"Vanished. Books one & two" by Meg Cabot


A few months ago while scrolling through old television shows on Netflix, I ran across a series called "Missing" that sounded interesting. At the end of the episode, there was a note that said it was based on a series of books written by Meg Cabot under the pen name of Jenny Carroll. I decided to check it out in the library's catalog and found the first two books in the series under the title of "Vanished. Books one & two."

Take a teenage girl who is headstrong and quick tempered, mix in a bolt of lightning, toss in missing children and you have the basic premise for "Vanished. Books one & two." When Jessica "Jess" Mastriani and her best friend Ruth take shelter under metal bleachers during a thunderstorm, Jess is struck by lightning. After the incident, Jess discovers she has the ability to locate missing persons while dreaming. When she calls the hotline number 1-800-Where-R-U to inform the authorities, her world is forever changed.

Reporters hound her. Her classmates nickname her the Lightning Girl. The phone rings constantly with calls from desperate people who want her to locate missing loved ones. The FBI want to enlist her aid in tracking down terrorists...and they want to study her to see how her power works. Jess enlists her friend Rob to "rescue" her from the government incarceration.

Book One is entitled "When Lightning Strikes" and Book Two is "Operation: Cassandra." Both books blend action, humor and teenage angst. "Vanished. Books one & two" may be found in the Teen Fiction shelves of your local library or you may request it here.

--Ron A., Weber Road




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