Strategic Plan

Facilities Master Plan

Strategic Planning


The mission of the St. Louis County Library District is to provide the resources and services to enrich individual minds, enhance lives and expand perspectives.


The St. Louis County Library District staff, board and community envision a future in which:

  • Every person can enjoy an intellectually and culturally rich life
  • Our community celebrates and appreciates its diversity
  • Our staff find value in their contribution to our mission
  • Our facilities will be welcoming and comfortable spaces


At St. Louis County we value:

  • Intellectual freedom and confidentiality of customers' use of the library
  • Well trained, knowledgeable, courteous and professional staff
  • Vital, relevant and effective library services
  • Responsible stewardship of the public funds
  • Diversity and the different perspectives that strengthen our community and library
  • Partnerships that contribute to library goals
  • New methods of information delivery
  • Outreach to customers beyond the walls of our physical facilities.

Planning Process

This strategic plan was developed starting in the spring of 2007. Citizens of the County assisted the Community Planning Committee with input from all library staff. The process included the following:

  • Employing Robert H. Rohlf Associates to facilitate the planning process and develop the plan, working with the Community Planning committee consisting of Library staff, citizens, and Board.
  • Working with St. Louis County Library Planner who coordinated interviews, focus groups, library data, committee structure, tabulated focus group results,  online surveys, etc.
  • Looking inside the St. Louis County Library reviewing current materials about the community including demographic data from St. Louis County; 2004 Library Residential Satisfaction Survey; St. Louis County Strategic Plan, 2000-2004; St. Louis County Strategic Planning update, 2006; 2004-2006 Library Annual Reports; 2007Library Operating budget; Reference Service: Recommendations for the Future; Building the Future.
  • Meeting with staff to communicate role of consultants in the Strategic and Facility planning process.
  • Studying trends in the inputs and outputs of library usage activities in the fiscal year 2006/2007 comparing previous years.
  • Reviewing the Public Library Association newly revised Service Responses to determine use in the new plan (listing of citizen and staff priorities for PLA Service Responses in Appendix).
  • Conducting personal interviews with Library administrative staff and Library Board.
  • Conducting interviews and focus group discussions with library staff in all job classifications.
  • Conducting interviews and focus group discussions with citizens representing various segments of the community and library customers. All who participated were asked to respond to a series of questions that would help determine strategic directions and goals. (focus group listing and summary information in the Appendix)
  • Conducting online and in-library paper survey. (survey questionnaire response and additional comments in the Appendix)
  • Visiting all library facilities by 2 or 3 members of the consulting team.
  • Reviewing comparative data of peers libraries from across the country.
  • Library Board and Community Planning committee determining new mission/vision/values for the Library System.
  • Library Board reviewing and approving mission/vision/values and six core strategic goals. (October 15, 2007)
  • Library staff writing the action plan establishing necessary steps, realistic timelines, reporting and citizen accountability.
  • Library Board approving Strategic Plan at its January 2008 meeting.


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