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Catholic Priests in St. Louis | C – E

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Names in this index were compiled from the following sources:     

  • Official Catholic Directory, 1841, 1844, 1846 – 1861, 1864 – 1870 (available years)
  • St. Louis City Directories, 1870, 1872, 1874 – 1900 (available years)
Name Parish Dates
Callaghan, Michael Jesuit 1866–1869
Calmer, Henry St. Francis Xavier 1899-1900
Camelly, M. St. Joseph 1890
Canning, C. M. Holy Name 1896-1898
Canning, Charles St. Lawrence O'Toole 1895
Capezuto, R. Cathedral 1861
Carney, Patrick J. Immaculate Conception 1900
Carrell, George Jesuit 1846–1847
Carrol, George St. Francis Xavier 1844
Carroll, P. J. A. Annunciation 1884-1888
Carroll, Philip J. A. St. Kevin 1891
Carroll, Phillip St. Teresa 1890
Casey, E. St. Bridget 1883
Casey, E. A. St. James 1898-1900
Cellini, Francis Cathedral 1846–1849
Chambers, Thomas Jesuit 1866
Chambers, Thomas B St. Francis Xavier 1882-1890
Clark, P. T. St. Mary–Bridgeton 1869
Clarke, D. W. St. Teresa 1898-1900
Cleary, F. St. Martin 1864
Cleary, F. St. Mary–Bridgeton 1864
Clevinghaus Sts. Peter and Paul 1866
Coffey, James T. Annunciation 1888-1890
Coffey, James T. St. John 1890-1900
Coghlan, J. St. Francis Xavier 1864–1865
Colleton, P. Jesuit 1864
Collins, J. A. St. Kevin 1899
Collins, Jos. A. St. Agnes 1900
Collins, M. D. St. John 1898
Condon, J. D. St. Ann (County) 1880
Conig, P. Jesuit 1860–1861
Connolley, J. A. St. Columbkille 1879
Connolly, J. A. Immaculate Conception 1883
Connolly, J. A. St. Teresa 1893-1900
Connoly, J. A. St. Bridget 1884-1886
Converse, J. Jesuit 1857
Converse, James St. Francis Xavier 1866–1868
Cook, Louis St. Alphonsus 1875-1876
Cooney, T. Immaculate Conception 1887-1888
Cooney, Thomas Assumption 1892-1896
Cooney, Thomas J. St. Bridget 1891
Cooney, Thomas J. St. Mark 1897-1899
Coope, H. St. Vincent de Paul 1864
Coosemans, Ferdinand Jesuit 1852–1854,1858–1869
Coppens, C. Jesuit 1866–1869
Corbett, M. St. Francis Xavier 1885-1888
Corbett, Michael Jesuit 1859–1861
Corbett, Michael St. Ferdinand 1858
Corbett, Michael St. Francis Xavier 1857,1864–1869
Corbett, Michael J. St. Francis de Sales 1886-1888
Cornely, M. St. Joseph 1884-1886
Costa, Emanuel Jesuit 1853
Cotting, James St. Francis Xavier 1844
Coveney, J. Jesuit 1857–1858
Coyle, Eugene Old Cathedral 1887-1900
Coyle, Eugene St. Patrick 1885-1886
Crane, P. P. SS Mary & Joseph 1900
Cropan, P, Immaculate Conception 1870
Cruse, Joseph Holy Rosary 1899-1900
Cummings, J. St. Malachy 1864
Cuppens, J. V. St. Ann (County) 1882-1884
Curran, Francis Old Cathedral 1878
Curran, John St. Kevin 1888
Dahmen, Francis X. St. Vincent de Paul 1844–1852
Daley, John Holy Angels 1900
Daley, Thomas G. SS Mary & Joseph 1876-1886
Dalton, William Annunciation 1870
Damen, Arnold Jesuit 1844
Damen, Arnold St. Francis Xavier 1847–1857
De Coen, Francis St. Francis Xavier 1853–1855
De Marchi, Joseph Vincentian 1848
De Meester, Peter Jesuit 1857–1861
De Smet, P. J. Jesuit 1850–1869
DeMeeter, Peter J. St. Ann (County) 1888-1892
DeMeeter, Peter J. St. Thomas of Aquin 1874-1875
Dempf, Anton St. Francis de Sales 1893-1899
Dempsey, D. J. Old Cathedral 1879
Dempsey, E. J. Visitation 1900
Dempsey, T. Holy Angels 1895-1896
Dempsey, Timothy Assumption 1897-1898
Dempsey, Timothy St. Patrick 1899-1900
Dette, T. A. St. Agatha 1895
Devos, P. Jesuit 1841
Di Maria, F. X. St. Francis Xavier 1857
Di Maria, Francis Jesuit 1844,1847–1848,1860
Di Maria, T. St. Francis Xavier 1861
Dickneit, Raynerius St. Anthony 1867–1869
Diel, J. F. M. St. James 1896-1898
Dillon, J. J. Immaculate Conception 1893-1894
Dillon, John J. Our Lady Mt. Carmel 1887-1892
Dillon, John J. St. Mark 1895-1896
Dobbener, Caspar Holy Trinity 1857–1865
Dobbener, Caspar Sts. Peter and Paul 1856
Dodsworth, Cyril St. Alphonsus 1885-1887
Doherty, David St. Thomas of Aquin 1884
Doherty, David J. Old Cathedral 1876
Doherty, O. J. St. Patrick 1877
Dold, L. Cathedral 1867–1869
Donnelly, Peter Cathedral 1864–1866
Donnelly, Peter Hospital Chapel 1850–1861
Donnelly, Peter St. Martin 1846–1849
Donnelly, Peter St. Peter 1844–1849
Donohoe, P. St. Columbkille 1883-1886
Donohue, P. St. Patrick 1893-1894
Dooley, Patrick Assumption 1895-1900
Dornseiffer, J. Sts. Peter and Paul 1859–1861
Dougherty, James St. Lawrence O'Toole 1870
Dougherty, John Annunciation 1874-1876
Downing, J. J. St. Vincent de Paul 1896-1898
Druyts, J. B. Jesuit 1844–1861
Duchow, Milo Holy Trinity (Slavish) 1899
Duerink, John Jesuit 1848
Duggan, James Cathedral 1850–1854,1859
Duggan, James Diocesan Seminary 1849
Duggan, James Immaculate Conception 1855–1858
Duggan, James St. Patrick 1848
Dumortier, Louis Jesuit 1848–1849,1858
Dunn, James A. St. Malachy 1870-1872
Eisenbasler, George St. Francis de Sales 1900
Elet, J. Jesuit 1849–1851
Emig, J. B. Jesuit 1855–1861
Emmauel, George St. Anthony Hermit 1899-1900
Enright, T. St. Alphonsus 1870
Etten, Lambert St. Joseph 1880-1895
Eustace, Andrew St. Michael 1874-1892