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Please use this form to suggest titles you would like us to consider for purchase. If you would like to be notified if the suggestion is declined, please provide an email address.

Purchasing popular movies and titles by bestselling authors is part of the library's normal collection practice: there is no need to submit purchase requests for this type of material. We are unable to process DVD requests more than a month prior to the library release date. Please continue to check the catalog for the title you are interested in, and place a hold if it is available. If the DVD does not appear in our catalog by the DVD release date, you may submit a purchase request.

Title suggestions are evaluated for purchase based on St. Louis County Library's Collection Development Policy, budget constraints, and the item's availability. We reserve the right to limit the number of requests an individual may submit.

Due to a Yahoo update earlier this year, purchase requests from library patrons with "" as part of their email address were not getting through to our server between May 1 and September 17, 2015. The issue has been corrected. Library staff will process those missing purchase requests over the next several weeks.

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