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11 New & Renovated Branches Now Complete

The Your Library Renewed campaign has reached a major milestone! Eleven new and renovated branches are now complete, marking the end of Phase 1. Construction began in 2014, which means 11 projects were completed in just under two years.

See photos of the new and renovated branches.

Patrons have been thrilled with the updated branches; some locations have seen double digit increases in usage. While each location has its own unique look and feel there are some new features that have been added to all of the updated branches, including family restrooms, quiet reading rooms, private study rooms, comfortable seating and new shelving.

Phase II begins this fall when three branches close for renovations: Bridgeton Trails, Florissant Valley and Daniel Boone. These locations will close at 5:00 p.m. on the date listed below:

  • Bridgeton Trails-October 22, 2016
  • Florissant Valley-October 29, 2016
  • Daniel Boone-November 5, 2016

During construction, patrons will be directed to nearby SLCL locations where they can pick up holds and receive normal library service.

  • Daniel Boone holds will go to Grand Glaize
  • Bridgeton Trails holds will go to Rock Road
  • Florissant Valley holds will go to Jamestown Bluffs

The Bridgeton Trails and Florissant Valley branches will be closed for 6-9 months for renovations. The Daniel Boone Branch will be closed for approximately 12 months (this location is getting a 10,000 square foot addition). This timeline is subject to change.

Learn more about the Phase II projects at