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Guide to finding your ancestors in the Draper Manuscript Collection


Craig L. Heath transcribed and published several of the Manuscript Series. Each of these transcriptions includes an every-name index. Not only does the index make the documents accessible but many people find the transcriptions significantly easier to read than the handwritten manuscripts. As with all transcriptions, the researcher must use the actual document in conjunction with the transcription to avoid perpetuating unintended transcriber errors.

Transcriptions exist for:

Series A         George M. Bedinger Papers

Series V         Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina Papers

Series Z          Illinois Papers

Series GG      Mecklenburg Declaration[1]

Series TT       South Carolina Papers

Series ZZ       Virginia Papers (volumes 1-5 only)

Others have also worked on transcriptions of parts of the Draper Manuscript Collection. The History and Genealogy Department has the following volumes:

Series B                     "The Life of Daniel Boone"--Ted Franklin Belue

22 S 241—268          " Lyman C. Draper’s Notes on His Interview with Samuel Boone-- George F. Doyle

6 S 19—241                "My Father, Daniel Boone"--Neal O. Hammon

21 U                           "Action at the Galudoghson"--December 14 1742--Jared C. Lobdell

Various                      "Frontier Memories II and Frontier Memories III"[2]-- Dale Payne

Series D                   " Border Forays and Adventures"--Robert Barton Puryear III

[1] St. Louis County Library does not have a copy of the transcription of the Mecklenburg Declaration.

[2] Frontier Memories III also includes a revised version of Frontier Memories I.