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“Reflection: A Twisted Tale” by Elizabeth Lim

You know Mulan’s story, right? Mulan goes into the army in her father’s place dressed as a boy. Goes from pathetic wimp to a great soldier. Saves China from the Huns.

What if Mulan is not injured during the avalanche, but Li Shang is injured so badly his spirit goes into the Underworld? Of course, Mulan has to go after him! However, King Yama is not going to make things easy for her. Along with the Li family guardian, Mulan (still going by Ping) must bring Shang back before sunrise or be trapped in Diyu forever.

Reflection” by Elizabeth Lim picks up the Mulan story at the fateful battle at Tung Shao Pass and provides plenty of action sequences that would make Percy Jackson fans happy. This is a promising first for the Disney Twisted Tales.

School Library Journal recommends “Reflections” for grades 6-9.

--Desiree S., Youth Services