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Glossary of terms for Records of the Field Offices of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands

Letters sent. 
Volumes containing copies of outgoing communications and usually including letters telegrams and reports made to superior officers.

Press copies of letters sent. 
Volumes containing exact copies of outgoing communications. The copies were made by wetting the original letter and pressing it against a piece of blotter-like paper. Although the press copies were often made at the time the communication was dispatched and then used to copy the letter into the volumes of letters sent, among the Bureau records they are frequently the only copies of the outgoing communications of many officers.

Volumes containing copies of endorsements sent and sometimes of endorsements received as well. Instead of writing a letter in reply to an incoming communication, officials frequently wrote replies or forwarding statements on the communication. They then either returned the letter with the endorsement to the sender or forwarded it to another officer. These replies or "endorsements" were copied into volumes along with a summary of the incoming communication.

Registers of letters received.
Volumes in which incoming communications were entered. Registers usually include the date the letter was received, the date it was written, the name and office of the writer, the place from which the letter was written, a summary of the contents of the letter, and the entry number assigned the letter.

Letters received.
Incoming communications, usually consisting only of letters, but sometimes including reports and orders.

Unregistered letters received.
Communications not entered in the registers.