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2015-2016 Mark Twain Award Nominees

The Water Castle

"The Water Castle" by Megan Frazer Blakemore


Moving into an inherited mansion in Maine with their mother and stroke-afflicted father, three siblings uncover a mystery involving hidden passageways, family rivalries, and healing waters.                                            
Navigating Early

"Navigating Early" by Clare Vanderpool

An Odyssey-like adventure of two boys' incredible quest on the Appalachian Trail where they deal with pirates, buried secrets, and extraordinary encounters.                          

Counting by 7s

"Counting by 7s" by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Twelve-year-old genius and outsider Willow Chance must figure out how to connect with other people and find a surrogate family for herself after her parents are killed in a car accident.                                           

Dorko the Magnificent

"Dorko the Magnificent" by Andrea Beaty

Robbie Darko is an old-school, pull-a-rabbit-out-of-your-hat-style magician, but despite his best efforts, something always goes wrong with his tricks until crotchety Grandma Melvyn moves in and teaches him something about the true meaning of magic.                                                                            


"Jinx" by Sage Blackwood

A young boy named Jinx encounters magic and danger as he grows up in the deep, dark forest known as the Urwald and discovers that the world beyond--and within--the Urwald is more complex than he could imagine.                                          
Will in Scarlet

"Will in Scarlet" by Matthew Cody

In the late 1100s, thirteen-year-old Will, the future Lord of Shackley, is exiled to Sherwood Forest, where he meets Robin Hood and the Merry Men and bands with them to try to retake Shackley Castle.                                                                             

 A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel

"The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death and a Boy Called Eel" by Deborah Hopkinson

Eel, an orphan, and his best friend Florrie must help Dr. John Snow prove that cholera is spread through water, and not poisonous air, when an epidemic sweeps across their London neighborhood in 1854.                                                                                  

What We Found in the Sofa and How It Saved the World

"What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World" by Henry Clark

Finding a rare zucchini-colored crayon leads twelve-year-old River Monroe and his friends on an adventure with their eccentric neighbor to save Earth from invading interstellar storm troopers.                                  

Al Capone Does My Homework

"Al Capone Does My Homework" by Gennifer Choldenko

Moose Flanagan, who lives on Alcatraz along with his family and the families of the other prison guards, faces new challenges when his father is promoted to Associate Warden                                        
Gaby, Lost and Found

"Gaby, Lost and Found" by Angela Cervantes

Gaby Howard loves volunteering at the local animal shelter. Her mother has been deported to Honduras and Gaby is stuck living with her inattentive dad. She's confident that her mom will come home soon so that they can adopt Gaby's favorite shelter cat together. But Gaby worries that her plans for the perfect family are about to fall apart.

 The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

"Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin" by Liesl Shurtliff

Relates the tale of Rumpelstiltskin's childhood and youth, explaining why his name is so important, how he is able to spin straw into gold, and why a first-born child is his reward for helping the miller's daughter-turned-queen.                                          

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

"Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library" by Chris Grabenstein

Twelve-year-old Kyle gets to stay overnight in the new town library, designed by his hero (the famous gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello), with other students but finds that come morning he must work with friends to solve puzzles in order to escape                                                           

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