Take an Imagination Vacation

10 Best of Everything by Nathaniel and Andrew Lande


As colder, gloomier November weather settles in for good, you might find yourself fantasizing about warmer, more exotic lands. If actual travel is impractical at the moment, you can still escape dreariness with a leisurely tour in some beautifully illustrated travel books. Here are a few suggestions:

In "The 10 best of everything: an ultimate guide for travelers" authors Nathaniel and Andrew Lande recommend the best beaches, spas, cathedrals, gardens, and islands in the world. The second half of the book, titled "The New Grand Tour," details itineraries for a variety of historical and literary destinations.

"The world's must-see places" allows a reader to visit the Sydney Opera House and Machu Picchu without leaving home. Unique 3-D cutaway art that lets you look inside buildings enhances the descriptions and photographs of over 100 places.

"Lonely Planet's 1000 ultimate sights" covers man-made and natural wonders, events, animals, and archaeological finds throughout the world.

--Jennifer A., Headquarters


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