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2019 Write Stuff Contest Grades 3-5 Winners

SLCL received over 250 entries for the 2019 Write Stuff Contest!

Here are the top two entries for grades 3-5.

1st Place: Billy and His Hair by Joey G.

Grade 5

Billy and His Hair

A very hairy 8-year-old named Billy goes to school. Billy was not looking forward to school. To him, school was like a seven-hour trip in the landfill buried in plastic and bugs. This was because all of his classmates called him “Old Bill” and tried to be mean to him because of his appearance. For example, they invaded his personal space and tried to take his things.

Billy was so tired of the bullying that his mother had to drag him out of bed and to the breakfast table. Billy was trying so hard to not hurt himself on the bumpy stairs that he ended up with a paper cut on his paper drawing of an immense elephant from when he was 3 years old. Billy thought, “I am not getting made fun of one more time. I’m going to cut my hair tonight.”

Billy went to school and had to sit at the corner of the cafeteria where he could not be seen. The trash cans shielded him when he sat at the tiny corner table. Billy always tried to get this table because if he sat anywhere else, his lunch would be taken and eaten by one of his classmates. After the school day, he went back home and cut his hair until he looked like a normal boy.

When he woke up the next morning, he looked at himself in the mirror and screamed, “AAAH! A MONSTER IN THE MIRROR!” He ran away as fast as he could and bumped into his panicked mother who said, “Go away from me, you monster,” before Billy dashed out the door into the frigid snowy weather. He went into his classroom and before he could say, “No one is making fun of me,” a child named Joe yelled, “INTRUDER!”

The school was in total panic as Billy sneaked out of the window while trying to find a hair salon to get some fake hair. He was then ambushed by the police who asked him for his parents’ phone numbers. He gave the police the information. The police took him home after confirming he was Billy by comparing his voice to a recording of him talking about a project at school.

His parents glued his original hair onto him after hugging him. They let him stay home for two days because of this incident. When Billy went back to school, he had learned how to ignore the bullying. He had finally learned that he was good no matter how he looked and changing his looks would only make the situation worse.


2nd Place: Stone Town by Charlotte P.

Grade 5


You wake up with a start, your heart is pounding. You look outside and as the morning is rising, the clouds continue to pour sheets of rain. You think the rain would never end, but at least, you might not have to work. You look at your clock, it reads “6:45 A.M,” but when you       pick up your phone, the time reads “3:33 A.M.” You are deeply confused by this, but decide you could sleep for another hour or two. Suddenly the cat, Mylo, mewls beside you.

“Hi Mylo,” you say in a soft voice, you start to pet him gently. He purrs loudly, you realize your husband isn’t in bed with you. He’s probably with Xavier. You try to fall asleep, and after a while, you finally find yourself sleeping.


“He-hello?!” you scream in fear, “is anyone there?!” There’s no response besides a small chuckle that you know could only be your dream demon; you feel it getting closer and closer to you. You feel your eyes water, your knees become weak, you fall on your hands and knees; you feel a quick wind blow past you.

“Hello,” the demon rushes into your face with the evilest of grins.

“Stop-get away from me!” you holler at him. Your instincts told you not to do this but you stared deeply into his eyes. And out of the blue…


You wake up, panicked, you frantically race to get out of bed only to trip on your phone charger wire and slam your face into the wall. “AAAGGGGHHH!!!” you scream, leaning back to fall into bed. Trying to cool yourself down, you look outside. On the bright side,the rain has stopped. You pick up your cell phone, turn it on, and the screen reads “8:45 A.M.”. Perfect, you thought, I’ll have about an hour to get ready and get to work. You grab your clothes and take them into the bathroom to take a shower. You turn the knobs to the shower, they screech as the water comes on. You hate this sound and it triggers the darkness of your dream, What a scary dream, you think. You slip out of your clothes and take a shower.On your way into work, you realize no one is outside. How strange, you think. The town that was always so busy, to be now, so deserted. Even though this is strange you have to get to work.. When you get to the job site, you pull out your tool belt and strap it on. You are in a bright mood, so you cheer out a friendly hello to your coworkers only to realize, no one seems to recognize you.

“What’s the matter with you guys? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” you say.

Your foreman, Alexander, looks incredibly confused. “Umm we don't know who you are… But you look like the mother of Xavier”

…“But they died two weeks ago…” One of them interrupts