The Three Richards

The Three Richards: Richard I, Richard II and Richard III

The Three Richards:  Richard I, Richard II and Richard III by Nigel Saul.

On first glance, the title of this book would leave the reader wondering how three English kings, each separated by decades from the next and of different dynasties, could be combined into one book based solely on their names; it would be akin to a book linking James Madison, James Buchanan, and Jimmy Carter, yet Nigel Saul compiles enough information to pull it off. The author describes ruling styles, religious tendencies, and even similarities with their deaths to link all three. From internal disputes and challenges to the throne to efforts at launching crusades, the book ties three seemingly unrelated historical figures into one narrative that makes the reader appreciate the work done to tell the stories of these three kings of England. 

--Michael B., Jamestown Bluffs Branch

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