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Father Dickson Cemetery

Father Dickson Cemetery opened as a burial ground for African Americans in 1903 and is located at 845 Sappington Road, Crestwood, St. Louis County, MO  63126.

Records on microfilm

Father Dickson Cemetery Burial Books, Vols. 1-3, 1904-1983 (microfilms SLCEM–4 through SLCEM-6 in drawer 14 on Tier 5)

These microfilmed cemetery books record key information such as the dates of death and interment, name of deceased, places of birth and death, sex, married or single, age in years, months and days, lot, block, and section, number of certificate, The column for cause of death was covered over during filming.
A map of Father Dickson Cemetery can be downloaded as a PDF (5.3 mb). The digitized map is provided courtesy of the St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic.
More information about the cemetery is available by clicking the links below.