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Catholic Priests in St. Louis | L – N

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Names in this index were compiled from the following sources:     

  • Official Catholic Directory, 1841, 1844, 1846 – 1861, 1864 – 1870 (available years)
  • St. Louis City Directories, 1870, 1872, 1874 – 1900 (available years)
Name Parish Dates
Lahaye, Francis Assumption 1847
Lambelin, A. Jesuit 1867–1869
Lang, John St. Augustine 1890
Lang, John St. Leo 1891
Lang, John S. St. John 1892-1897
Larche, L. N. St. Leo 1892-1894
Lasco, Francis St. Vincent de Paul 1854–1856
Laughlin, P. Holy Angels 1872-1875
Laurenson, Rev. Mr. Holy Trinity 1850
Lautor, J.S. Cathedral 1861
Lavazeri, J. Vincentian 1864–1866
Lavery, D. J. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1888-1891
Lavery, Daniel J. Holy Rosary 1893-1900
Lay, Louis St. Francis de Sales 1869
Lay, Louis St. Liborius 1866–1868
Ledwith, F. St. Michael 1861
Levgraff, Hinnsen St. Agatha 1872-1877
Levisse, A. Jesuit 1853, 1864
Leyden, D. D. St. Vincent de Paul 1878-1879
Leysen, P. Jesuit 1869
Lillis, D. St. Bridget 1857–1861
Linnenkamp, C. Sts. Peter and Paul 1865
Lipouski, H. St. John Nepomuk 1856
Loewekamp, William St. Alphonsus 1885-1899
Long, John S. St. Patrick 1898-1900
Loretan, A. St. Francis Xavier 1852
Lotz, Peter J. St. Francis de Sales 1877-1900
Lubeley, Joseph F. St. Henry 1897-1900
Lunemann, J.H. Jesuit 1864
Lutz, Joseph Cathedral 1841–1844,1847
Lutz, Joseph St. Patrick 1846
Lyons, John St. Leo 1896-1900
Lyons, John Visitation 1892-1894
Lyons, Patrick Assumption 1899-1900
Madden, F. St. Kevin 1878
Madden, H. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1874-1875
Madden, Lawrence St. Lawrence O'Toole 1872-1878=
Maes, Ignatius Jesuit 1847
Maes, Ignatius St. Francis Xavier 1856
Maesseele, Angelus Jesuit 1844
Mahon, J. J. Old Cathedral 1884
Manning, T. Annunciation 1868
Manning, Th. Immaculate Conception 1869
Manning, Thomas Immaculate Conception 1870
Martin, Michael St. Francis Xavier 1895-1898
Masnou, S. Diocesan Seminary 1859
Masselis, B. Jesuit 1867–1868
Mataushek, Alexander St. Joseph 1896-1898
May, J. H. Holy Name 1885-1887
May, J. H. St. John 1889
May, J. H. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1891-1892
May, John H. St. Thomas of Aquin 1893-1900
Mayer, Albert1 St. Francis de Sales 1893-1896
McCabe, James St. Michael 1870
McCabe, James St. Michael 1867–1869
McCabe, James J. Sacred Heart 1872-1899
McCabe, M. Immaculate Conception 1868
McCabe, Michael J. Sacred Heart 1874-1896
McCabe, Michael J. St. Michael 1897-1900
McCaffrey, J. St. Patrick 1870-1896
McCaffrey, James St. Patrick 1869
McCaffrey, James M. St. Louis Cathedral (New) 1897-1898
McDonald, O. J. St. Ann (City) 1898-1900
McDonald, O. J. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1884-1891
McDonald, Owen St. Columbkille 1875
McDonald, Owen J. St. Bridget 1895-1896
McDonald, Owen J. St. Patrick 1891-1892
McDonald, Owen J. St. Paul the Apostle 1897
McErlane, Daniel St. Francis Xavier 1890-1900
McEvoy, G. Old Cathedral 1872
McEvoy, P. L. St. Kevin 1877-1879
McEvoy, Patrick Old Cathedral 1874-1875
McFaul, M. Cathedral 1859
McFaul, M. SS Mary & Joseph 1872-1875
McFaul, M. St. John 1879
McFaul, M. Sts. Mary and Joseph 1864–1869
McFaul, Michael Old Cathedral 1893-1900
McGill, James St. Vincent de Paul 1880-1883
McGill, John Jesuit 1865–1868
McGill, John St. Francis Xavier 1878-1879
McGlynn, J. J. St. Rose 1885-1900
McGrath, John A. St. Bridget 1890
McLoughlin, James A. St. Alphonsus 1891
McLoughlin, M. J. Holy Angels 1876-1884
McNamee, J. P. St. James 1885-1898
Melcher, Joseph Assumption 1846
Melcher, Joseph St. Mary of Victories 1848–1868
Meller, G. St. Peter 1860–1861
Mercer, Alexander F. St. Cronan 1900
Meredith, William V. St. Alphonsus 1872-1880
Meuffels, J. H. St. Elizabeth (Col'd) 1895
Meurer, Henry St. Alphonsus 1872-1876
Meyer, A. St. Vincent de Paul 1870
Meyer, A. St. Vincent de Paul 1869
Meyer, A. Sts. Peter and Paul 1869
Miege, John Jesuit 1850
Miller, Francis X. St. Alphonsus 1875
Miller, J. St. Peter 1856–1859
Miller, Michael St. Alphonsus 1870
Minges, H. Holy Cross 1896
Minges, Henry St. Liborius 1895
Moenig, C. Our Lady Perpetual Help 1892-1894
Moening, Francis St. Anthony 1875
More, James St. Vincent de Paul 1876-1877
Mork, Anton St. John Nepomuk 1870
Morrissey, P. Annunciation 1877-1878
Morrissey, P. St. John 1890-1892
Morrissey, Patrick J. St. Kevin 1892
Muckermann, Henry Our Lady Perpetual Help 1899
Muehlsiepen, H. St. Mary of Victories 1858–1869
Muehlsiepen, H. St. Mary Victories 1870-1890
Muehlsiepen, John St. Agatha 1892-1894
Mueller, Michael St. Alphonsus 1881-1884
Mulholland. P. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1867–1869
Mullen, Thomas St. Michael 1892-1900
Muller, E. St. Vincent de Paul 1854
Mulvhill, Joseph St. Bridget 1899-1900
Mumbour, Ferdinand H. Holy Ghost 1899
Murphy, Daniel Assumption 1881
Murphy, James St. Martin 1850
Murphy, James St. Peter 1850
Murphy, Jas. St. Mary–Bridgeton 1856
Murphy, W. S. Jesuit 1852–1856
Murry, James St. Bridget 1872
Murtaugh, James A. St. Vincent de Paul 1896-1898
Neck, John F. St. Vincent de Paul 1887-1890
Neithart, B. H. St. Alphonsus 1888-1891
Nekola, John St. John Nepomuk 1896-1900
Niedercorn, William St. Joseph 1857–1861
Nieters, H. St. Boniface 1887-1900
Noonan, Wm. Our Lady Mt. Carmel 1874-1886
Nordmeyer, E. St. Boniface 1872
Nordmeyer, I. G. St. Boniface 1874
Nugent, James St. Rose 1897-1899
Nussbaum, F. P. Jesuit 1855–1869