32 See Scherrer
Rogers Mary Frances 20-Mar-1990 35 See Goodloe
Rogers Mary Frances 21-Mar-1990 31 See Goodloe
Rollings John L 24-Feb-1990 33  
Rose Violet F 24-Feb-1990 33 See Moore
Ross Juanita H 26-Sep-1989 30  
Ross Ralph A 20-Mar-1990 35  
Ross Ralph A 21-Mar-1990 31  
Roth Ella L 13-Nov-1989 39  
Roth Ella L 15-Nov-1989 39  
Roth Raymond C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Rothe Wilma W 13-Dec-1989 39  
Rounce Richard P 11-Jan-1990 31 Article
Rounce Richard Porter 11-Jan-1990 31  
Rounce Richard Porter 12-Jan-1990 35  
Rozkuszka Paul H 7-Oct-1989 42 Article
Rubenstein Floyd B 9-Oct-1989 39  
Ruesch Gertrude G 25-Oct-1989 39 See Becker
Rutherford Loreighn 13-Dec-1989 39  
Sabol George M 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Sackberger Jonathan 29-Dec-1989 39  
Sacks Raymond John 7-Nov-1989 39  
Sacks Raymond John 8-Nov-1989 34  
Sacra James E 9-Oct-1989 39 Article
Sacra James E 9-Oct-1989 39  
Sacra James E 10-Oct-1989 39  
Saeger Lydia C 19-Mar-1990 39 See Huber
Salamone Russell 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Salsich Peter W 26-Oct-1989 39 Article
Salsich Peter W Sr 26-Oct-1989 39  
Salsich Peter W Sr 27-Oct-1989 39  
Salvo Bob C 15-Sep-1989 38  
Salvo Bob C 14-Jun-1989 31  
Samardzich Danilo S 14-Dec-1989 39  
Samuels Geneva 15-Sep-1989 38  
Samuels Geneva 14-Jun-1989 31  
Sartorius Bernhardt J 19-Feb-1990 39  
Satz Bella 2-Feb-1990 35  
Satz Bella 3-Feb-1990 32 Article
Satz Bella 3-Feb-1990 32  
Saunders Robert Chancellor III 25-Sep-1989 52 Article
Saunders Robert Chancellor III 26-Sep-1989 30  
Saunders Mildred K 1-Nov-1989 34  
Saunders Agnes 20-Feb-1990 35  
Saviers Ella A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Sawicki Mary J 24-Apr-1990 26  
Sawicki Mary J 25-Apr-1990 26  
Scarborough David C 20-Feb-1990 35 Article
Schaefer Walter A 29-Dec-1989 39  
Schaffery Elizabeth Elva 19-Dec-1989 39 See Weis
Schaffery Elizabeth Elva 20-Dec-1989 39 See Weis
Schainker Arnold 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Schanbusch Charles F 26-Dec-1989 35  
Scharfenberger Henry E 27-Sep-1989 28  
Scharfenberger Butch 27-Sep-1989 28  
Schauffele Charles G 27-Oct-1989 39 Article
Scheine Theresa V 28-Dec-1989 35  
Scherf Jeannette E 1-Nov-1989 34 See Vogt
Scherf Jeannette E 2-Nov-1989 39 See Vogt
Schermann Anna 25-Jan-1990 35  
Scherrer Clara A 3-Feb-1990 32  
Scherstuhl Martin A 3-Oct-1989 25  
Schilling Sachiko Kinjo 15-Mar-1990 39  
Schilling Sachiko Kinjo 16-Mar-1990 39  
Schleper Henry C 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Schleper Henry C 17-Feb-1990 39  
Schlermeier Chris H 2-Feb-1990 35  
Schlermeier Chris H 3-Feb-1990 32  
Schlipp Viola A 17-Feb-1990 39 See Fuller
Schlosser Gertrude Anna 7-Oct-1989 42 See Quernheim
Schmaltz Eugene V 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Schmalz Agnes Mae 29-Sep-1989 14 See Merritt
