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Other Items for Check Out

St. Louis County Library offers a variety of unique items for check-out. All of the items below can be checked out for 21-days with a valid SLCL card. View borrowing loan period and item limits.

Blood Pressure Kits

Use your library card to check out a kit for monitoring your blood pressure provided in partnership with the American Heart Association. Each kit contains a blood pressure cuff, monitor, tear-off log, informational booklet and carrying case that can be checked out for 3 weeks from any SLCL branch. 


Patrons can check out binoculars for use in their own backyards, at the zoo, concerts or sporting events. The program is a partnership with the St. Louis Astronomical Society.

Chromebook and Hotspot kits

Each kit contains everything needed to connect to the internet at home, including a Chromebook and a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Disc Golf Kits 

Use your St. Louis County Library card to check out a disc golf kit! Each kit contains everything you need for a round–discs (driver, mid-range, putter) and a case. Kits are available to check-out for 21-days at any SLCL branch.

Fishing Equipment 

Patrons can choose from a fishing pole or a kit that comes with a pole and a tackle box. The fishing equipment is provided through a partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Fort Building Kits

Check out a fort building kit from St. Louis County Library and take your creative play to the next level! Each kit contains plastic tubes and connectors, as well as instructions to create a variety of different shapes and structures.

Musical Instruments 

The current collection includes ukuleles, acoustic guitars, banjos, bongos, keyboards, xylophones, bass guitars, box drums, electric guitars and djembes. Instructional music books and DVDs are included with most of the instruments, along with a hard case to protect it from damage.

Oral History Kits

Each kit contains a portable recorder and lavalier mic, as well as a memory card and adapter. There is also a folder with instructions and resources for conducting oral history interviews from the History & Genealogy Department. Kits can be checked out for 3 weeks with a valid St. Louis County Library card. 

Pickleball Kits

Pickleball Kits contain a set of 4 graphite pickleball paddles, 4 balls (two for indoor and two for outdoor play), and a carrying case. The kits can be checked out for 21 days at any SLCL branch. 

Portable Projectors

Portable projectors are perfect for outdoor movies, business presentations and other creative ideas such as gaming and art projects. 


All SLCL branches have a selection of puzzles for all age groups. Visit your local branch to see what’s available. 

Sci-finders Kits

Sci-finders kits contain everything parents and kids need to engage in hands-on activities at home. The kits can be checked out by anyone with a valid, adult SLCL library card. Each kit comes equipped with learning activities and experiments centered on a variety of science and technology topics.

Tabletop Games

A variety of tabletop games are available including Catan, Star Wars Rebellion, Kingdom Builder, Karuba and more.


Telescopes come with instructions and hints on where to look for various constellations. The Borrow a Telescope program is made possible by donations from the Astronomical Society and the St. Louis County Library Foundation.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Access the internet on the go, anywhere, any time with a mobile Hotspot. Free mobile internet access is being provided by the St. Louis County Library through T-Mobile.