Twisted Rhymes and Characters

"Spinster Goose" by Lisa Wheeler

"Spinster Goose: Twisted Rhymes for Naughty Children" by Lisa Wheeler and Sophie Blackall is an amusing adaptation of well-known Mother Goose rhymes. There is a forward by Mother Goose which explains how she sends naughty children to her sister, Spinster Goose who has a school for miscreants. In rhyme and in amusing artwork, a host of bad children are dealt with at Spinster's school.

There's the gum chewer, the thief, the chalk eater, the ditchers, the bully, the loser, the thumb-sucker, the dirty kid, the hair twirler, Humpty Dumpty, the cheater, the interrupter, the fibber and the tattletale.  The school's teachers and staff are not exactly first rate either, and the cooks, the substitute teachers, the custodian and Spinster Goose herself are skewered in rhyme.

It's a fun book and it helps if you're familiar with the rhymes on which each is based. My favorite is The Fibber, which starts:

Mary had a little lamb.
She said it was a horse.
But anyone with eyes could see
It was a lamb, of course.


The illustrations accentuate the wacky school. Spinster Goose has a goose's head and a human body. The swearer is half wool/half human. Some characters are all human. So, it's not just the rhymes that are twisted in this fun book. 

--Julie C., Headquarters

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