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"Bob" by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead


bobysbookcoverWhen Livvy goes to Australia to visit her Grandma for the first time in five years, she remembers a few things about her last visit. But she doesn’t remember the small, green, goblin-like creature living in the closet of her mom’s old bedroom. His name is Bob, and he’s dressed in a chicken costume, and he’s been waiting five long years for Livvy to return to him. Livvy feels responsible for finding out where Bob came from and sets out to remember the past in order to find Bob’s home. Unfortunately, the land is in the middle of a terrible drought, and Livvy’s grandma might be kicked off her land before Livvy finds answers. Will Bob ever remember where he came from?


"Bob" by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead is recommended for grades 3-7.


--Andrea W., Youth Services