Staff Review: "God's Secretaries" by Adam Nicolson


"God's Secretaries" by Adam Nicolson is the story of the development of the King James Bible.  The author tells of the efforts and struggles to produce an English translation of the Bible, especially with competing religious factions in the wake of the Reformation. For readers who do not have a background in British history, the book does give a sufficient summary of the religious and political situation of the time in order to provide context.
The author keeps the reader's interest despite the ordinarily dense subject matter. Everyone has heard of the King James Bible but few know how it was written and translated; few also know the story of King James I himself.  This book weaves his story into the larger work.  Overall, this is a book worth reading, particularly for an infrequently written-about topic. 
--Michael B., Jamestown Bluffs Branch


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