You Can Warm to these Zombies

Warm Bodies

"Warm Bodies" gives romance a zombie twist. Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, is foraging for supplies after a virus has decimated humankind, when she and her party are attacked by zombies. It turns out, zombies experience the memories of their victims after they eat their brains. So when "R," played in a gloriously understated way by Nicholas Hoult, makes a meal of Julie's boyfriend he likes her enough to take her home. Julie finds herself at the airport, peopled with zombies and bonies, skeletal beings who have abandoned all hope. While alone with R she realizes there are still traces of his humanity left, not only did he save her, but he has a vinyl record collection and decorated his plane in a rather eclectic style. Trying to fit in with the zombie crowd is more challenging than Julie expected. She and R decide she needs to return to her own kind. But don't worry, it doesn't follow the normal road trip movie formula any more than it follows the typical romance.

A real charmer, "Warm Bodies" embraces the complications of having a romantic interest who is a zombie. First of all, he's dead. Second, he ate her last boyfriend's brain. R engages the audience through a narration that is both revealing and hilarious. "Warm Bodies" shows us love is a force of nature with unexpected consequences - even for zombies.

--Cindy F., Headquarters

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