Schmees Harry R 7-Dec-1989 39  
Schmees Harry R 8-Dec-1989 43  
Schmidt Elsa P 8-Dec-1989 43 See Billups
Schmidt Edwin P 28-Dec-1989 35  
Schmidt Ella R 11-Jan-1990 31 See Reiteritsh
Schmidt Ella R 12-Jan-1990 35 See Reiteritsh
Schmiedes Hazel S 11-Dec-1989 39 See Blumenkamp
Schmittgens Joseph 23-Oct-1989 34  
Schnardthorst Della E 17-Oct-1989 39 See Armoneit
Schnegeberger Norman John 18-Oct-1989 39  
Schnegeberger Norman John 19-Oct-1989 34  
Schneider Rose L 25-Oct-1989 39  
Schockley Donna M 22-Nov-1989 39  
Schoelch Elizabeth A 19-Mar-1990 39  
Schoelch Elizabeth A 20-Mar-1990 35  
Schoemehl Adeline M 21-Apr-1990 32 See Martin
Schoopmire Dorothea 24-Nov-1989 43 See Caspari
Schreiner Gladys E 10-Nov-1989 39  
Schriewer Helen C 4-Oct-1989 34 See Ballmann
Schroeder Ernst L 23-Jan-1990 35  
Schroeder Minnie 20-Mar-1990 35 See Ehmler
Schubert  Stephen J 23-Oct-1989 34  
Schueler Michael P 13-Feb-1990 35  
Schuettenberg Clarence H 13-Mar-1990 35  
Schuettenberg Clarence H 14-Mar-1990 31  
Schulte V Mardell 11-Oct-1989 34  
Schulte V Mardell 12-Oct-1989 39  
Schulte Roy J P 17-Jan-1990 39  
Schultehenrich August F 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Schultehenrich Gus 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Schwartz Bruce E 27-Nov-1989 36  
Schwartz Butch 27-Nov-1989 36  
Schwartz Bruce 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Schwartz Butch 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Schweitzer Flora Irene 11-Jan-1990 31 See Neumann
Schweitzer Flora Irene 12-Jan-1990 35 See Neumann
Schwendinger Meta 3-Feb-1990 32  
Sciaroni Louise A 23-Mar-1990 13  
Scism Audrene 2-Nov-1989 39 Article
Scribner Marian 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Seals Robert E 17-Feb-1990 39  
Sears Arthur H 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Seger LaVerne 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Seger Bob 22-Nov-1989 39 Article
Seghers Stella M 20-Feb-1990 35 See Fritsch
Seifert Marvin L 24-Feb-1990 33  
Seifert Moxie 24-Feb-1990 33  
Self Harvery A Sr 12-Nov-1989 32  
Self Harvey A Sr 14-Nov-1989 39  
Selway Zelda S 28-Dec-1989 35 See Murphy
Selway Zelda S 29-Dec-1989 39 See Murphy
Semar Esther L 12-Dec-1989 39 See Hoehl
Semar Esther L 13-Dec-1989 39 See Hoehl
Sexton Joseph T 19-Dec-1989 39  
Shaffner Ruth L 25-Apr-1990 26 See Sweeney
Shafir David R 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Shalhoob Charles N 18-Dec-1989 39  
Shannahan Thomas J Jr 21-Dec-1989 39  
Sharamitaro Bartolo P 19-Feb-1990 39  
Sharamitaro Bud 19-Feb-1990 39  
Sharp Louis J 15-Mar-1990 39 Article
Sharritt Myrtle 15-Nov-1989 39  
Sheehan Virginia 23-Apr-1990 30 See Hochstetter
Shehorn Mamie M 30-Sep-1989 18 See Weidner
Sheldon James P 23-Apr-1990 30  
Shepley John R 16-Jan-1990 31 Article
