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Bethlehem Lutheran Church | Colecamp, Benton County, Missouri

Lutheran Church records held by the History and Genealogy Department

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Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1911-
Cole Camp, Missouri
Benton County

Located 6 miles southeast of Cole Camp, this congregation existed in the 1800s but disbanded before the turn of the century. None of the older records exist. The congregation reestablished itself in 1911 but did not have its own resident pastor until the year 1965. It was often served by the minister from Mount Hulda Lutheran Church in Indian Creek. It also shared its pastor with the congregation at Monsees, formerly Immanuel Lutheran Church.

See also "Hier snackt wi Plattdütsch = Here we speak low German," R 977.849 H633

Text in English and German.

SLCL roll

Book no.

Ministerial Act


Concordia Roll


36 III Membership Register 1934-1960 1506 p. 1-9
36 III Baptism 1912-1980 1506 p. 25-33
36 III Confirmation 1912-1977 1506 p. 117-122
36 III Marriage 1913-1981 1506 p. 149-152
36 III Burial 1912-1981 1506 p. 197-203
36 III Chronicle & Articles   1506