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Catholic Priests in St. Louis | O – R

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Names in this index were compiled from the following sources:     

  • Official Catholic Directory, 1841, 1844, 1846 – 1861, 1864 – 1870 (available years)
  • St. Louis City Directories, 1870, 1872, 1874 – 1900 (available years)
Name Parish Dates
Oakley, Maurice Jesuit 1848–1851,1853–1855
Oberle, W. St. Alphonsus 1870
O'Brien, J. Immaculate Conception 1864–1865
O'Brien, J. St. John the Apostle 1858
O'Brien, J. St. Michael 1859–1860
O'Brien, J. J. St. Leo 1890-1899
O'Brien, James J. St. Margaret 1900
O'Brien, P. St. Michael 1870-1872
O'Brien, P. St. Michael 1859–1869
O'Brien, Patrick Cathedral 1846, 1848
O'Brien, Patrick St. John the Apostle 1848–1858
O'Donohue, P. J. Our Lady Good Counsel 1895-1896
O'Donohue, T. Immaculate Conception 1897-1899
O'Flaherty, M. R. Visitation 1898-1900
O'Hanlon, Frederick St. Michael 1872-1877
O'Hanlon, John St. John the Apostle 1851–1853
O'Hanlon, Th. J. St. Michael 1878-1881
O'Hea, Eugene Immaculate Conception 1860–1861
O'Hea, Eugene St. John the Apostle 1856
O'Leary, C. F. St. Patrick 1889-1890
O'Leary, Cornelius St. Columbkille 1874
O'Leary, Cornelius J. St. Bridget 1891
O'Loghlen, Francis Jesuit 1844–1859
O'Neil, J. St. Michael 1865
O'Neil, John St. Francis Xavier 1870
O'Neil, John St. Francis Xavier 1858–1861
O'Neil, Peter St. Vincent de Paul 1878
O'Neil, T. Jesuit 1858–1859,1864–1869
O'Neill, P. St. Vincent de Paul 1875
O'Regan, Anthony Diocesan Seminary 1850–1854
O'Regan, J. St. John the Apostle 1859
O'Reilly, Arthur Immaculate Conception 1891-1892
O'Reilly, Arthur F. St. Kevin 1893-1894
O'Reilly, B. X. Holy Angels 1899
O'Reilly, H. H. St. Bridget 1874
O'Reilly, Hugh St. Columbkille 1875
O'Reilly, J. St. Vincent de Paul 1858–1860
O'Reilly, Michael St. Columbkille 1878-1887
O'Reilly, P. F. Immaculate Conception 1872-1884
O'Reilly, P. F. St. Louis Cathedral (New) 1899-1900
O'Reilly, P. J. St. Patrick 1870
Orf, Simon J. St. Louis Cathedral (New) 1898-1899
Orfei, N. St. Bonaventure 1878-1883
Orfei, N. St. John 1887-1888
Orfei, Nazareno St. Bridget 1899-1900
Orfei, Nazareno St. Columbkille 1890-1898
O'Rourke, P. J. Old Cathedral 1893-1898
O'Rourke, Peter J. St. Mark 1898-1900
Ortlieb, George Sts. Mary and Joseph 1848–1852
O'Shea, J. St. Bridget 1888
O'Shea, Wm. St. Patrick 1875-1878
O'Sullivan, Daniel St. Patrick 1887
O'Sullivan, J. St. John the Apostle 1857
O'Sullivan, J. St. Malachy 1859–1860
O'Sullivan, J. St. Michael 1856
Panken, F. St. Francis Xavier 1872-1875
Panken, I. Jesuit 1864–1865
Panken, I. St. Ferdinand 1866
Panken, Ignatius Sacred Heart–Florissant 1867
Panken, Ignatius St. Elizabeth (Col'd) 1876-1894
Paquin, Joseph Cathedral 1844
Paris, Simon A. Cathedral 1846–1847,1849–1853,1855–1857
Parodi, A. St. Vincent de Paul 1853
Parondo, Stephen Jesuit 1844