Sherer R Fred 21-Dec-1989 39  
Sherman Robert 22-Mar-1990 35 Article
Sherrill Ruth   14-Dec-1989 39 Article
Sherrill Ruth Pouder 14-Dec-1989 39  
Sherwood Ozell I 8-Dec-1989 43 See Skinner
Shield John Raymond Jr 26-Dec-1989 35  
Shine Edward J 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Shockley Donna M 21-Nov-1989 39  
Shockley Donna Marie 23-Nov-1989 43 Article
Shouse Pamela 8-Dec-1989 43  
Sieckmann Norma M 10-Nov-1989 39  
Sieloff Velma L 14-Nov-1989 39  
Siemens Leona K 13-Dec-1989 39  
Siemens Leona K 14-Dec-1989 39  
Sieveking Edna  Kroemeke 28-Dec-1989 35  
Sieveking Edna K 29-Dec-1989 39  
Siever Loretta V 18-Mar-1990 35 See Speidel
Sill Lilyan M 26-Jan-1990 39 See Hoepffner
Sill Olive C 23-Apr-1990 30 See Alewel
Sill Lovey 23-Apr-1990 30 See Alewel
Sill Olive C 24-Apr-1990 26 See Alewel
Sill Lovey 24-Apr-1990 26 See Alewel
Simmons Hortense R 29-Dec-1989 39 See Barisch
Simmons Rae 29-Dec-1989 39 See Barisch
Simmons Edward J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Simmons Edward J 11-Jan-1990 31  
Simon Barbara J 18-Mar-1990 35  
Simon Barbara J 19-Mar-1990 39  
Simonis Patricia   11-Dec-1989 39 Article
Sinak Frank J 2-Feb-1990 35  
Sinak Frank J 3-Feb-1990 32  
Six Billie 5-Oct-1989 34 See Sutter Wilma T
Skinner Ozell I 8-Dec-1989 43  
Sleeper Beulah M 3-Oct-1989 25  
Smentkowski Anna 19-Feb-1990 39  
Smith Bob C 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Smith Delores E 14-Oct-1989 18  
Smith Stephen   12-Dec-1989 39 Article
Smith Kenneth E 28-Dec-1989 35  
Smith Marie Y 25-Jan-1990 35  
Smith Bob C 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Soffner Mary E 11-Oct-1989 34  
Soppeland larry M 18-Mar-1990 35  
Soppeland Larry M 19-Mar-1990 39  
Soraghan Julia Lillian 7-Oct-1989 42  
Speidel Loretta V 18-Mar-1990 35  
Spinner Mary 12-Dec-1989 39  
Spitznagel Raymond A 14-Dec-1989 39  
Springer Carl A 17-Feb-1990 39  
Springmeyer Edna 16-Jan-1990 31 See Klaus
St Onge Mildred L 13-Mar-1990 35  
Stahlhut Mamie 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Stahlhut Mamie 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Staiger Irene 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Staley James B 12-Dec-1989 39  
Stanza Irma S 24-Jan-1990 39  
Stark Alonzo F  21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Stark Alonzo F 21-Nov-1989 39  
Stark Donna M 21-Nov-1989 39 See Shockley
Stark Alonzo F 22-Nov-1989 39  
Stark Donna M 22-Nov-1989 39 See Shockley
Starling Edith M 8-Dec-1989 43  
State Mary V 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Steck Jacqueline Marie 9-Oct-1989 39  
Steck Jacqueline Marie 10-Oct-1989 39  
Steele Esther L 11-Jan-1990 31  
Steele Dell 11-Jan-1990 31  
Steffen Michael 29-Jan-1990 35  
Steffen Michael P 30-Jan-1990 35 Article
Steffen Michael 30-Jan-1990 35  
Steinbach John E 15-Jan-1990 35  
