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Digital Learning for Kids @ St. Louis County Library

Press Release

Friday, April 18, 2014 - 10:00a.m.

St. Louis County Library now offers Early Literacy Stations at all 20 locations–a fun way for kids to get excited about learning, using digital resources.

Early Literacy Stations (ELS) are free-standing computer stations designed for use by young children, with our without adult assistance. The software includes a variety of programs that are both fun and educational. Using imaginative graphics and characters many children already know, such as Dora the Explorer, children learn math, abcs, music and other skills that help prepare them for formalized learning. Colorful keys and a mouse are designed for little hands, and help children become accustomed to using a keyboard. The work stations also have touch screen navigation. Internet access is not enabled on the library’s ELS workstations, so they hold only age appropriate material.

The Early Literacy Workstations are one component of SLCL's efforts to boost childhood literacy throughout the St. Louis region. Additional resources include Read & Play StationsFLIP Kits and Preschool Outreach

For more information about Early Literacy Workstations, early childhood literacy or what’s going on at St. Louis County Library, contact Jennifer McBride at or call 314-994-3300, ext. 2250.