The Untouchables

"You Changed My Life" by Abdel Sellou

What does the music of Earth, Wind and Fire have to do with a French subtitled film about a quadriplegic nobleman and his caretaker from the projects? Watch "The Untouchables" and find out.

This Golden Globe nominated comedy/drama broke box office records in its native France. On-location scenery, smart dialogue and '70s funk music make for some uplifting movie moments.

Based on a true story, the film delicately and humorously tells the story of two men from vastly different lifestyles who come together when one becomes the others caregiver. Their story says a lot about what truly paralyzes a person.

Reminiscent of a French "Rain Main," this film may not be everyone's cup of champagne,  but I found "The Intouchables" very touching. You can also check out the basis for this true story in the book, "You Changed My Life".

--Laura S., Sachs Branch

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