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Guide to finding your ancestors in the Draper Manuscript Collection


The State Historical Society of Wisconsin published several volumes of indexes to parts of the Draper Manuscript Collection.  Called the “Calendar Series,” they take their name from the chronological order of the abstracts in the front of the book.  An index of the principal names (of people or locations) follows to help the researcher.  It does not appear that every name listed in the papers appears in the index, but instead only the key names relative to the documents. 

Calendars exist for:

            Series J          George Rogers Clark Papers

            Series U         Frontier Wars Papers

            Series CC       Kentucky Papers

            Series DD      Kings Mountain Papers

            Series QQ      William Preston Papers

            Series SS        David Shepherd Papers

            Series TT       South Carolina Papers

            Series UU      South Carolina in the Revolution Miscellanies

            Series VV       Thomas Sumter Papers

            Series XX       Tennessee Papers

            Series ZZ       Virginia Papers

To use the calendars, begin by searching the volume indexes. The page number in the index will refer you to the page number in the book for the name or event. Go to that page to read the abstract and find the citation in the manuscript indicating the series, volume, and page number where the item can be found.