Staff Review: "Nightworld" by F. Paul Wilson

Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson


The end of the world begins when the sun rose late one morning.  Scientists are baffled by this celestial phenomenon. The next disturbance occurs when bottomless sinkholes began to appear. When night fell, flesh-eating monsters appeared to attack the New York populace. The following pages are filled with intense action, terror, loss of hope as the world is bombarded with attacks from "The Otherness."

Mankind is doomed unless a small band of fighters led by centuries old, Glaeken, can reforge an ancient weapon to combat the evil. This is a classic battle of good versus evil or order versus chaos. Who will fall? Who will be victorious? You'll have to read this suspenseful book to find out.

It was deja vu all over again as I read "Nightworld," except it was different this time. F. Paul Wilson's "Nightworld" is a heavily revised version of a book he wrote almost 20 years ago. He merges his "Adversary Cycle" with his "Secret History of the World" series that features  Repairman Jack. If you haven't read any of Wilson's other books, you will be entirely lost in this superb supernatural thriller.  Fortunately, you will have a lot of great reading to catch up on before you tackle this one.

--Ron A., Weber Road


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