The Suicide Kings is to Die For

Suicide Kings


Dark humor is worth savoring like chocolate in "The Suicide Kings" with Christopher Walken. Some ivy leaguers kidnap a mafia don, but it's not just for money. While they wait for their ransom demands to be met, Denis Leary, the don's volatile lieutenant, goes searching for his boss. Featuring fine child actors that grew to be fine adult actors including Henry Thomas ("E.T."), Sean Patrick Flanery ("Young Indiana Jones"), and Johnny Galecki ("Rosanne" and "Big Bang Theory"), the acting in "Suicide Kings" is spot on throughout. The edgy dialog is so fast and cutting it's a whirling copter blade. Like most organized crime lore, there is plenty of violence though not much gunplay. Leary metes out justice with a kitchen appliance in a scene that takes my breath away despite multiple viewings. Though honor is lacking among these thieves, there is a sort of code, immoral though it may be. The plot makes switchback curves that leave the watcher reeling even as the story races to the inevitable train wreck. "Suicide Kings" has a rich script performed by actors completely invested their roles. The audience gets the payoff.

--Cindy F., Headquarters

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