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2013-2014 Show Me Readers Award Nominees

"Painter and Ugly" by Robert Blake

Painter and Ugly, two sled dogs who are inseparable best friends, are put on different teams for the Junior Iditarod, but they manage to find their way back to one another for the big race. 

"Willow and the Snow Day Dance" by Denise Brennan-Nelson

When Willow's family moves to a new home, she makes friends with all of the neighbors, even unsmiling Mr. Larch, through her letters inviting each to be as generous as she is.                                            

"Peanut Butter and Homework Sandwiches" by Lisa Broadie Cook

When his teacher is out sick for a week, Martin MacGregor has a difficult time with the homework assigned by the substitute teacher. 

"The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town" by Mary Casanova

When outlaw Dirk Yeller arrives in Cowtown looking for something to take away his cat-scratch fever, young Sam, whose pa says he is "a world-a-trouble and curious as a tomcat," knows just what this dangerous and jittery criminal needs to calm him down.                                             

"Princess Kim and Too Much Truth" by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Young Kim discovers that there is a difference between being honest and always speaking the truth.                                             

"Charlie the Ranch Dog" by Ree Drummond

While Charlie, a sleepy basset hound, tells about the busy life of a ranch dog, his best friend Suzie, a Jack Russell terrier, is getting the work done.                                            

"Grandpa's Tractor" by Michael Garland

Grandpa Joe brings his grandson, Timmy, back to the site of the family farm. The visit brings back many memories, which Grandpa Joe shares with Timmy. His fondest memory, however, is of his father's red tractor.                                        

"Three Hens and a Peacock" by Lester L. Laminack

When life on the Tucker farm is disrupted by the arrival of a peacock, whose shrieking and strutting bring many welcome visitors, the hens complain that they are doing all of the work until the hound suggests a trade.                                           

"A Book for Black-Eyed Susan" by Judy Young


While traveling along the Oregon Trail, ten-year-old Cora and her newborn baby sister suffer the loss of their mother and are separated, but Cora stitches a book to tell the dark-eyed baby of their journey and family.                                             

"A Pet for Miss Wright" by Judy Young

A lonely writer searches for the perfect pet to keep her company in her solitary work. 

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