Parret, Anthony Jesuit 1846
Patschowski, Joseph St. Joseph 1847,1852–1859
Pauck, Anton St. Engelber 1892-1900
Pekar, Mathias J. St. Wenceslaus 1896
Penco, A. St. Vincent de Paul 1853–1854
Peuckert, Ignatius Jesuit 1866
Peuckert, Ignatius Sacred Heart–Florissant 1868–1869
Phelan, D. Annunciation 1870
Phelan, D. Annunciation 1869
Phelan, D. S. Our Lady Mt. Carmel 1874-1900
Philip, P. St. Mary Victories 1870
Philipp, P. St. Mary of Victories 1869
Picherit, Henry Jesuit 1858
Pigge, H. St. Mary Victories 1874-1876
Pleus, J. B. St. Kevin 1900
Pokorny, Wenceslaus St. John Nepomuk 1899
Pommer, F. St. Mary Victories 1884-1886
Ponziglione, Paul Jesuit 1849–1851
Power, G. D. St. John 1876-1880
Powers, G. D. Immaculate Conception 1885-1900
Powers, James Assumption 1879
Prendergast, Michael Cathedral 1853
Prendergast, Michael St. Michael 1854
Pudlowski, Theophilius F. St. Columbkille 1900
Pudlowski, Theophilius T. St. Casimir 1899
Quigley, J. St. Vincent de Paul 1854–1855
Quigley, J. J. Vincentian 1864–1868
Quigley, James Immaculate Conception 1870
Quigley, P. F. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1896-1890
Quinlan, John St. Malachy 1868
Raho, Blasé St. Vincent de Paul 1846–1847
Randall, Edgar A. St. Malachy 1897-1899
Randall, William E. St. Malachy 1895-1900
Ratke, C. W. St. Alphonsus 1875
Real, Joseph St. Ann (County) 1885-1887
Reigler, C. St. Patrick 1860
Reilly, P. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1867–1869
Reis, G. A. St. Liborius 1884-1900
Reiss, J. Assumption 1854–1857
Reker, Francis St. Liborius 1898-1900
Renaud, Joseph Cathedral 1841–1847,1850–1853
Rensmann, W. J. St. Mary Victories 1881-1883
Reuther, F. St. Francis de Sales 1882-1883
Reuther, John F. Holy Family 1899-1900
Richardson, M. V. St. Vincent de Paul 1884-1900
Rienke, Chrysostomus St. Anthony 1874-1876
Riley, Henry St. Columbkille 1872
Riley, Michael St. Columbkille 1872-1877
Ring, P. St. John the Apostle 1864–1868
Ring, P. St. Malachy 1861
Ring, P. T. St. Columbkille 1877
Riordan, M. Assumption 1864–1866
Riordan, Martin St. Lawrence O'Toole 1858–1861
Riordan, Martin St. Patrick 1856–1857
Roes, John Jesuit 1852–1856,1864–1866
Rolando, Fr. St. Vincent de Paul 1872-1874
Rolando, James St. Vincent de Paul 1855–1857
Rompe, W. St. Anthony 1895
Rosati, Joseph Cathedral 1841
Ross, P. St. Francis Xavier 1872-1875
Roux, B. Cathedral 1844–1846
Rozsevac, Jas. St. John Nepomuk 1880-1881
Ruesse, F. SS Peter & Paul 1872-1899
Ruesse, F. Sts. Peter and Paul 1867–1869
Rupprechter, Max St. Mary Victories 1895-1896
Russe, F. St. Mary of Victories 1865
Ryan, J. Diocesan Seminary 1853
Ryan, J. J. St. Patrick 1879-1881
Ryan, John J. St. Bridget 1875-1894
Ryan, N. Vincentian 1867–1868
Ryan, P. J. St. John 1870-1880
Ryan, Patrick J. Annunciation 1860–1868
Ryan, Patrick J. Cathedral 1854–1860
Ryan, Patrick J. St. John the Apostle 1869
Ryan, Stephen V. Vincentian 1864–1868