Stempel Marie L 17-Jan-1990 39 See Bundschuh
Stempel Marie L 18-Jan-1990 35 See Bundschuh
Stennett Shirley I 20-Feb-1990 35 See Dix
Stephens Eugene T 19-Feb-1990 39  
Stephens Steve 19-Feb-1990 39  
Stiebel  Carl G 11-Dec-1989 39  
Stiebel  Carl G 12-Dec-1989 39  
Stiles Lois Jeanette 10-Jan-1990 35  
Stinson Isabel F 13-Oct-1989 43  
Stinson Isabel F 14-Oct-1989 18  
Stinson Dave O 7-Nov-1989 39 Article
Stockton Katherine 10-Jan-1990 35 See Reed
Stockton Katherine 11-Jan-1990 31 See Reed
Stoffel Agnes E 12-Nov-1989 32  
Stoffel Agnes E 13-Nov-1989 39  
Storll Fred O Sr 12-Oct-1989 39  
Strebel William J Sr 25-Apr-1990 26  
Strebler Virginia I 30-Jan-1990 35 See Plesch
Strickler Loretta P 22-Mar-1990 35  
Strini Robin Ann 14-Nov-1989 39 See Means
Strini Robin Ann 15-Nov-1989 39 See Means
Strinni Phillip M 8-Dec-1989 43  
Stroble Vernon K 29-Nov-1989 39  
Stroot Wilfrid F 27-Nov-1989 36  
Stroot Wilfrid F 28-Nov-1989 39  
Strother Eloise 17-Jan-1990 39  
Stuckey Sarah R 18-Jan-1990 35  
Stupp John Phelps 28-Nov-1989 39 Article
Stutz Grace 16-Oct-1989 39 See Muehling
Suits Robert A 14-Oct-1989 18  
Suits Robert A 15-Oct-1989 43 Article
Suits Robert A 15-Oct-1989 43  
Sullivan Marie A 6-Dec-1989 35 See Beatty
Sullivan Irene F 10-Jan-1990 35  
Sullivan Raymond J 10-Jan-1990 35  
Sullivan Florence W 13-Feb-1990 35  
Summers Darlene J 12-Mar-1990 39  
Sun Thomas C Sr 17-Feb-1990 39 Article
Susman Irvin L 6-Dec-1989 35 Article
Susman Irvin L 7-Dec-1989 39  
Sutter Wilma T 5-Oct-1989 34  
Swackhammer Tillie 15-Sep-1989 38  
Swackhammer Tillie 14-Jun-1989 31  
Swanson Arvid 23-Mar-1990 13 Article
Swanston John Henry 12-Nov-1989 32  
Swantner Marilyn B 16-Mar-1990 39  
Swartout Charles W 14-Mar-1990 31 Article
Swartout Charles W 14-Mar-1990 31  
Swartout Charles W 15-Mar-1990 39  
Swartout Charles W 16-Mar-1990 39  
Swartout Charles W 17-Mar-1990 14  
Swartout Charles W 18-Mar-1990 35  
Swearingin Velma M 16-Jan-1990 31 See Haintl
Sweazea William C 15-Nov-1989 39  
Sweeney Ruth L 25-Apr-1990 26  
Swehla Joseph Allen 26-Oct-1989 39 Article
Sweigart Ethel M 10-Jan-1990 35 See Niebling
Switzer Judy 18-Dec-1989 39 See Nania
Switzer Judy 19-Dec-1989 39 See Nania
Swuarez Nancy Duncan 18-Mar-1990 35  
Swuarez Nancy Duncan 19-Mar-1990 39  
Szepanski Mary A 24-Apr-1990 26 See Young
Szepanski Mary A 25-Apr-1990 26 See Young
Tallent Lynn 15-Sep-1989 38  
Tallent Lynn 14-Jun-1989 31  
Tate Charles J 19-Jan-1990 39  
Tate Doc 19-Jan-1990 39  
Taveggia Joseph H 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Taylor Fern A 9-Nov-1989 39 Article
Taylor Melba 21-Nov-1989 39  
Taylor Terry E 18-Mar-1990 35  
Teithorst Ruth C 12-Dec-1989 39 See Thiele
Temme Elsie S 20-Feb-1990 35  
Temme Elsie 21-Feb-1990 28 Article
Tenge Grace   3-Oct-1989 25  
Tentschert Gilbert 5-Dec-1989 39  
Ternak Anna 9-Nov-1989 39  
