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Catholic Priests in St. Louis | F – G

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Names in this index were compiled from the following sources:     

  • Official Catholic Directory, 1841, 1844, 1846 – 1861, 1864 – 1870 (available years)
  • St. Louis City Directories, 1870, 1872, 1874 – 1900 (available years)
Name Parish Dates
Fabry, Henry Holy Ghost 1900
Faerber, N. St. Mary of Victories 1869
Faerber, W. St. Mary Victories 1870-1900
Faitlik, Benedict St. Wenceslaus 1897
Farrelly, P. Cathedral 1855
Fastre, Jos. Ant. Jesuit 1852–1858
Faulhaber, Bonaventure St. Anthony 1876
Feehan, P. Diocesan Seminary 1853,1855–1857
Feehan, P. Immaculate Conception 1859–1865
Feehan, P. St. Michael 1858
Fenlon, E. Annunciation 1869
Fenlon, E. St. Bridget 1872-1900
Fenlon, E. Visitation 1884-1899
Filling, Chas. St. Francis Xavier 1876-1877
Finnerty, R. A. Annunciation 1892
Fisch, W. Sts. Mary and Joseph 1858
Fisch, Wm. Diocesan Seminary 1854
Fischer/Fisher, Joseph P. St. Mary of Victories 1844–1856
Fisher, John Cathedral 1841
Fitnam, J. St. Bridget 1854–1856
Fitnam, J. St. Patrick 1853
Fitzpatrick, E. Annunciation 1868
Fitzpatrick, E. St. Bridget 1865–1867
Fitzpatrick, E. St. Vincent de Paul 1872-1874
Fitzpatrick, E. St. Vincent de Paul 1869
Fitzpatrick, Ed. J. St. Teresa 1875
Flanagan, J. J. Holy Name 1890-1895
Flanagan, J. J. St. Teresa 1876-1890
Flannery, M. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1864
Fleming, Patrick Diocesan Seminary 1850–1851
Foley, J. St. Patrick 1884
Foley, J. T. Holy Angels 1885-1894
Foley, J. T. St. Kevin 1895-1898
Foley, Jeremiah T. St. Cronan 1899-1900
Foley, P. St. John 1870
Fontbonne, James Cathedral 1841
Fontbonne, James Sts. Mary and Joseph 1844
Fox, J. Assumption 1870
Fox, J. Assumption 1869
Frasi, Alex. Vincentian 1848
Friedrick, Francis Jesuit 1849
Fritzpatrick, E. St. Vincent de Paul 1872
Fromchi, Carlo St. Lawrence O'Toole 1875
Frueh, U. SS Peter & Paul 1883
Fugel, J. St. Augustine 1895-1896
Furlong, J. J. Assumption 1889
Gadalle, J. A. St. Bridget 1890
Gadell, John L. St. Mary Victories 1880
Gagnepain, U. St. Vincent de Paul 1859
Gallagher, F. P. St. Teresa 1870-1875
Gallagher, F. R. St. Bridget 1882
Gallagher, Francis P. St. Theresa 1866–1869
Gamber, G. St. Boniface 1861
Gamber, G. Sts. Mary and Joseph 1860
Garesche, F. P. St. Francis Xavier 1866–1868
Garesche, Frederic Jesuit 1858–1861
Garthoeffner, Aloysius St. Mary Victories 1897-1900
Garvin, J. W. St. Leo 1900
Gavin, J. W. St. Cronan 1898
Gavin, W. St. Bridget 1889
Gebhardt, Remigius Assumption 1851–1852
Geers, H. SS Peter & Paul 1889-1900
Geers, Henry B. St. Mary Victories 1887
Geisert, Henry A. St. Teresa 1900
Genelli, Christopher Jesuit 1850–1851
Genelli, Christopher St. Joseph 1849
Gerardey, F. Cathedral 1867–1868
Geunther, Wm. St. Francis de Sales 1876
Gilfillian, Francis St. Louis Cathedral (New) 1898-1900
Girardey, F. St. Alphonsus 1895-1898
Girse, John H. St. Agatha 1896-1900
Glass, Albert St. Ann (City) 1900
Gleason, James St. Thomas of Aquin 1876
Gleason, M. J. Immaculate Conception 1884-1886
Gleeson, M. J. St. John 1876-1883
Gleeson, P. J. Holy Name 1877-1882
Gleizal, John Lucian Jesuit 1844–1848,1850–1857
Gleizal, John Lucian St. Ferdinand 1841
Gleizal, John Lucian St. Francis Xavier 1846,1849,1858–1859
Glingler, J. A. St. Augustine 1893-1894
Gnielinski, Francis X. St. Casimir 1890-1900
Goeldlin, J. B. St. Ferdinand 1853–1854
Goller, Francis SS Peter & Paul 1870-1900
Goller, Francis S. Sts. Peter and Paul 1857–1869
Grain, Charles St. Alphonsus 1876
Granville, J. C. St. Teresa 1893-1896
Granville, John C. St. Cronan 1897-1899
Graziniani, P. St. Bonaventure 1874-1877
Green, J. P. St. Teresa 1893-1894
Grietons, P. M. Jesuit 1866
Grimm, E. Cathedral 1869
Grimm, E. St. Alphonsus 1870-1874
Groll, H. SS Peter & Paul 1872-1900
Groll, H. St. Nicholas 1869