Handouts Policy

(Adopted by the Library Board on July 21, 2008.  Revised on June 15, 2009.)

Handout materials such as brochures and flyers will be accepted by St. Louis County Library for distribution or posting from organizations that are legal and not-for-profit. There is no guarantee to post materials, keep them posted or have them available for pickup. Space will dictate this decision.

Materials should be legible and neat in appearance. Materials advocating or soliciting support for one candidate or cause and those promoting fundraising for non-library or Library Foundation related events or activities will not be accepted. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the library director or the director's designee.

Library management must approve any item to be posted or made available to the public. Materials may be left at one location for distribution to other locations but St. Louis County Library cannot guarantee to deliver such materials to meet any deadline.

St. Louis County Library facilities will not be used as distribution points for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other formats published on a regular schedule. Exceptions may be made for publications of government or tax-supported organizations following approval by library administration.

Official public notices must be posted. However, approval should be obtained from library management before the notice is posted.

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