Within Temptation is Very Tempting

Within Temptation by The Unforgiving


Fans of goth from Evanescence and The Fallen, should consider checking out "Within Temptation" from a Dutch band called The Unforgiving. The Unforgiving features a female lead vocalist with a full-bodied delivery, lots of fast guitar riffs, and the epic bombast that makes goth so engrossing. Within Temptation is a concept album based on a series of short films and graphic novels, but The Unforgiving rise above the normal concept album constraints because the songs stand on their own. Themes of good against evil and a torrid, star-crossed affair run throughout, but the hooks and choruses are magnetic. Even having no idea of the storyline, there is a desire to twist the knob on the car's CD player to maximum volume.

--Cindy F., Headquarters

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