Wayward Saints

"Wayward Saints" by Suzzy Roche


Suzzy Roche, youngest sister in the trio known as The Roches, has written "Wayward Saints" her first literary offering. Roche has had an amazing career with and without her sisters, Maggie and Terre. She's acted on the big screen in "Crossing Delancey" and on the New York stage. She's a talented guitarist and vocalist with two solo CDs in addition to those made with the group.           

"Wayward Saints" is a quick read and is populated with a variety of quirky characters. The main character, Mary Saint, is on the downside of her rock and roll career. Never having hit it BIG, Mary Saint is making the transition to the life of a regular person. When she gets a job in a coffee shop, Mary disguises herself with a wig, but her serious fans recognize her any way.  

The book's plot is pretty straightforward--Mary gets an invitation to sing at her old high school even though she hasn't been home since running away from her abusive father as a teen. The upcoming concert complicates the life of Jean Saint, Mary's mother, but she desperately longs to see her daughter again.

It's a good debut novel and, as an ardent fan of The Roches, I hope Suzzy continues to write, perform and produce art of one kind or another. Most of the reviews were good, lauding her for giving an insider's look at the music business, especially for those who never become superstars. 

--Julie C., Headquarters

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