Tesar Helen I 26-Dec-1989 35 See Wilson
Tesreau Paul E 4-Oct-1989 34 Article
Thaler Mamie T 3-Feb-1990 32 See Baseel
Their Homer C 24-Oct-1989 39  
Thiele Ruth C 12-Dec-1989 39  
Thimmig Russell B Sr 23-Oct-1989 34  
Thoenes Joseph H 17-Jan-1990 39  
Thomas Richard D 12-Jan-1990 35 Article
Thomas Charles Mack 29-Jan-1990 35  
Thomas  Ira C 14-Oct-1989 18  
Thomas  Ira C 15-Oct-1989 43  
Thomasson LeRoy 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Thomasson LeRoy 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Thompson Irene S 28-Nov-1989 39 See Braihland
Thompson Robert Hume 24-Feb-1990 33 Article
Thurmond Mary F 16-Jan-1990 31 See Durnil
Thurmond Mary F 17-Jan-1990 39 See Durnil
Thurmond Edward J 3-Feb-1990 32  
Tichvinsky Marian King 18-Oct-1989 39  
Tichvinsky Marian King 19-Oct-1989 34  
Tiefenbrunn Barbara 30-Jan-1990 35  
Tilley Orbra C 7-Nov-1989 39  
Tobin Theola M 15-Mar-1990 39  
Tobin Theola M 16-Mar-1990 39  
Tompras Byron A 9-Oct-1989 39  
Torson Carl 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Torson Carl S 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Tournour Nellie M 28-Dec-1989 35  
Trapp Katherine C 29-Sep-1989 14  
Trapper Anthony D 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Trapper Anthony D 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Traughber Lowell 6-Nov-1989 39  
Travers Anthony M 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Travers William G 29-Nov-1989 39 Article
Travers Anthony M 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Trew Elise Hays 15-Oct-1989 43  
Trimmer Matthias 15-Sep-1989 38  
Trimmer Matthias 14-Jun-1989 31  
Troeger Robert W 30-Sep-1989 18  
Turner George Sr 10-Jan-1990 35 Article
Turner George B Sr 10-Jan-1990 35  
Turner Florence C 17-Jan-1990 39  
Turner Florence C 18-Jan-1990 35  
Turner Frances T 23-Jan-1990 35  
Ulrich Clara C 30-Oct-1989 39 See Buesking
Ulrich Clara C 31-Oct-1989 12 See Buesking
Unland William Edward 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Unland Archie 17-Jan-1990 39 Article
Vaccaro Catherine 21-Dec-1989 39  
Vahle Harry Kurt 13-Nov-1989 39 Article
Van Coutren James 24-Feb-1990 33  
Van Ronzelen Irma L 12-Mar-1990 39 See Binder
Van Ronzelen Irma L 13-Mar-1990 35 See Binder
Vance Vincent E 12-Dec-1989 39  
Vansaghi Louise   24-Apr-1990 26  
Vatterott Ethel M 15-Jan-1990 35 Article
Vatterott Ethel M 15-Jan-1990 35  
Vatterott Ethel M 16-Jan-1990 31  
Vaughn Acie 29-Jan-1990 35 Article
Venverloh Brigetta D 25-Oct-1989 39  
Venverloh Etta 25-Oct-1989 39  
Verde Alice G 11-Dec-1989 39  
Verde Alice G 12-Dec-1989 39  
Vevier Ersull 13-Dec-1989 39  
Vezeau Rosalie 23-Jan-1990 35  
Vierheller Louise M 10-Nov-1989 39 See McClure
Vocks Dolores Ann 24-Jan-1990 39 See Darrough
Vocks Dolores Ann 25-Jan-1990 35 See Darrough
Voelpel V Mardell 11-Oct-1989 34 See Schulte
