A Working Theory of Love

"A Working Theory of Love" by Scott Hutchins

Neill is a divorced, mid-30s guy living in San Francisco and stumbling though life. He works for a start-up company that is attempting to create the first truly intelligent computer. The computer is modeled on his father, who committed suicide in 1996 and left more than 20 years of journals. Using these journals as a starting point, Neill and his partners begin to develop a computer that has a back story and can, hopefully, look forward.

"A Working Theory of Love" captures the struggles of someone who has no idea what he should be doing with his life, much less in the world at large. Neill labors to understand his parents, his upbringing, and the loss of his father. Several women enter and exit his life, including his ex-wife, but fail to stir him beyond his simple existence.  This is an intriguing book that will leave you wondering the "what ifs" of Neill's life as he does the same. This is Scott Hutchins first novel, but hopefully not his last.

--Keir H., Cliff Cave Branch


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