Weight Loss Made Logical

Weight Loss Made Logical

Charles D'Angelo spoke at Headquarters on April 25 to an audience hungry for tips on how to diet successfully. What they got was an inspiring pep talk about how to think of eating not as a diet, but as a part of a commitment to health, intelligence and purposeful living. "Think and grow thin : the revolutionary diet & weight-loss system that will change your life in 88 days" is D'Angelo's book, which I have not read, but if it's anything like the author's program, it must be a no-nonsense  guide to getting control of your life and eating.

The author lost 160 lbs using this plan, and the book is endorsed by none other than former President Bill Clinton. Clinton, who used to be a poster boy for bad eating, has lost considerable weight in his post-presidential years. Regardless of your politics, you may give credence to his testimony in this realm. The audience included several of D'Angelo's clients who praised him and the plan glowingly.

D'Angelo suggests that you define your goal and the reasons to achieve it. Then make a map to get there. When it comes to eating, be strategic with your choices in food.

"Eliminate spontaneity," he said, because it leads to bad eating. Do not let circumstances drive you. Confront your fear. Wake up. Get real and "choose the best for yourself."

Charles D'Angelo is a likeable fellow and I predict great things for him. He is jovial as well as driven by his goals to share what he learned about diet, exercise and life. 

--Julie C., Headquarters

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