Voelpel V Mardell 12-Oct-1989 39 See Schulte
Vogt Jeannette E 1-Nov-1989 34  
Vogt Jeannette E 2-Nov-1989 39  
Vogt Anna M 30-Nov-1989 39 Article
Volk Josephine S 30-Nov-1989 39  
Vordtriede Lena 13-Oct-1989 43 See McHenry
Vossmeyer Virgil R 1-Dec-1989 43 Article
Vossmeyer Virgil R 1-Dec-1989 43  
Vukovich Stephen J 10-Apr-1990 26  
Wagner Judith Ann 22-Nov-1989 39 See Jablonski
Wagner Judith Ann 23-Nov-1989 43 See Jablonski
Wagner Jeri Buermann 12-Jan-1990 35  
Wakefield Laverne 26-Dec-1989 35  
Wald Norma J 29-Dec-1989 39  
Walker Kathryn H 26-Oct-1989 39  
Walker John P 2-Nov-1989 39  
Walker Alice Lee 26-Dec-1989 35  
Walker Wanda 20-Feb-1990 35 Article
Wall Edith 19-Dec-1989 39  
Wall Olive M 29-Dec-1989 39  
Walters David H Jr 2-Nov-1989 39  
Walters Charles R 23-Jan-1990 35  
Walters Dean E 20-Mar-1990 35  
Walterson Rodger N 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Walterson Rodger N 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Walthal Cozetta 10-Nov-1989 39 Article
Walwark Roger Jr 13-Oct-1989 43  
Ward Richard James 17-Oct-1989 39  
Warmann Clara Anna 18-Dec-1989 39  
Warnick John P 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Warnick Jack 21-Nov-1989 39 Article
Warnol Edmund A 30-Jan-1990 35  
Wasielewski John 14-Oct-1989 18  
Wasielewski John 15-Oct-1989 43  
Watson Cornelia R 30-Oct-1989 39  
Watson Evelyn F 19-Jan-1990 39 See Kohm
Watts Jerry W 18-Mar-1990 35  
Watts Jerry W 19-Mar-1990 39  
Wavering Bertram 6-Dec-1989 35  
Weber Lena 28-Dec-1989 35 See Ferbet
Webster Henry H 5-Dec-1989 39 Article
Weidner Mamie M 30-Sep-1989 18  
Weik Lora M 2-Oct-1989 30  
Weik Lora M 3-Oct-1989 25  
Weimer Adele 25-Oct-1989 39 See Hauck
Weis Elizabeth Elva 19-Dec-1989 39  
Weis Elizabeth Elva 20-Dec-1989 39 Article
Weis Elizabeth Elva 20-Dec-1989 39  
Weller Elnor W 29-Sep-1989 14 See Hahn
Wendt Norma P 9-Nov-1989 39  
Wern Loretta M 10-Jan-1990 35 See Metz
Wesling Maude B 10-Apr-1990 26  
Westerhold Dennis L 3-Oct-1989 25  
Westhus Joseph P 20-Mar-1990 35  
Westhus Joseph P 21-Mar-1990 31  
Wetter John J 18-Oct-1989 39 Article
Wetter Jack 18-Oct-1989 39  
White Irma Lee 29-Sep-1989 14  
White Irma Lee 30-Sep-1989 18  
White Reba Lee 20-Mar-1990 35  
White  Gordon L 19-Jan-1990 39  
Wickard Donald C 23-Mar-1990 13 Article
Wideman Lloyd 12-Jan-1990 35 Article
Wideman Lloyd 12-Jan-1990 35  
Wiemer Adele 24-Oct-1989 39 See Hauck
Wiesehan Ruth C 12-Jan-1990 35  
Wigger Barbara J 13-Dec-1989 39 See Braucksieker
Wilbur Alice A 3-Feb-1990 32  
Wilkerson Jacqueline Marie 9-Oct-1989 39  
Wilkerson Jacqueline Marie 10-Oct-1989 39 See Steck
Wilkinson Alma A 22-Nov-1989 39  
Williams Dennis 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Williams Myrtle 15-Nov-1989 39 See Sharritt
Williams Ruth Irene 14-Dec-1989 39 See Ledbetter
Williams Eloise 17-Jan-1990 39 See Strother
Williams  Dennis 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Williamson Melvin 14-Mar-1990 31  
Williamson Willie 14-Mar-1990 31  
Willie Anna M 23-Nov-1989 43  
Willie  Anna M 24-Nov-1989 43  
Willmering August A 8-Nov-1989 34 Article
Wilson Asta L 16-Oct-1989 39  
Wilson Pat  16-Oct-1989 39  
Wilson William L 15-Nov-1989 39  
Wilson Elmer O 19-Dec-1989 39  
Wilson Helen I 26-Dec-1989 35  
Wilson Ida M 24-Jan-1990 39  
Wilson Ida M 25-Jan-1990 35 Article
Wilson Ida M 25-Jan-1990 35  
Wilson John E 16-Mar-1990 39  
Wilson John E 18-Mar-1990 35  
Wind Louise A 8-Dec-1989 43  
Windsor Mary M 3-Nov-1989 44  
Windt Alma A 22-Nov-1989 39 See Wilkinson
Wisely F Edwin 30-Oct-1989 39  
Wisely F Edwin 31-Oct-1989 12 Article
Witges Edward H 25-Apr-1990 26 Article
Witte Marie Ann 13-Nov-1989 39 See Priesmeyer
Witte Marie Ann 14-Nov-1989 39 See Priesmeyer
Wittenour Paul R   14-Jun-1989 31 Article
Wittner Anna 9-Nov-1989 39 See Ternak
Wlodarek Helen L 9-Oct-1989 39 See Petry
Wlodarek Helen L 10-Oct-1989 39 See Petry
Wofford Paul J 4-Oct-1989 34  
Wolfram Margaret E 1-Dec-1989 43  
Woltemath Hedwig L 22-Nov-1989 39  
Woltemath Hedwig L 23-Nov-1989 43  
Wolz Florence W 3-Nov-1989 44 See Heim
Wood Fred O 14-Dec-1989 39  
Wood Woodrow Wilson 20-Mar-1990 35 Article
Woodall W Ronald 18-Oct-1989 39 Article
Woodard Jo Louise 21-Dec-1989 39 See Boyer
Woodrome Freda I 5-Oct-1989 34  
Wright Frederick B 4-Oct-1989 34 Article
Wright Frederick B 4-Oct-1989 34  
Wright Frederick B 6-Oct-1989 38  
Wright Angela J 12-Dec-1989 39  
Yahl Margaret A 26-Dec-1989 35  
Yanoschek Pauline Clark 19-Feb-1990 39  
Yanoschek Pauline Clark 20-Feb-1990 35  
Yedlicka Juanita J 15-Oct-1989 43  
Yordt Anna M 23-Nov-1989 43 See Lowery
Yordt Anna M 24-Nov-1989 43 See Lowery
York Ruth 14-Nov-1989 39 See Ashley
Young Paula 13-Nov-1989 39  
Young Paula 14-Nov-1989 39  
Young Leona K 13-Dec-1989 39 See Siemens
Young Leona K 14-Dec-1989 39 See Siemens
Young Jeanie Orr 1-Feb-1990 35 Article
Young Dorothy 12-Mar-1990 39  
Young Mary J 25-Apr-1990 26  
Young  Mary A 24-Apr-1990 26  
Yungbluth Norma A 9-Oct-1989 39 See Guempel
Zacek William J 13-Mar-1990 35  
Zack Marie O 14-Mar-1990 31  
Zadow Antoinette M 24-Oct-1989 39  
Zahn Christine C 21-Feb-1990 28  
Zesch Walter L 2-Oct-1989 30  
Zimmer Renee Lynn 18-Dec-1989 39  
Zimmerman Frank P 15-Sep-1989 38 Name age city date only
Zimmerman Daniel P 15-Sep-1989 38  
Zimmerman Frank P 14-Jun-1989 31 Name age city date only
Zimmerman Daniel P 14-Jun-1989 31  
Zimmermann Gene P 28-Dec-1989 35  
Zimmermann DeVoe 28-Dec-1989 35  
Zimmermann Ruth 30-Jan-1990 35  
Zuck Celia 12-Nov-1989 32 See Kuba
Zweimueller Charles P 17-Mar-1990 14  
Zweimueller Vearl J 18-Mar-1990 35  
Zwirn Benjamin H 1-Nov-1989 34 Article


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